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Guitar Hero Live Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Guitar Hero Live on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

As of right now, this is the only music game we're getting on Nintendo (between the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises), and after dropping last month fans from around the globe are united under the banner of playing to a live crowd. Or something. Are you playing it, or am I really the only one on the entire site?

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Posted: 11/17/15, 01:34:30  - Edited by 
 on: 11/17/15, 01:35:37
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I'm sure I've not seen anything Rachel Hunter has done other than this music video, but her IMDB page has a list of the stuff she's done. Maybe you saw her in a movie or something?

I haven't done any Premium Shows yet. But it's likely I will soon.

Go to sleep!
Posted: 12/27/15, 18:41:18

I think you need to be like Lv6 before you gain access to P-Shows. And they generally run like Wed-Tue @ 8pm EST.

Rachel Hunter, yeah, no idea. Nothing is popping out on her page.
Posted: 12/27/15, 20:56:39
27 more hours to get your FESTIVE HOLIDAY SKULL badge/icon/banner/whatever! I was about to go for it earlier, but I was having network issues (which happens A LOT). One of the songs working as a Gatekeeper (I think its by the Preachers? They had a funny spelling..) has a funny homage in the last two seconds. Lemme know if you catch it!
Posted: 12/28/15, 23:49:47
Successfully won all of the Premium Shows this week, so I'm Prize Rich. Yessssss. The Christmas ones were easier than they could've been though, I think. Either way, I've got two neato banners / highways to use now, and I got some freebie ones, too! Yeahhhhh. (Festive Nutrackers is funny.)

Posted: 12/30/15, 02:06:31
I really like what they did with the GH formula. This game oozes style and atmosphere. GH Live is great especially if people are watching and the online GH TV is really clever. Love playing songs with videos and the streaming with changing programming keeps things really fresh. The new guitar is awesome and really changes the way you play. A new challenge.

Now despite this I have some major issues. Firstly, the guitar has sticky buttons right out the box. 4 or 5 of the buttons stick when pressed in, I havve to lube up the guitar with oil before every session. Considering sending it back in. Secondly there it may he my internet connection but I have a few hiccups in every song I play in GH TV. Very annoying as it breaks my note streaks and affects my ranking. Most commonly near the end of the song a huge hiccup, and I even disconnected a few times. I also notice randomly screwing up on easy sections and this may be due to the internet hiccups or could be the guitar. I really don't know at this point but it's annoying.
Posted: 01/06/16, 17:38:45

Did you get to play any Premium Stuff yet? Any war stories? I missed out on a Player Card that expired yesterday. I had some issues ("Dacite") that blocked me from completing it when I wanted to, so I ran out of time before work on Tuesday and that was that. (I get "Flint" a lot, too..)

I have some sticky frets, too! Its kinda frustrating. I'm glad (for me, sad for you) that I don't have to oil up constantly.. Yech. I've had some notes get stuck on me though. Whats the issue? Just too snug? Have you tried just...press press pressing them a bunch?

Hiccups: have you downloaded (or made room for) that GH Cache file? They were asking me to download it (in-game), and I think my stuff has been smoother since? If you haven't, definitely think about doing that. I think its 2 GB. Mine is on my external.
Posted: 01/07/16, 00:17:54
Did not know about that cache file. Did it download automatically? I just checked my Wii U save data and I have a 512 MB save data, 2048 MBshared save data and 236 MB update data. Maybe I need to download another update?

I'm hoping the guitar naturally loosens up a bit with regular use, but it doesn't seem to be the case just yet.

I love, love, love playing the live versions of Avenged Sevenfold's "Nightmare", "Buried Alive" and "Shepherd of Fire" with the concert footage playing in the background. Awesome, but distracting!
Posted: 01/07/16, 18:09:57
I think that you have to download it on your own. I'm..sorry I can't remember exactly where it is. I remember thinking that it was directly relevant to the music videos in TV mode, so there might be some settings in there? I know theres a spot that says "Clear GH Cache," too.

You're a little late to the party for those A7X deals! Back in Week 1, those were the first "Premium Show," and they played 'em back to back to back. Gosh, was it TOUGH. I did NOT do well at it, haha. Between them and Black Veil Brides..yeah, I struggle with that type of music. BVB has some live footage in there, too (did that WAY more than I wanted to..), though the recent "Live" stuff has been "Live at Yahoo!" and things like that, just a band in a small room. Weezer was two weeks ago, and there was a band that I missed completely this week. Never heard of 'em (thought you may have!).

Did you get into any Premium Stuff yet?

EDIT- And the most distracting stuff for me is when a pair of hot pants walks across the screen, or theres some closeups on thighs. ZZ Top has it in their I Gotsta Get Paid video, and theres a song by Green Day that has it, too, and then another band.. Hinder?, I think? And Addicted To Love, well, haha, that goes without saying! (Good thing Billy Idol's Cradle of Love isn't in here..)
Posted: 01/08/16, 01:57:48  - Edited by 
 on: 01/08/16, 01:59:10
Trying to do one of the Premium Shows this afternoon, and I've been playing really well lately. Missed 1 note today.

