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Tadpole Treble Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.57/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tadpole Treble on the Wii U!

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Hi everyone! It's been a long road for me with Tadpole Treble, a game that's been in some form of development for a pretty healthy chunk of my life, but I'm happy to say that we're almost finished. In case you missed it before, this is an auto-runner-style game that takes place on a musical staff, with the notes being your obstacles. Barring some sort of catastrophic event, the game should definitely release in Winter 2015 for all to enjoy.

And I hope you all enjoy it! My brother and I have put a ton of time (and a decent amount of our own money) into Tadpole Treble to make it the kind of game we'd want to play. That means music we like, characters we like, a range in challenge (standard difficulty to beat, high difficulty to 100%) and a wide range of unlockables and even a full song/stage creator. Here, a back-of-the-box feature list for you:

-Over a dozen main stages, each with their own unique song
-Boss stages
-A in-game market area
-Comic-style cutscenes
-Unlockable goodies like a Smash Bros-esque Bestiary, a Music Player, and Commentary Tracks for each stage
-Four fully-sung songs with lyrics
-Online leaderboards for both high and impressively low scores
-A song-creation mode that you can also play through, then share with others via QR Codes:

The process for making this game has been extremely tricky. We had to time our Kickstarter right and stay on top of contacting people to help it reach its goal. We also repeatedly reached out to Nintendo to get approved for the Wii U, and once they finally approved us, I screamed at them. The bug-testing process is totally arduous, being a constant cycle of "two steps forward, one step back," and there've been moments where my relationship with my brother had gotten pretty strained.

Despite all this, we're still kicking and are happy with how things have turned out! If you have any questions about the development of this game, or various included features, or about how Nintendo handles indie team relations, feel free to post them in this thread!

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Posted: 11/10/15, 17:17:00  - Edited by 
 on: 11/10/15, 17:17:30
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So much Undertale. In a weird example of things kinda going full circle, Dogsong actually uses the Mario Paint sound files...and now there's a version of Dogsong in your Mario Paint-esque demo composer.
Posted: 02/23/16, 02:49:25
@nate38 AWESOME.

Posted: 02/23/16, 04:55:49
Hold on a gosh darn minute, Steam? STEAM?

Where dat Wii U version at?!


Posted: 04/01/16, 02:24:34
Lot check is a paaaaaain! It's still happening, but I'd guess it'd be more in the May area than April. Soon, though!

Posted: 04/01/16, 02:27:00

Classic third parties hosing the Wii U -- AGAIN.
Posted: 04/01/16, 02:28:13
I've become everything I hate!
Posted: 04/01/16, 02:33:19
Well I guess we Nintendo gamers should be used to being treated like second-class citizens by this point. Sigh.
Posted: 04/01/16, 03:53:31

Still not sure if my game is even going to be on a Nintendo platform.
Posted: 04/01/16, 06:30:08
Well it is on Mac which is cool, I really hate playing games on my computer but I could give it a try!
Posted: 04/01/16, 17:11:30
I bet the dev had the whole game done, too, but then the publisher made some kind of back alley deal with Steam so it released on Steam first and delayed the Nintendo version. Screw you, Ubi-bun! I'm not going to take that kind of crap. I was going to buy the game, but not anymore.

Posted: 04/01/16, 21:42:28
Man you totally got me! That's a good one!
Posted: 04/01/16, 23:10:16
Posted: 05/04/16, 02:13:18
Thanks for linking! We launch May 6th on Steam. That's three days away! I really wanted to do simultaneous releases but it's been a huge headache to pass lot check in time.
Posted: 05/04/16, 02:35:45

I can only imagine. I'll admit, that when I first heard about your game I wasn't so sure - as it looked to be overly technical for my declining gaming ways, but the more I see of it, the more I like it. So, day one purchase from me, guaranteed! Early kudos to you on what I expect to be a great and memorable first foray (I'm assuming) into the game creating world.
Posted: 05/04/16, 03:18:15  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/16, 03:18:24
I like the new trailer. Can't wait to get it on Wii U!
Posted: 05/04/16, 18:51:48
Thought I'd pass on this link to a friend's blog who did a post about how excited he is for the game. :)

Always cool to see a fan write about something you've created! (I doubt you have time, but I imagine leaving a quick comment there would make his day. Possibly his year. He has a quote by you literally framed on his desk...)
Posted: 05/04/16, 18:53:34
@J.K. Riki

Whoa! He had some nice things to say about BitF and TT. Thanks for linking me to that, it was kind of humbling to read. Left a comment!
Posted: 05/04/16, 19:09:53
First review of Tadpole Treble! 9/10

Feels good.
Posted: 05/05/16, 20:32:36

YASSSSSSS! I'm really excited for this!

Edit: Why weren't you at PAX East?!???? I saw a bunch of indie games there and with this one coming out so soon it would have been a great opportunity for exposure! DUDE!
Posted: 05/05/16, 21:31:45  - Edited by 
 on: 05/05/16, 21:39:57
There WILL be a 3DS version, right? Right?


Don't make me send Isabelle after you.
Posted: 05/05/16, 21:48:22
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