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Tadpole Treble Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.57/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tadpole Treble on the Wii U!

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Hi everyone! It's been a long road for me with Tadpole Treble, a game that's been in some form of development for a pretty healthy chunk of my life, but I'm happy to say that we're almost finished. In case you missed it before, this is an auto-runner-style game that takes place on a musical staff, with the notes being your obstacles. Barring some sort of catastrophic event, the game should definitely release in Winter 2015 for all to enjoy.

And I hope you all enjoy it! My brother and I have put a ton of time (and a decent amount of our own money) into Tadpole Treble to make it the kind of game we'd want to play. That means music we like, characters we like, a range in challenge (standard difficulty to beat, high difficulty to 100%) and a wide range of unlockables and even a full song/stage creator. Here, a back-of-the-box feature list for you:

-Over a dozen main stages, each with their own unique song
-Boss stages
-A in-game market area
-Comic-style cutscenes
-Unlockable goodies like a Smash Bros-esque Bestiary, a Music Player, and Commentary Tracks for each stage
-Four fully-sung songs with lyrics
-Online leaderboards for both high and impressively low scores
-A song-creation mode that you can also play through, then share with others via QR Codes:

The process for making this game has been extremely tricky. We had to time our Kickstarter right and stay on top of contacting people to help it reach its goal. We also repeatedly reached out to Nintendo to get approved for the Wii U, and once they finally approved us, I screamed at them. The bug-testing process is totally arduous, being a constant cycle of "two steps forward, one step back," and there've been moments where my relationship with my brother had gotten pretty strained.

Despite all this, we're still kicking and are happy with how things have turned out! If you have any questions about the development of this game, or various included features, or about how Nintendo handles indie team relations, feel free to post them in this thread!

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Posted: 11/10/15, 17:17:00  - Edited by 
 on: 11/10/15, 17:17:30
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S is the highest (it's a step above A) and F is the lowest. It's actually quite difficult to get either one, but you get rewarded for them too!

For S's, make sure to hit all the Cymbals because they affect your multiplier, which is imperative in getting a good score. Taking damage lowers your multi by 1 too, so ideally you'd hit all the Cymbals and avoid all damage (although you can sometimes take a hit and still get an S, depending on the stage).

F's might be even trickier; you AVOID as many Cymbals and point-giving elements as possible, and deliberately take damage throughout the stage to keep your Streak low (since your Streak reverts to 1 whenever you take a hit). In these runs, getting Food is extremely important because it means more hits to lower your Streak!
Posted: 08/12/16, 18:38:43
A bit late to the party but I bought it and played the first 4 or 5 stages... pretty sweet! Presentation values are through the roof (makes me feel like my game looks like dog puke lol), music is awesome, gameplay is pretty fun. I sort of don't totally understand the scoring system but it was probably explained and I just wasn't paying attention. Been scoring ok nonetheless.
Posted: 08/15/16, 04:19:58
I just made my way to that snowy level, which so far is my favorite. I love how BitF this feels from an art-standpoint with Tbun's distinctive art. Enjoyable songs and a level of gameplay that you can either use to challenge yourself or you can just enjoy the ride.

I can't say I have any incentive to go for S or F ranks, but that's just who I am and has nothing to do with the game. So far I'm a very pleased backer of this game and Matthew in general. Can't wait for your next game!
Posted: 08/15/16, 05:08:16
Just finished the game's last level. Very nice game there.
Posted: 08/15/16, 06:39:27
Played through the first 4-5 stages over the last couple of days, good stuff! It's more intense than I expected, I've got my eyes peeled on the staff at all times and rarely peek at the fun details beyond it, haha. I don't think I heard a single word from the Midnight Bayou song, concentrating too much on nabbing all those bubbles!

My grades are pretty variable so far, with a few As and Bs and a C (took me way too long to realize I was supposed to slap the mosquitos out of the air lol). I apparently found a couple of challenge flies as well, though I don't remember actually seeing them.
Posted: 08/17/16, 18:17:09
Oh my gosh, just heard my new favorite song. The Pause Menu song!!! Probably not necessary to spoiler tag, but boy was it a surprise when that sucker kicked in. Bravo, sir, bravo!
Posted: 08/19/16, 03:18:12
This game is pretty fun. My kids love it, too. And when they aren't playing, they're going around the house singing the "tadpole love song" from Stage 3 (or whatever that first stage is that has lyrics).