Legitimate, laugh-out-loud moment at the end of Stacy's Mom: "Strong Finish"

You can't write that stuff, folks.
Posted: 01/20/16, 00:30:49
Def Leppard has a Premium Show going now where the prize is a cool Union Jack highway. I also CRUSHED the competition, and it was the first time that I did it on the night-of. Sooo, is it easier on Tuesday Nights? I HAVE NO IDEA! I wanted to do the other new one, too, but I got too sleepy. I guess we'll see when I take a crack at the other one.

And since the login bonus has been fixed, I've been rackin' up the coinage.

---OH!! OH! Also, last night, I was playing on GHTV, just stuff on their Channels, and out of NOWHERE, I was forced into battle with another player. WHAAAT?! Split screen, me on the left, them on the right, and we went note for note against each other. Won my first two battles, but the 3rd guy was playing on a higher difficulty AND had his stuff leveled up more than mine, so he cruised to a victory. It was then that I wondered "how'd that happen?," because the other two guys played REALLY close to how I did. I figured I'd be pitted against people in my realm, but I suppose not? Weird. But yeah, it was pretty neat!
Posted: 01/28/16, 00:25:03
GHL introduced this new deal today called "Rival Play," which pits you directly against someone and keeps track of it. You gotta earn tokens to move up in levels. Start at 20, wanna work your way down to 1. Not sure if its the same for each level, but I earned 3 tokens with 3 victories today moving me to 19, and then I got a bonus token for a 3 game winning streak. Hey! I'll take it.

Goes for another 38 days, apparently. Seems pretty neat, and another way to spice up the game. I gotta say even though the song selection might not be the best compared to Rock Band, I greatly appreciate the fact that everything is used with IN-GAME currency, and I'm not forking out 11 real-life dollars every F'n week.

So I'm still the only person playing this? Thats a certified poop sandwich.

EDIT- Mikey has it, yes, but hasn't posted since January. I know Grant never touches it. With that, and the lack of other people overtly playing it, I FEEL like i'm the only person playing this. I guess thats how I meant to say it. Bummer regardless.
Posted: 03/25/16, 01:32:02  - Edited by 
 on: 03/25/16, 01:33:04
Ooh, DID NOT know you can LOSE tokens.. Sitting at 18.1 right now. I was up to a 5 game streak! And then I hit a BUZZSAW. Are any of you other guys gonna give it a whirl at all? And is it REALLY just us 3?
Posted: 03/26/16, 00:08:57
I'll probably give it a whirl at some point, but I'm not ready to drop more money on this series (or genre) after soooooo much plastic sitting in a heap under the TV. Just got too overloaded back when the released them on a crazy twice-a-week schedule (exaggeration) so I haven't recovered from the burnout.

Plus practicing real guitar, and it's more fun to me.
Posted: 03/26/16, 06:17:02
@J.K. Riki

Yeah, why exaggerate? You literally doubled their release schedule.. You could've just said "just got too overloaded back when they released them on a crazy weekly schedule," and we'd all be like "oh, yeah yeah." You wild guys..

ANYWAY, again, I haven't put another penny on this game since I've bought it. Its cool like that!

--Practicing real guitar, eh? Does it come with ROBERT PALMER - ADDICTED TO LOVE video, hmmmmm?
Posted: 03/26/16, 13:30:08
I haven't played in a while. I think I lost interest a bit when I realized there are so many upgrades and I'll just never be able to get them all and compete with dedicated folks online. I may just bust it out at casual get togethers to show off the Live part of the game.
Posted: 03/29/16, 20:59:46

OHHHHH, nonsense! Those upgrades, you'll have them before you know it, TRUST ME. They added a cumulative login bonus (just fire it up daily), and you often get more tokens than you'd earn in a day. Furthermore, if you're ever out of plays, they'll give you 3 free plays on your next login. So what I do; Guitar Hero TV, get my bonus, get my free songs, play for a little while / play the '3 gateway songs' on the Premium Show, play the Premium show, end my night.

And before you know it, you'll get those upgrades. You'll definitely get them without issue, especially after these new login bonus deals. I just bought a Level 3 upgrade for 9K the other day, and before I knew it, I was already back up to 11K. Wild!
Posted: 03/30/16, 01:20:26
Alright, I'll get back to it at some point. I need some "day time" gaming time to put towards it. Gotta play it loud!
Posted: 03/30/16, 18:44:23

Yeah, tear it up! I didn't see the Premium Show stuff for this week yet. Meant to play last night, but sometimes I close my eyes for a minute and wake up after 6am. Its not fun.
Posted: 03/31/16, 01:05:45

Posted: 04/21/16, 05:19:41
bright shining digital future.

Good thing they made everyone sign that class action waiver before you can play the game right?
Posted: 11/15/18, 23:07:15  - Edited by 
 on: 11/15/18, 23:09:37
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