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Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8.26/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma on the 3DS!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

The trilogy of the most popular dark visual novel / whatever you want to call it series in the West is now complete! Until a 4th game comes along.

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Posted: 07/04/15, 01:06:01  - Edited by 
 on: 07/07/16, 22:14:17
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How many save files are on this (3DS version)? It's driving me crazy to have to delete my entire file in 999 (and soon, in VLR) so that my wife can go in fresh.
Posted: 06/30/16, 02:35:22

Speaking of saves in VLR, do you know to avoid saving in a specific room on the 3DS version?

It'll corrupt your save file and force you to restart. Don't let it happen to you!
Posted: 06/30/16, 02:52:36

Pretty sure it's 3 save slots. And yeah, what @Shadowlink said. Just try and avoid saving during the escape/puzzle sequences. Put your 3DS in sleep mode if you have to take a break. Also I did this on both my playthroughs but since VLR let's you jump at several different points in the story easily, I just kept jumping at the very beginning and saved after the first line of text popped up. It takes a few extra seconds to do but maybe saved troubles in the end.
Posted: 06/30/16, 02:58:14
Well that may be the fastest game ever.

10 minutes in and I already seem to have my first ending? Go Team Blue!
Posted: 06/30/16, 15:03:17

I actually found that ending confusing because isn't this the game in which Radical-6 is released? So if they quickly escape without killing anyone... is the virus still released?
Posted: 06/30/16, 15:34:18
Posted: 06/30/16, 15:40:44

Maybe they were infected with it when they were knocked out.

"Off you go. Back to civilisation. Mingle. Spread plague....uh... Disregard that last bit.

I'm sure it will all come together and make sense in the end.
Posted: 07/01/16, 00:37:44  - Edited by 
 on: 07/01/16, 00:38:12
Someone just make the thread already! I don't even have the game.

Unless we want to turn this into the official thread. I forget if people are generally for or against doing that instead of just making a clean new thread.
Posted: 07/01/16, 01:40:54

But if you're going by the recording heard during VLR, Radical-6 was released back when they were in captivity and at least 6 people were dead. Though I don't think Phi and Sigma were part of that crew back when that recording was made... were they? It's all so confusing with the endless loop that Akane creates and all of the body swapping
Posted: 07/01/16, 04:48:38  - Edited by 
 on: 07/01/16, 04:49:31
Gonna start this game in a few days and probably beat it in two months. Once you guys are finished with it, make an ending discussion thread!
Posted: 07/02/16, 07:26:13

Cool. I'm thinking the Discussion Thread will be the official discussion thread. Probably. Maybe.
Posted: 07/02/16, 21:22:26
Ugh. Few things are as frustrating as a puzzle that completely stumps me. Team C can't seem to figure out this roulette table. I thought the solution would be easier than it is, but apparently I'm doing it wrong. Any tips?
Posted: 07/06/16, 15:05:00

I don't know where it came from, but I found a note in my file that rearranges the 'obvious' solution, into something that makes even more sense..
Posted: 07/06/16, 15:14:48
I hear this game really ramps up the gore compared to past ones.

I'm currently in the middle of VLR (which is really great, by the way), and while it's not quite as dark as 999, it's still very intense and ominous without getting super-grisly. How does ZTD compare? Are there any incinerated corpses or gouged out eyes? There's kinda only so much I can takes.
Posted: 07/06/16, 15:25:13  - Edited by 
 on: 07/06/16, 15:25:28

It's definitely a lot more gory than 999 or VLR. While 999 is worse than VLR, it mostly did so off screen or via some pretty nasty text descriptions. In ZTD, you see and hear it all. I'm personally not really bothered by it but it's really exaggerated at times or feels maybe a bit out of place.

Also, who's playing it on the 3DS? I heard from a few people that it suffers from many technical issues due to hardware. Is it that bad? I opted for the Vita version in this case. Looks pretty great visually though the animations in the game are pretty awful haha. Has a very 90s feel to it.
Posted: 07/06/16, 15:31:01  - Edited by 
 on: 07/06/16, 15:39:46

This may shock you to know, but I'm playing it on 3DS.

Haven't come across any technical issues yet. Though I am being stumped by some of the puzzles. But I guess that's MY technical issue, ha ha.
Posted: 07/06/16, 19:30:26

Hmm, I'll look into that. Thanks!
Posted: 07/06/16, 20:05:52

One game over scenario I've encountered had two characters brandishing a fire axe and chainsaw at each other. The results were about what you might expect. One of them ended up slicing his own throat with the axe.

Another involved automated gatling guns murdering everyone in the room. So that was fun too.

Incidentally the scenario preceding that one is something I been involved in before . In the scenario in ZTD they needed to throw 3 dice and get a triple 1 in order to survive. I was playing a Warhammer 40K game where I had a 'tiny' space marine terminator facing off against big nasty alien monster, controlled by my friend:

In true tabletop style, it *was* possible to kill the thing and avoid being turned into marine paste. I just had to roll a triple six...And unlike our unlucky protagonists, I beat the odds.

In my head I imagined the terminator in question channelling some psychotic combination of Goku and Wolverine, powering up into a frenzied rage monster, and slicing the Carnifex to bits in a flurry of attacks.

My friend was decidedly less impressed and after staring in disbelief at the offending dice for a few seconds, quietly removed his model from the table
Posted: 07/07/16, 08:03:31  - Edited by 
 on: 07/07/16, 08:09:36
I think I'm nearing the end of ZTD now... not much left to clear but what the
Posted: 07/07/16, 17:06:45
Yeah, just beat it... it's over. Didn't quite take as long as VLR took me but yeah. I won't say much more
Posted: 07/07/16, 19:27:59
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