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Zero's ongoing list of bannable offenses.
I will add to the list as necessary.

1. Ripping on Metroid Prime's scanning.
2. Calling Henry Hatsworth (awesome game) "broken".
3. Thinking that the Beatles Rock Band is not milking the Rock Band name just because it is a Beatles game.
4. Using Kirby to suck me up and then walk off the edge while playing me in Smash Brothers.
5. Comparing Lost favorably to Metroid.
6. Confusing Ostro with Birdo.
7. Posting weird Advance Wars hentai like this (NSFW!)
8. Not posting weird Advance Wars hentai like this (NSFW!)
9. Claiming you are undefeated in Ice Hockey but actually you just hit the reset button any time you are about to lose.
10. Thinking just because Nintendo does something it is ok for you to do it.
11. Not knowing why you were banned.
12. Anything that isn't on the list yet, but will be someday. Ex post facto applies here.
13. Trying to get around not being able to predict what will happen by predicting you will be banned... or... wait, does that make sense?!
14. Thinking Family Guy is on par with or, god forbid, better than Futurama.
15. Liking Baby Bowser in anything that isn't Yoshi's Island.
16. Making bad banana puns. Unless you pull off 3 in one statement, in which case it is ok.
17. Downvoting Resident Evil 4 in the games ratings.
18. Skies >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tales. Do not disagree.
19. Acting like The Beatles Rock Band isn't milking the franchise just because it is The Beatles who are the most supercalifragelisticexpialidocious band ever
20. Editing Zero's Beatles hatin' posts.
21. Passing Zero in XP.


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Posted: 11/19/15, 07:33:08  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/15, 07:32:57
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I think drum solos can be cool, although I'm not too crazy about bass solos. Guitar solos are awesome though. They can kick your ass six ways from Sunday!!
Posted: 03/26/10, 07:12:13

Many do! Many don't! Different tastes! People: will we ever really figure those crazy guys out?
Posted: 03/26/10, 07:25:48
bpumpkin777 said:
I'm not criticizing your taste or preference in music, I'm criticizing your claim that McCartney is the greatest rock bassist ever or that Ringo is anything but an average at best drummer. McCartney is not and I posted those videos to kind of show what real amazing bass players are capable of. And no, I don't think a good bass or drum solo (provided that it really is good and worth listening to) constitutes wankery. Metallica has had bass solos in their concerts since forever through all three of their bass players. Neil Peart from Rush has been doing drum solos at Rush concerts for even longer. If you have someone in your band who can pull off a good solo like that, why not?
I'm not taking it personally, or anything. I don't even really care if you like The Beatles. We're just discussing music. But I am surprised that you can't see how someone could prefer the bassline in, like, ABC to something like this:

(God damn that stupid embedding!!)

There are a lot of technical monsters in the world. But that doesn't make them better musicians. Steve Vai may be able to play rings around Brian May, but I don't like him nearly as much.

Also, the reason to not do a super-long drum or bass solo is to keep your audience engaged. It works for Rush because its fans are music nerds.
Posted: 03/26/10, 16:57:42  - Edited by 
 on: 03/26/10, 16:59:45
It works for Rush because Neil Peart is a fantastic drummer knows how to put together a good solo. Just like anything else in music, there are good soloists and bad ones. A solo isn't automatic wankery just because it's a solo. That solo you posted above would be an average to bad solo. He has the ability but I would say he's lacking in the taste department. Not all soloists are like that though.
Posted: 03/29/10, 11:44:14
I jam to Rush, the Beatles, AND the Smashing Pumpkins in the car (I know you love 'em bpumpkin), so yeah.
Posted: 03/29/10, 18:15:35
Teargarden by Kaleidescope from the Pumpkins coming.....sometime! Hopefully soon! :)
Posted: 03/30/10, 01:54:37
Posted: 11/19/15, 07:33:16
Please update the Hentai links, THANKS.
Posted: 11/19/15, 10:39:56
Those are some fine references from two generations ago
Posted: 11/19/15, 17:10:12
Nothing about slander against Kirby's Dream Course? SOFT ON CRIME
Posted: 11/19/15, 17:36:28
That's the unspoken rule that is so obvious it doesn't even need to be on the list.
Posted: 11/19/15, 19:20:24

A golden age. Of both gaming AND NW.

The Wii ruled the roost. Banhammers rained from the sky on the unworthy. NW was united in peace.

Before the Dark Times. Before the Empire.

...I may have gotten off track a little here.
Posted: 11/19/15, 22:46:11
This topic is a hilarious example of thread derailment. Going off of the rails is kind of turbulent, but also exciting. Until you come to a stop or die.

Man, why don't we talk about Rush anymore?

Oh, yeah. Kris.
Posted: 11/20/15, 02:48:14  - Edited by 
 on: 11/20/15, 03:07:53

Just get Lou started. He'll get to the Goodness that is Geddy Lee, and away we go.

Also: Neil Peart!
Posted: 11/22/15, 04:53:07
I saw Rush this summer in DC.

Reminded me of why they're just about my favorite classic rock outfit.

Thought I always flip-flop between Neil Peart and Stewart Copeland for my favorite (rock) drummer of all time. Peart has the raw technical side locked down, but Copeland has a more loose & playful style that's just as attractive to my ear.

Art Blakey is better than 'em both, however.
Posted: 11/22/15, 16:17:22
My favorite drummer was Echo from Echo and the Bunnymen. Because he was a drum machine, and therefore had no creative control over the direction the band would go.

I seriously do not like flashy "drum solo" style drummers, which is one of the reasons I'm not much of a Rush fan. Stewart Copeland I can get behind, though. The only downside to Copeland is that you've got to listen to a bunch of songs written by Sting to hear him work. (I kid Sting. I do like a lot of his stuff.)
Posted: 11/22/15, 19:28:42
@New Forms

What kind of songs did they play? I saw them (w/ Lou) yeeears ago, hoping to hear things like Freewill and some other monster hits, and instead (much to MY chagrin), they played all kinds of songs I've never heard, though I did/do enjoy Roll the Bones which was there. Lou was MARKING OUT (wrestling term) when they played By-Tor the Snowdog and Lake Between the Sun and the Moon. I was like "what is this crap?," haha.



I wonder if Sting and Sting have ever met. They've HAD to..haven't they?


I don't know why Sting had to be topless. You're not a wrestler, Sting, Sting is!
Also, I wish Sting was wearing facepaint instead of sunglasses.
Posted: 11/22/15, 21:21:33  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/15, 21:24:23
It kind of looks like they were going for a switcheroo, which would explain why musician String is topless.
Posted: 11/22/15, 21:27:55

Rush played a nice balance of hit, deep cuts & new material. Here's the setlist. It's funny you mention songs you've never heard of as my issue is inverse in that I know all their material, front to back up until their last few albums, which I never got into.

They played 2112 complete which is first time I heard the whole album-side live, and I've been going to their shows intermittently since the 80's.
Posted: 11/22/15, 22:04:26
@New Forms

I know a few of those. YYZ is awesome, of course.

Did you read the Clockwork Angels comics at all? Those were something!
Posted: 11/22/15, 22:57:20
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