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SteamWorld Heist Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
SteamWorld Heist on the 3DS
9.15/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for SteamWorld Heist on the 3DS!

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SteamWorld Heist Review (Nintendo 3DS) (9.6)  by  

Image & Form's newest game, SteamWorld Heist is coming to the 3DS next week! As a huge fan of SteamWorld Dig, the excitement is in the air. I hope to have a review up by launch as I've been lucky enough to receive a review copy. I can't speak on the actual game until then, so I hope this thread can be used for everyone else's hopes for the title. Who is picking this up at launch?

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12/04/15, 06:24    Edited: 12/09/15, 06:01
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The efforts done to vary the cast in general, let alone the specific way you mention, really makes this world feel (for lack of a better word) fleshed out.

Life has really been happening for a long time in this universe. Just listened to your discussion about it on the latest RFN and I enjoyed the discussion.
12/22/15, 16:55   
My only real complaints so far are on the lack of intel in the missions. Like, is it possible to see how far an enemy can move, or how much damage it deals? Also, some background elements reflect bullets, while others pass in front of them (same with barrels if your guy is hiding behind one). Is there an easy way to get more clarity on these elements?
12/22/15, 17:46   
I think not knowing what you're going to face is part of the design, and part of the fun. You choose which guys to send and equip them for any eventuality, then you see a new enemy that shoots goop at you and you're like "Huh?", and then it turns out it's flammable (I just encountered these guys, early in the second part of the game).

And then you have to be observant and remember how far certain enemy types go, and the type of ammo their guns shoot. You can usually tell visually. It's got a wheel instead of legs? Then it can move further.
12/22/15, 17:54   

Guns shouldn't pass through barrels unless if an enemy gets right in front of it on the opposite side and shoots you in the face You can tell what you can and can't hide behind when your cursor changes into a shield icon when moving around.
12/22/15, 18:36   

Ah, fair enough. I'm still having a little trouble with knowing what will bank off of a surface though (like when there are thinner platforms suspended above you, etc).

Even so, really fun game so far. Like with Steamworld Dig, Heist does a great job at doling out rewards at regular intervals.
12/22/15, 18:50   
I love this game. It scratches an itch I wasn't sure I had. The addition of Steam Powered Giraffe makes it all the better for me. They do amazing music, although, admittedly, not everyone is into it. I love the Steampunk aesthetic( we're decorating our living room in that style), and I've played the series since the tower defense. More please!
12/24/15, 02:38   
I've been playing this here and there when I drag myself away from Xenoblade Chronicles X. It's pretty solid. Not much else to say really other than I have been enjoying it a lot. Definitely a unique and fun take on TBS.
12/24/15, 05:21   
Edited: 12/24/15, 05:21
I was pretty happy to hear this game mentioned in RFN's "Top Games of 2015" discussion. Definitely deserves recognition!
01/12/16, 18:08   

Haha, thanks go to everyone talking it up here and on twitter, I wouldn't have made it a priority to play it if not for that.
01/12/16, 18:13   
The game has slowed down a bit for me around the 8-9 hour mark. Starting to feel a tad repetitive at this point. Still enjoying it though!
01/12/16, 18:57   
I just tried out a flanker on a solo mission and it felt badass.

Approching the 8 hour mark myself. Still loving it but restricting myself to one level per day on my lunchbreak.
01/12/16, 19:01   
Edited: 01/12/16, 21:16
So, I just went into royalist territory. How much is left? Am I only like halfway through or almost there?
01/27/16, 06:01   

You're about 33% done.
01/27/16, 06:13   
What. How are people finishing this game in under 20 hours?! I guess I have been dying a fair amount.

I might have to put it on hold for a bit, it's fun but I have other stuff to get to!

Btw I don't totally agree with this review, but she does seem as unimpressed by the procedurally generated stages trend as I am. In this game it just kind of feels like none of the stages have much soul to them. Rarely anything truly unexpected.
01/27/16, 06:25   
Edited: 01/27/16, 08:18
I agree. I'm at the 14 hour mark and have long stopped getting excited before opening each new door. The stages are just meh remixes of one another, I know that now. I continue anyway, happy with the core gameplay. Although I haven't met anything close to a challenge yet. Keep forgetting to tinker with the difficulty. Sally and Ivanski are just crushing it.
01/27/16, 16:24   
Edited: 01/27/16, 16:25
@Super_Conzo What are you playing on? I picked "experienced" and have stuck with it, it gets pretty tough at times, but I've managed to beat everything so far (though I died like 5 times on the stage where you go as far as you can, get loot, and get back to the beginning... I can get to the end but not back to the beginning... so just to "beat" it I finished without getting to the end.)

It's such a weird game to do procedurally generated stages on too because it doesn't really call for replaying stuff over and over again the way say... Spelunky or something like that does. For the most part I beat a stage and never go back, except on the rare occasion that I want some more loot. And Spelunky has enough different elements that it feels like a new experience each time, in this game not much changes besides some ladders and enemies are in different areas.

Actually one thing that is a bit annoying to me about all procedurally generated games is that no matter how good the programmers / designers are, you still end up with layouts that are significantly more difficult than others sometimes, so whenever I am feeling stuck a part of my mind is always thinking "well, if I die I'll get an easier layout maybe?" But I don't think dying should ever be the right strategy to moving forward in a game (unless it is some story thing where you have to die to be reborn or whatever.)

I'm really not hating though, it's still a mid 8 or so for me so far. As you say, the core gameplay is good. Just already feeling a tad tired of it, can't believe it is so huge! At least they have already introduced some new elements into this new area I'm in.
01/27/16, 16:53   

It's "procedurally" generated but I think the devs said that it's still their own designed layouts. The game just picks from those randomly when you pick a level. So I don't think the difficulty in any given map will be that huge of a difference.
01/27/16, 17:00   

Interesting thoughts. It's been tougher for me to go back to this lately and I think you've kind of explained why. While I enjoy the gameplay, it feels like there're a real lack of surprises outside of the occasional boss fight or new recruit (I'm a couple hours further than you).
01/27/16, 17:13   
BTW I can't quite figure out the countdown system. I see countdown numbers, but enemies or turrets appear before they get to zero all the time, so I have no idea what the countdown numbers actually mean? Also they throw too much at you too fast, once the enemies start pouring out you're kind of screwed.

@VofEscaflowne That's kind of how a lot of procedurally generated stuff works nowadays. I've definitely run into some more difficult layouts than others.

@TriforceBun Yeah, it's kind of like every mission is similar... run around, fight henchmen, get loot. Occasionally fight a boss. When I think of my favorite turn-based games like Advance Wars or Fire Emblem they try to design unique missions with unique elements more often.
01/27/16, 18:57   
Edited: 01/27/16, 18:59

Eh, I've played a few games with procedurally generated levels where I'd get levels that were impossible to complete. Maybe some are actually created by the devs but these one definitely weren't
01/28/16, 00:28   
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