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Xenoblade Chronicles X Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.7/10 from 13 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U!

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Jargon said:
Hype is over, someone make a Game thread!

Done! I'll spiffy thus one up a but when I get back from out of state. Here for some sudden family business.

However, my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X is arriving tomorrow and I am stoked! The reviews have been generally positive. I guess the game lacks slightly in areas but they can be overlooked for the sheer density and fun this game has. Looking forward to diving into it next week. Hopefully when I return sunday.

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Posted: 12/04/15, 03:09:50  - Edited by 
 on: 12/04/15, 03:12:12
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Yeah, I get the payoff. But there's still that old adage "You only get one chance to make a first impression." And my first impression was "Wow, this kind of looks worse than Xenoblade did, even in HD." Not such a great way to jump into a new game...
Posted: 12/09/15, 19:09:44
RPGs have such a problem with that. I don't get it. Final Fantasy XII literally started you off in the sewers. So do 90% of Western RPGs in which your first quest is often to kill giant rats.
Posted: 12/09/15, 19:57:58
I actually liked the intro here though, yeah it was dark and raining but you're still in a pretty neat area with a river and everything and it opens up to a huge and amazing area FAST.

What bothered me more was how long you are stuck in the city once you go in there. It's just a bunch of cutscenes and explanations one after the next. I already forgot like 90% of what the game was trying to teach me there anyway.

Of course, you don't have to go in there right away. But once you do be prepared for a good 45 minutes or so of boring city stuff before you get out in the field again.
Posted: 12/09/15, 20:13:16  - Edited by 
 on: 12/09/15, 20:16:40

That's good to know, because we put in about 15 minutes yesterday before saving for the night. So only another 30 to go before the tutorial of sorts is done! I'm hopeful the city tour introduces some other named, speaking characters as well. More party members, perhaps!

It seems like from spoiler-free reviews I've read there is a semblance of "story" even if it isn't quite Xenoblade heavy. Is that right? Or is it more like PSO where you just go out and do missions and get gear?
Posted: 12/09/15, 21:28:12
I'm only a few hours in myself so I can't speak much to the story but the intro obviously has a pretty big story set-up and without spoiling things I was already given a mission which lead to a story revelation of sorts so... it's there. To be honest SO FAR it seems just as story heavy as the first game, though again, only a few hours in so maybe it tapers off over time.
Posted: 12/09/15, 21:39:08
I've played 20 something hours, and there is a story, but so far I'd say it's thinner than the original in all sorts of ways. Both in terms of how pronounced it is in terms of the game's progression, but also in terms of how it's written. Like when I all of a sudden was able to recruit a few new characters to my team I was all like, 'but who are these people and why should I care'. The original game was more interested in creating some sort of connection between the characters and through that motivate you for what you set out to do, I think. X is (so far) mostly a matter of random people from work coming together to find some lost stuff. There's definitely going to be more to it than that later, but so far it's closer to a game like Etrian Odyssey where the story is more of an obvious framework for the gameplay than something to create an emotional reaction.
Posted: 12/09/15, 21:54:04
I've been stuck at school all day, when I thought for sure that I'd be able to get home early and play. Fuck. I just want to unwind with this game tonight.
Posted: 12/09/15, 23:43:19

I don't know. I haven't posted anything. Tatsu even said one time that I should post something after I dropped a "Tyrant" (Someone the Serene, I think? Kind of a cakewalk), and I didn't. I really don't know what I'm doing with that thing.

If you go on Miiverse, make your way over to my thing. I took a picture and posted something in my GamePlay journal. You're able to see/read those, right? There was a Tyrant where I was, and it LOOKED like NOBODY had run into this guy yet. Seriously. I mean, its POSSIBLE, but my understanding was that Tyrants will have a crown on their name, color coded and with how many guys they've killed. The one I saw -- NOTHING. I felt like I discovered gold! Lv 57 Gold.....

@J.K. Riki

The font size is comparable to the last game, which was ALSO too small.

As for the controller, I've had no issues, hmm. I don't feel like I shift around my index fingers at all. What do you find yourself doing? I WILL say that I try to press B to jump a lot. ZR, c'mon!

As for the fight abilities, go look at the Soul Voices section. It sounds like a lot of gibberish in the middle of fights, but they're actually giving you clues, COLOR CODED CUES. The game really glossed over this unfortunately. Anyway, I moved some of the voices around on my character, and swapped some Arts on my other two starter characters, and I've got them all basically causing Topple or taking advantage of Topple, which is something that I benefit from as well. So, basically, monsters start Staggered, get Toppled, and then I mess 'em up. Then I usually Taunt them, and drop an attack on them which benefits from me taunting them. And before you know it, they're Toppled again. Rinse, repeat. I feel so much more CONFIDENT playing this game in battle than I did with the Wii game. SO MUCH. (Though I've been caught with my pants down a few times on the TP-related Arts.)