Yup, solid game. Fun graphics, great music, tight controls. All good stuff. The only problem is, I can't play this on my 3DS.

Posted: 08/19/16, 03:26:57
I've made it home to Tadpole Pond! Shamefully, I had to peek at Miiverse to figure out the third phase of Sunken Derelict. Also felt really dumb when I finally realized what to do in the first phase...

But other than that, it was smooth sailing! Er, swimming. I think I'll frequently be going back for bubbles and scores and 'skeeters...and just to enjoy the sights! I feel like I missed out on a lot of fun details just staring down the staff the entire game, haha.
Posted: 08/22/16, 05:11:54
Back home from a very chaotic week. Crazy stuff in Louisiana right now...

But glad to see some discussion here! As a wise man once said,

Thank you so much for-to playing my game-a!
Posted: 08/22/16, 05:23:24

Why am I so bad at your game? I'm like... not good at it. Things are happening, I'm trying to do stuff, I'm failing at doing stuff. Is there an awesome button I'm not aware of? Is it more of a Game Genie game? Are you really one of the dudes who made Battletoads NES? =)

Game's super fabo though. I really love it. I just suck at it.
Posted: 08/26/16, 04:14:44

Haha, what stage are you in? A couple tips--

-Try to move less in general. I notice over the years that when younger kids play the game, they swim up and down the staff like wild. This inevitably results in them crashing into a ton of notes. Baton doesn't take up much space and there aren't really a lot of notes per "beat" that you can actually hit (usually only 2-3), which means out of 11 spaces, most of them are safe. Try to stay on a single line and only move when you have to. The Bubbles and Pure Water will always be in safe areas (they pretty much illustrate the "perfect line" through the level), but they're often placed close to notes for the challenge factor. If you're just trying to survive, forget 'em.

-Use your Treble Charge! When you max out your Streak (30 notes without getting hit), each additional note you pass fills up your Treble Meter (next to the Life Bar). Once it's full, you can hold down the attack button to get temporary note invincibility for about 8-10 seconds. This can be a lifesaver at getting you through tough areas in the stage, particularly if you know when they're coming up. Just keep in mind that it doesn't grant you full invincibility from EVERYTHING, just mainly notes.

-Get the Food. You can worry about S-Ranks and Etude's Bubbles later--if you see a sign saying that one path is Bubbles and one is for Food, go for the safe route. Additionally, try to hit Cymbals--not only are they great for your score, but the nature of them shooting you over the notes means you don't have to worry about taking damage from them. This is especially true in stages like Chiptune Lagoon, where you chain the Cymbals together over big bunches of notes.
Posted: 08/26/16, 04:46:43

Before we get into fixing my Baton skills, I meant to ask, did you know there was a band named Treble Charger? That feature in your game makes me think of them a lot these days =) My 2003-2004 roommate was quite into them.
Posted: 08/26/16, 07:29:45

I had no idea! That's pretty funny.
Posted: 08/26/16, 17:15:32
I found the game to be really hard too, I've never gotten above a B rank!
Posted: 08/26/16, 20:54:53
Officially bought this last night. Haven't played yet.
Posted: 08/27/16, 20:27:27
Playyyyyy it!
Posted: 08/28/16, 17:36:26

I gotta beat stupid Ghostbusters first. And can you guess how much of THAT I played today?

Posted: 08/29/16, 08:15:12
I got to the end boss, but I didn't beat it (yet). However, the scene before it...

Posted: 08/30/16, 16:18:31
...aaaaaand done! What a fun music/rhythm game. The art was charming, the music was excellent...I just wish there were more levels. Oh, wait, composer mode! Plus I need to get every challenge fly (I have five, including the last boss).
Posted: 08/31/16, 16:47:11
Hey, this game just suddenly appeared on my Wii U menu (usually, my games don't download automatically these days due to my packed fridge), so I gave it a go. Fun stuff! I really like the presentation. The music is varied and catchy and the art is very nice. Also, the overall pace of the game is quite snappy, and I like how you can accent the music with your claps.

I messed around a bit with the Composition mode, too. Question: Is there a copy function for a repeated section of music (like a drumbeat)?
Posted: 09/02/16, 22:52:19  - Edited by 
 on: 09/02/16, 22:52:48
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