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K-Mart... $200 PS4, $100 New 3DS XL, $30 Splatoon... CONFIRMED LEGIT BY SECRET TUNNEL!!!

Looks like it is nearly impossible to actually find the stuff AT a K-Mart, no surprise, but some people have been successful getting other stores to price match? It's sort of a weird hard to find link on K-Mart mobile though, so price matching is kind of here and there for it.

I'm too old and carless to run all over trying this kind of thing nowadays, but good luck to anyone who wants to give it a shot?

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Posted: 08/16/15, 04:35:03  - Edited by 
 on: 08/16/15, 04:34:57
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@Hero_Of_Hyrule Is it?! That's... odd. Kojima usually likes to be at the top of the tech. Hmm. I wonder if the PS3 version will be held back in important ways?
Posted: 08/17/15, 04:46:13

It's slightly inferior to the PS4 version graphically (not in any way you'd notice in the moment), but the Fox Engine was made from the ground up to be portable to plenty of different consoles so the game looks excellent no matter what you play it on. High-end PC version looks even better than the PS4 version.
Posted: 08/17/15, 06:08:10
I'm going to guess that this isn't going to work for me being in Canada, right? Otherwise I'd jump on that New 3DS XL.
Posted: 08/17/15, 11:18:35
lol, this was a gag in last night's Rick and Morty:

Perfect timing.
Posted: 08/18/15, 02:10:22

Haha! He sounds JUST like us!!!
Posted: 08/18/15, 03:49:33
Just for the heck of it I stopped by my K-Mart today and yeah, they have no video game section anymore. Nothing. Except... I did find an old shitty 3DS game mixed into the DVD section. So the entire store has 1 video game. Unless there are more hidden ones.
Posted: 08/18/15, 03:53:27

Hahaha, apparently Justin Roiland (one of the two main guys behind the show) actually did this back when the Link Between Worlds special edition 3DS went on sale and he still has a ton of unopened systems sitting in his house.
Posted: 08/18/15, 06:05:31
It's kind of funny, but I also kind of really hate those people.
Posted: 08/18/15, 06:33:50

For the record, you'd love Rick and Morty. It gets compared to Futurama a lot... and in terms of sci-fi it's kinda similar, but the humor is way different. Super dark on an existential level.
Posted: 08/18/15, 07:11:58
I successfully transferred my things from my old 3DS XL to my NEW 3DS XL last night. Boy, that process takes a long time!! I had 8 gigs to move over, and like a dummy, I chose the first option of using the wireless transfer. Ah well. The new one operates like a charm, and is much faster and smoother!
Posted: 08/18/15, 15:39:10
@Secret_Tunnel Yeah but is it on Netflix and would Shirley like it? I rarely ever watch any TV nowadays that isn't on Netflix and appealing to both of us. And even then it is usually while we're eating so we can't really do much else productive.

Posted: 08/18/15, 16:47:14

I could have sworn he said K-mart. I had to rewind it a couple of times. If he had that would have been eerie.
Posted: 08/18/15, 18:14:46
Supposedly, someone actually got one for $17.50.

At that price, even I would buy one!
Posted: 08/18/15, 23:50:19
@Mop it up

Shit, I'd buy two!
Posted: 08/19/15, 06:46:18
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