--I laughed out loud when I saw chrisbg99's avatar. AWESOME. He's taking excellent advantage of the Create a Player.


I tried, boy, did I try. On Night 1, I was so overwhelmed by it. Maybe I'll read parts of it again with 15 hours under my belt. I was basically looking (FOREVER) on how to up my Field Skills (since encountering a Lv2 early was MADDENING), only to find that you CAN'T level it up until you're prompted to (so don't sweat it!). I'm up to 2 in Mechanical and Archaelogical now. You're next, Biological!

Lead Question:
So, I'm NOT advancing the Story right now in favor of an Affinity Mission ("Repair Job"? or something, near the fridge in the barracks). I cleared the 1st one, the 2nd one has me working on some other stuff, one of which has me going all the way to OBLIVIA. WHAT. Thats a long walk, pal. Over there, I'm supposed to find some AiRg somethings. I think I spelled it wrong. I already found one, I have no idea how. And part 1 of that mission has me using the FrontierNav stuff to generate "comities?" I can't read it (so small!). Any ideas here??

Second Question:
I borrowed Cryojin yesterday who was just wandering around. He's a cool dude, done me well in MH in the past, so I thought I'd check him out here. I only got to rent him for like a half hour, and then he disappeared. I'm wondering: did be KNOW that I rented him? Did he BENEFIT from me renting him? By adding him to my group (instead of just us 3), so we get PENALIZED for anything (ie: extra mouth to feed?)?

Next up:
What the heck is up with Squad stuff? Anyone nail it down yet? I joined Cryojin's squad, and before I knew it, there were some things happening bottom righthand corner. I was out doing whatever, and I noticed that some of the guys had an S above them. I didn't realize what it meant initially, but figured out that "oh, they're part of this Squad mission.." It seems like there are ACTUAL MISSIONS you can sign up and go out on, but there are some Squad missions that you're just kinda AUTOMATICALLY? signed up for. I hunted down a few guys who matched their graphical descriptions near the bottom of the screen, and dropped the numbers a bit. I took out a couple of crab guys, and it read "Complete!" but "we" (I say "we" because I have no idea if anyone else was doing it..) didn't finish them. So what happens? Total defeat? Do we win anything? Is this related to the Division Spoils, or is that something else?

So thats where I am..
Posted: 12/10/15, 00:02:00
About the affinity mission: The collectibles you need from Oblivia are relatively easy to find by the very entrance to the region. Run up and down that path and you should get what you need straight away.

As for the white cometite, you need to check your map screen and tap the frontier nav sites you've already got going. If it lists the cometite as a potential resource you just go ahead and switch the type of probe to a mining probe and wait for profit. It can take a little while, so go do something else while you wait. If you don't find a nav point with cometite potential you'll have to go out and find one that does. Don't remember exactly which ones carry that type of resource, but you've probably already got one or two of them. I seem to remember one along the north shore, due north from NLA, have cometite, but don't quote me on that.
Posted: 12/10/15, 00:15:31

How do you know if they're those shiny blue ones or some other type of commodity? Can you tell? Like, how do I know if its a "drop" or a "carve"? Those are Monster Hunter terms, but I think they still apply here. And the FrontierNav deals, don't they do something entirely different? Eeeep.

And I think I'm 3/5 on the white cometite, so something appears to be working. Does it automatically go into your pocket, or do you need to retrieve it somewhere? When you change to a Mining Probe or whatever, do you LOSE anything? What if you put a Research Probe on afterwards? I think I need a course on "what to use when." I almost did some on my own yesterday, but then I thought "Nah, Kirsty will just tell me what to do!" And she has been. Do I want to chain ALL of my probes to have the same? I have the 3 Probes she had me doing, and then there is a Nav point to the north with a line, but theres no Probe connecting it. Do I want to put another Mining Probe there? How do I knooooow?

--How far in are you? It sounds like you knew exactly what I was doing..
Posted: 12/10/15, 00:57:05
J.K. Riki said:
And my first impression was "Wow, this kind of looks worse than Xenoblade did, even in HD." Not such a great way to jump into a new game...

Excuse me? Barring the lack of AA I think this game is visually arresting. And I'm currently playing extremely impressive PS4 games like Arkham Knight (which incidentally also has AA issues).
Posted: 12/10/15, 01:14:01  - Edited by 
 on: 12/10/15, 01:14:42
Oh, and where do you get Miridium from exactly? Is that what its called? Orangeamemernin? All I can tell you on the matter is that I invested some into Sakuruda at one point, and not too much later I had 6000/6000. Where did I get this from?? Magically via FrontNav? Its not what you get for completing Quests for people, right? Thats just XP?

