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Are you trading in/selling Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword? [poll]
Yes (3/23 votes)
No. I'm fine with the old versions (12/23 votes)
No. I'm keeping the old and buying the new (6/23 votes)
I'm not sure (2/23 votes)
Assuming the Zelda rumors regarding the HD Remaster of Twilight Princess and the Wii U VC release of Skyward Sword are true, will you be trading in or selling your Wii versions of these games? These are the current trading values at GameStop, for example:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: $13.20 Pro Trade In, $12 Regular Trade In, $10.56 Regular Cash, $9.60 Cash

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: $24.20 Pro Trade In, $22 Regular Trade In, $19.36 Regular Cash, $17.60 Cash

As a bonus, here's Super Mario All-Star's value, just in case it ever becomes available as a VC title:
Super Mario All-Stars: $33 Pro Trade In, $30 Regular Trade In, $26.40 Regular Cash, $26 Cash

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Posted: 10/17/15, 09:11:52
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if I do get the HD versions I will be keeping the GCN/Wii TP and Wii SS. I stopped trading in games during the N64/PS1 era. I don't see the value in it.
Posted: 10/17/15, 12:33:18
I voted, I'm not sure.

I would not buy the Skyward Sword game, cause I own it and playing the game on the Wii U, through the Wii's channel, the picture quality will be the same as the VC release, since they are both being displayed through the Wii U's hdmi. I feel the only reason to purchase the VC version of Skyward Sword would be the convenience of always having the game available w/out having to get up to put the disk in the console.

Now, as far as Twilight Princess is concerned, I would upgrade to a true HD remaster. If I planned on selling my Wii version of TP, I would sell it on Ebay or Amazon before letting Gamestop rape me. Aww., I shouldn't be so rough on Gamestop, cause sometimes I can get more money for trading my games there, esp. if Gamestop has a special, like an extra 50% trade in value on games. I really have no idea how much TP is going for online or at Gamestop. I would have to investigate the average selling prices online and compare it to Gamestops amount. One thing I know for sure, if TP is going for around $20 or less, online and at Gamestop, I would just hold onto my Wii version and wait several years for the selling price to increase. I keep immaculate care for all my games, consoles, ect. My version of TP looks just as new as it did the day I bought the game, so I wouldn't let it go for almost nothing
Posted: 10/17/15, 15:21:07  - Edited by 
 on: 10/17/15, 15:22:21
I rarely sell games, so it's unlikely I would even if I got some sort of remaster or remake of a game. I wouldn't buy VC games I already own, either. I still have my GCN Wind Waker, even though I got the HD version with my Wii U system. An HD TP isn't what I want, but knowing me I'd probably be tempted to get it if I saw it on sale, especially if they cleaned up the rough parts of the game... I have a problem.
Posted: 10/17/15, 22:17:51
I'm not really a game seller either... I'll get an HD version of Twilight Princess if it's at a reasonable price. $60 for Wind Waker HD was not cool!

Skyward Sword? I don't know... I tried replaying that game and I just lost interest. Maybe I'll wait for an official future update of that game which hopefully changes some of the crap I hate about it (Fi... disable Fi!)
Posted: 10/18/15, 01:45:30
I don't sell games unless I hate them. I guess I would sell a game if I were buying its remaster, but I'm not generally a fan of remasters.

Also, Nintendo games hold their value pretty well these days, since they don't overprint.
Posted: 10/18/15, 02:48:39
I traded in TP back in 2007 after I finished it, I'm pretty sure. Probably won't trade in Skyward Sword. Not especially interested in an HD version of that, since it's still playable on Wii U.
Posted: 10/18/15, 06:51:57
I don't see the option for burning my copy of Skyward Sword. Can someone point it out to me?
Posted: 10/18/15, 07:17:06
I like to have all my games on my "latest" systems. So, if I can upgrade, transfer, whatever, I will. If I have no "collector's" use for the old game, I'll trade it in. I regret, to this day, trading in my gold Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.
Posted: 10/18/15, 07:30:35

Step One. Buy gasoline.
Step Two. By a lighter.

If you can't work out Step Three, I suggest you stop there because you might just end up setting yourself on fire.

I generally don't trade in my titles, and probably not if I have it on a different platform- Although there's no reason for me to get Skyward Sword digitally. The odd exception can be made, like when I had to buy retail Taken King expansion for Destiny, which came with the base game anyway. So I just traded in the now redundant vanilla disc to offset my costs.
Posted: 10/18/15, 08:29:43
Funny how a lot of us seem to hold onto our games. I'm reminded of how Yamauchi once said that if publishers are so worried about game rentals and used game sales cutting into their profits, then maybe they should just create games that people want to actually own and never sell. Haha.
Posted: 10/18/15, 11:48:02
I am a hoarder/collector, so I will be keeping my physical copies. I'm also a fan of archival of software, which is basically keeping the physical copy since the digital one can be lost relatively easily say, 15 years down the road. Plus, I have all of the Zelda games, and I would never dream of breaking up the band.
Posted: 10/23/15, 00:41:25
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