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Zero's ongoing list of bannable offenses.
I will add to the list as necessary.

1. Ripping on Metroid Prime's scanning.
2. Calling Henry Hatsworth (awesome game) "broken".
3. Thinking that the Beatles Rock Band is not milking the Rock Band name just because it is a Beatles game.
4. Using Kirby to suck me up and then walk off the edge while playing me in Smash Brothers.
5. Comparing Lost favorably to Metroid.
6. Confusing Ostro with Birdo.
7. Posting weird Advance Wars hentai like this (NSFW!)
8. Not posting weird Advance Wars hentai like this (NSFW!)
9. Claiming you are undefeated in Ice Hockey but actually you just hit the reset button any time you are about to lose.
10. Thinking just because Nintendo does something it is ok for you to do it.
11. Not knowing why you were banned.
12. Anything that isn't on the list yet, but will be someday. Ex post facto applies here.
13. Trying to get around not being able to predict what will happen by predicting you will be banned... or... wait, does that make sense?!
14. Thinking Family Guy is on par with or, god forbid, better than Futurama.
15. Liking Baby Bowser in anything that isn't Yoshi's Island.
16. Making bad banana puns. Unless you pull off 3 in one statement, in which case it is ok.
17. Downvoting Resident Evil 4 in the games ratings.
18. Skies >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tales. Do not disagree.
19. Acting like The Beatles Rock Band isn't milking the franchise just because it is The Beatles who are the most supercalifragelisticexpialidocious band ever
20. Editing Zero's Beatles hatin' posts.
21. Passing Zero in XP.


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Posted: 11/19/15, 07:33:08  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/15, 07:32:57
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Not on the rule list. Doesn't count.
Posted: 02/22/10, 19:02:31
Hey! Ice hockey and blades of steel are different games. I've links to prove it!
Posted: 02/22/10, 19:06:50
@carlosrox Not being able to predict what WILL be on the bannable offense list is a bannable offense.
Posted: 02/22/10, 19:31:00
Do we get banned if we spell ganon wrong? Hehe ganon banned.
Posted: 02/22/10, 19:34:47
You didn't warn me.
Posted: 02/22/10, 19:48:45
Zero said:
@carlosrox Not being able to predict what WILL be on the bannable offense list is a bannable offense.

Lol, I predict I'm banned!
Posted: 02/22/10, 20:57:15
Ooo, how deliciously bitchy and exclusive! We're one step further down the road to NeoGAF.

...I'm banned, aren't I?
Posted: 02/22/10, 21:12:48
No, why would you be banned?
Posted: 02/22/10, 21:26:01
But now you're banned, because I asked you a question and you didn't respond in an appropriate timeframe.
Posted: 02/22/10, 21:26:29
It IS broken.
Posted: 02/22/10, 21:41:52
-JKR- said:
It IS broken.

lol, banned.

Also, ripping on scanning is bannable? Fine with me. What about taking a dump on it?
Posted: 02/22/10, 21:58:15
Looking at my sandals, that's a paddlin'
Posted: 02/22/10, 22:02:52  - Edited by 
 on: 02/22/10, 22:03:56
Achhibbar - NICE!!! Simpson's reference!

"Paddlin the school canoe , you bet that's a paddlin"
Posted: 02/22/10, 22:11:36
That reminds me.
Posted: 02/22/10, 23:13:46
Old simpsons>futurama>>>old family guy>>new family guy>new simpsons.
Posted: 02/22/10, 23:55:42  - Edited by 
 on: 02/23/10, 00:07:49
Burningham17 said:
Old simpsons>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>futurama>>new simpsons>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>old family guy=new family guy

SO fixed
Posted: 02/23/10, 00:03:16  - Edited by 
 on: 02/23/10, 00:06:12
I have to go with Carlos on this one.
Posted: 02/23/10, 00:09:24
(But you're still both banned.)
Posted: 02/23/10, 00:09:48
I don't know guys, new simpsons are pretty bad.
Posted: 02/23/10, 00:17:16
Yeah, the new simpsons are terrible. It comes dead last to everything.

Anyway, I supposed I'm banned for posting in this thread then? lol.
Posted: 02/23/10, 00:48:59
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