EDIT- And If I'm running lots of Quests for people around town..should I just change to Mediator??
Posted: 12/10/15, 02:19:12  - Edited by 
 on: 12/10/15, 02:19:36

Miranium is what you get from placing those probe things. You can increase your revenue or mining, mining being the total amount of Miranium you receive. I think you get returns every 24 in-game hours? I don't imagine that counts if you use the time stations or if it does, it still won't give it to you until at least 24 hours have passed.
Posted: 12/10/15, 02:21:27

Every 24 in-game hours? Haha, THATS WHY. I played like 5 hours last night.. I never use the Time Stations. Besides hunting / avoiding certain baddies, is there a reason to? I know you kinda had to do it in the other game to find someone walking from X to Y, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore? Nobody sleeps!

What sorts of strategies have you used on Miranium so far? I've done EXACTLY what Kirsty has had me do as far as Probe placement. I've got a few up and running myself, but never amped 'em up at all. And some of the ones I ran into squashed my progress by requiring Lv 4 Mechanical Field Skill. ACK. Get out of here!
Posted: 12/10/15, 02:31:34

Miranium will refill quite fast if you have a big mining bonus too. I get over 4000 every 24 hours which I'm sure isn't a lot... but a couple of refills and I'm nearly at my 9000 max.

I've mostly used it on research groups for better equipment so far. Had sort of forgotten about that for a while but it was easy to level them up with the bonuses I already had stacking up and then the Miranium I stocked up. Also I'm a bit worried on the field stuff requiring mechanical skills and such. There's what, mechanical, archaeological and biological? That makes 15 levels total if you max all 3 but from what I read, you can level one up every BLADE level you receive... and BLADE maxes out at 10. So what, you can't max all 3 then? I hope that's not the case.
Posted: 12/10/15, 02:47:33

Whoa.. Thats a good point...BUT, what happens if you change Divisions? Are you back at Lv0, and able to make everything out then? Good questions...

So Fabaroo, have you found a "daily checklist" of sorts to do once you fire up your game, or play for a day? Is there something we should be doing constantly? Things like:

-Division Spoils
-Miranium R&D for AM's
-Checking BLADE Quests


Still getting used to it. Might get some time in tonight, might not..
Posted: 12/10/15, 06:01:49

I don't think BLADE level and division are tied... are they? I also have no clue how division spoils work. I thought it was once per day but I've gotten the notification more than once about them being available so I'm confused. I've also never done any of the online quests or whatever so I still have no idea how those work or how to play with friends or what. So much confusion.

EDIT: It sort of bugs me with how much there is to do though. It's great in a way but there's really no balance of knowing WHEN to do them and if you do a bunch, it makes a lot of stuff easier too. I like it when the story challenges me but if I do that, it leaves the earlier quests way too easy. Bah!
Posted: 12/10/15, 06:20:57  - Edited by 
 on: 12/10/15, 06:22:40
I read the whole manual last night. I'm still lost
Posted: 12/10/15, 21:15:32

WELL, I know that when you're really good at being a Curator, your level goes up. I can't help but think that if you dabble in another "industry," and you do some really awesome Harrier things, or whatever, I can't see how your level would just stand pat. Seems like it should go up as well. What was the question? Oh, we're saying that BLADE caps at 10? Gosh, I don't know. That would be pretty stinky if you couldn't Catch 'Em All. One of my least favorite features in games. Its almost like you should SACRIFICE one of those deals (ie: Biological) to ensure that you can get all of the Mechanical and Archaelogical deals. Who knows...

Quests. The only ones I've really "accepted" were the ones near the Alley when you go to that console. I took on like 3-4 Quests at a time, just running in the background waiting for me to collect stuff. Thats cool, I guess. Is there a limit to these? I haven't gone on any SQUAD stuff (do we get to see each other?), and the only involvement I've had with that was the little icon stuff at the bottom of the screen.

Were you guys playing late at night yesterday? I got bumped offline, and I thought my internet went out..but it didn't. Were the servers down? It never snapped back on -- quite vexing!

I'm waiting to start Chapter 4, looking to mop up a little bit with some of those other Affinity deals before advancing, which means that the Story will probably be super under-leveled by the time I get there. I probably won't complain about that too much, because I'm still getting it handed to me here and there when I'm out on the range. I went deep into some cave, and got jumped by a gang of bugs, outnumbering us 6 to 4, I think. We did not survive. And they weren't even leveled that much. I think we were all equal leveled. NOT NEXT TIME, JERKS.


I'll be sure to do it next time I'm on. I just get lost in menus and end up taking forever. Seinfeld fan at all? Remember when Jerry puts on those glasses (its the episode when he gives Lloyd Braun $100 for some Chinese gum, which also means that its the episode when Kramer gets that movie theatre going again and eats the silent era hot dog with an "interesting..texture."), and he's looking around because he can't see anything?

I get that look on my face when I'm digging through menus. So much to do!
Posted: 12/11/15, 01:32:28

Servers were going maintenance last night I believe. And the game doesn't connect back online unless you quit out and load back your file... bit silly of not including a way to go back online through the menu somewhere!
Posted: 12/11/15, 01:38:57
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