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Xenoblade Chronicles X Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.76/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U!

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Jargon said:
Hype is over, someone make a Game thread!

Done! I'll spiffy thus one up a but when I get back from out of state. Here for some sudden family business.

However, my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X is arriving tomorrow and I am stoked! The reviews have been generally positive. I guess the game lacks slightly in areas but they can be overlooked for the sheer density and fun this game has. Looking forward to diving into it next week. Hopefully when I return sunday.

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Posted: 12/04/15, 03:09:50  - Edited by 
 on: 12/04/15, 03:12:12
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Don't you get money from Miranium wells? I saw you asking about that up there.

I wish I saw you play this game, because I have no idea what you were doing for the first half. Everything you're doing now is "everyday stuff" that you would've done / should've been doing tens of hours ago, man.
Posted: 01/19/17, 03:56:33
I mostly just explored, did bounty missions and occasionally did the main quest and ignored most everything else.
Posted: 01/19/17, 04:17:34

I can play weekdays from about 8 pm to 10 pm and this weekend in the late morning or early afternoon (EST).

I just need to decide if I want to wear one of the bunny suits or the gold plastron armor
Posted: 01/19/17, 05:06:04
So, about making money...

One thing I read online is that the Sentinel's Nest (far north side of Noctilum) is a good place to get money fast, because the sentinels drop some stuff you can sell for quite a high price. This is true, but man... the sentinels are at level 61 to level 65, and at first I was trying with just a single level 50 skell (+ 3 level 30s) and my characters at level 50 as well, and every once in awhile I'd kill a sentinel but they'd often destroy one of more of my skells first, which kind of defeated the purpose. So I went and sold basically everything I owned that wasn't equipped and got a 2nd level 50 skell and came back. Was still having a tough go of it, but I just unequipped my level 30 skells and worried about keeping my two level 50 skells alive and by saving in between every fight and reloading when one of my skells was destroyed (these enemies are weird, they won't hurt you much for awhile and then BAM you go from full to dead pretty fast, so it's tough to escape or get out of the skell in time to save it) I was able to make progress.

Anyway, your characters level up FAST there. Went from level 50 to level 59 in about an hour. Somewhere in there it became a lot easier because I started winning consistently. Money is a bit slower, but I still made about 1 million in that hour, so... not too bad. Another hour or so and I should have enough a third level 50 skell, at which point it should go even faster to number 4.

So yeah, that's a good place to make money and a REALLY good place to level up fast. Almost maxed myself out.

After I get all of those skells, I have to decide if I want to do a bunch more sidequests first or just make a run at the end. Probably need to power up my skells more, eh? It's confusing how exactly you do that though besides just buying nicer stuff for them...
Posted: 01/20/17, 05:01:47  - Edited by 
 on: 01/20/17, 05:02:42

You can't power them up more. You can only add nice equipment to them.
Posted: 01/20/17, 05:04:55
That's what I mean by powering up. Like, what is the barrier to getting the best equipment? Just having enough money to buy it? Leveling up the manufacturers? Finding it in the field? Killing super powerful bosses? WHO KNOWS? THE GAME SURE WON'T GIVE ME A CLUE.

Yeah yeah I can (and probably will) check a FAQ to get the answer but it's a bit odd that it's an RPG that eschews the usual leveling system for gear at a certain point but then doesn't really make this clear nor how you would keep progressing with getting better gear. The thing that works about leveling in RPGs is every enemy you kill gives you XP. Not really sure what I'm supposed to do to get the best gear though...
Posted: 01/20/17, 05:07:14  - Edited by 
 on: 01/20/17, 05:08:50


I'll confirm for Friday night, EST.
Posted: 01/20/17, 05:28:54

Look for Level 50 orange skell weapons that get dropped from enemies. If you have the level 50 asmodeus, there's a base right near a way point in the snow area that will drop the phoenix and g-buster. Otherwise look at the armor and see what kind of damage it boosts and look for those kind of weapons.
Posted: 01/20/17, 18:00:21
What did we decide on for tonight? Wanna get an hour and change in around 8p EST, Biggs?

EDIT- I gotta do something else at 10p, but can do whatever before and after, until midnight.
Posted: 01/21/17, 01:50:42  - Edited by 
 on: 01/21/17, 01:51:19
Is nobody going to do anything?

I'm faced with "wait around and some people MIGHT show up" or "go visit my parents."

If I wait and nothing happens, that would be pretty shitty, no?

EDIT- I'm gonna go to my parents for a bit. We can/should get a better plan. Saturday afternoon, Sunday, whatevs.
Have a good night, friends.
Posted: 01/21/17, 02:52:25  - Edited by 
 on: 01/21/17, 03:00:46
Sorry I got home a little late today.

Tomorrow anytime between noon and four will be good
Posted: 01/21/17, 03:20:23
I would but this game is weird and hides the true online mode from you until you finish the 100+ hour main game for some reason.
Posted: 01/21/17, 03:57:02

Closer to noon would be best. I'll confirm.


"True online mode." You know, the "fake online mode" works just fine, right?
Posted: 01/21/17, 05:52:04
@Mr_Mustache I thought you can't play together with actual people until you finish the main quest or something? That the only online until then is just that stuff where you kill the same enemies as others to get the squad stuff?
Posted: 01/21/17, 05:53:03
@mrbiggsly there is actually a weapon called the Homura you can get as a drop from one of the chapter bosses that's basically a Thermal G-buster, it's amazing!
Posted: 01/21/17, 06:36:24

I've played online with Lou and Mop it up and others in many quests. If theres some sort of super secret free play deal, no, I haven't done that. But you can go out on missions together, and thats just fine for me. For now.

The thing you mentioned specifically is ONE part of the "fake online mode." Its like "we need to kill 20 Goombas," so you and your friends individually hunt 20 Goombas, and it collects them. Then its like "hey guys, we just opened up a mission," and the first 4 of you that get to that mission soon (there is a shortcut you can click) disembark together, and you're actually on the same screen, interacting with these people. Not your party, just YOU. And the 4 of you have like, I dunno, 8 minutes to get it done or something? As I said, its been "good enough" for me.



Lets shoot for 1pm EST. That should work for me. I can get 2 hours in, or so. Anyone else is welcome, too, of course.
Posted: 01/21/17, 09:22:01  - Edited by 
 on: 01/21/17, 10:10:19
Hmm, I guess I was wrong, it unlocks after chapter 3?

Still a bit odd, but I guess that means I can do it!
Posted: 01/21/17, 10:35:39

SWEET! Ariana Grande is going to be in a Final Fantasy game?!
Posted: 01/21/17, 12:59:34

That sounds great... is there a higher level version of it?
Posted: 01/21/17, 17:39:25

Did we play a mission together? I was watching the chat and no one was in there, but then I saw there was a Jamie on my friend's list. We need to synchronize watches or something.

My in-game name is Emma, I don't know if that or mrbiggsly shows up on the friend squad list
Posted: 01/21/17, 20:40:38
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