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How many other devs make "Nintendo-style" games? [roundtable]
It reoccurred to me recently that Nintendo really doesn't make games in the same way as most other current developers. I mean, if you look at it historically, we started with arcade games, which usually made the most of a single mechanic. A limited amount of content, but high replay value. Then the shift to home consoles sort of broadened the scope of a video game. Now we could have adventures (even on the 2600!). Which first meant bigger worlds in which to ply that limited set of mechanics. But soon that definition evolved to include games in which the mechanics expanded and changed over time, resulting in a more varied (but perhaps less pure) experience. In it's early history, Nintendo was a key component of this evolution from arcade games (Donkey Kong, Balloon Fight) to expanded arcade-styled games (Super Mario Bros.) to more realized worlds with more varied mechanics (The Legend of Zelda, Metroid). Over time, Nintendo has further refined its ideal of video game design. Basically, a gameplay-driven experience, in which creative level design and/or new abilities keep the experience fresh over the course of the game. We love that shit, right?

But most established developers don't make that type of game anymore. The current vogue seems to favor one set of gameplay mechanics throughout an entire game (or even series), modulated largely by change in setting or narrative. Rather than bring new actors on the stage, they change the set design. I think this explains why Nintendo fans' tastes are often so different than those of the mainstream. Why some of us feel alienated in gaming discussions. To an extent, we're playing apples, and they're playing oranges.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Independent devs mostly prioritize gameplay, albeit with a more limited scope. So, two questions:

1) Do you agree or disagree with the analysis above?
2) If you agree, which other developers still make "Nintendo-style" games?

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Posted: 06/29/15, 23:12:34  - Edited by 
 on: 06/29/15, 23:35:34
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The Motion controls were a gimmick , a successful gimmick but most people i know that held onto their Wii's much rather used the Pro controller when able.

I personally absolutely hated them, i purchased a Wii and bunch of Shooting style games to have some fun with , the calibration and accuracy was non-existent compared to the old PS one & PS two G-con games .

as a result i sold my Wii within a month of buying it and went back to PS One & PS Two G-Con Games
Posted: 07/03/15, 04:58:57
I had initially thought that one of the LED lights would be on one corner of the screen, and another on the opposite corner for total accuracy. But, alas, it was not to be. Still using the Wiimote pointer as a mouse worked amazingly well and intuitively. Just not for absolute aiming.

I actually just found my bag of Guncon stuff when I was cleaning up the other day. I wish I still had a display that I could use them on.

Anyway, what is this thread about, again...? Light gun games?
Posted: 07/03/15, 05:22:40  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/15, 05:39:41

Sod off Josh.

If there's any question as to whether or not Stephen has been trolling lately, let the above post put it to rest.

You two been having some cozy PSN chats about NW lately, hmm?
Posted: 07/03/15, 05:30:32
Shadowlink said:

Sod off Josh.

If there's any question as to whether or not Stephen has been trolling lately, let the above post put it to rest.

You two been having some cozy PSN chats about NW lately, hmm?

Posted: 07/03/15, 05:52:07
For everyone confused by the above, please say hello to my brother Joshua, who is 100% *not* a Nintendo fan.

Wave to the people Josh.
Posted: 07/03/15, 06:02:24  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/15, 06:03:58

Yes i'm Tim's Younger Brother , And to say that im 100% Not a Nintendo fan would be Untrue.

There are Nintendo games that i hold in high regards

I'm a Gamer i have owned (/Co-owned With Tim) Many consoles going back to N64 & Gameboy days,

one of the first consoles i ever played was a SNES at my cousins place, Very fond memories.
Posted: 07/03/15, 06:19:28

Hello Joshua. I'm Koovaps. Welcome!
Posted: 07/03/15, 06:51:22

Thanks Mate,

Nice to meet you
Posted: 07/03/15, 07:12:15


Less posts about how you hated your Wii and sold it within a month, and more about you and Kate spamming Remote mines in Goldeneye 64 might be the order of the day then, yeah?
Posted: 07/03/15, 07:37:41
Great another Aussie, we're being overrun.
Posted: 07/03/15, 08:10:23
Haha, this thread is going places.

I beat all the Trauma Center Wii games on Hard using IR. That means somethin', right?

Somethin' about my mad skills at least.
Posted: 07/03/15, 08:21:28

Did Trauma Center on Wii lock the screen and let you point anywhere? That was IR at its best. RE4 style.
Posted: 07/03/15, 08:33:20

You'll be fine. We have no guns.

If you see Pokefreak come at you with a barrell though, run. No amount of Donkey Kong will prepare you.
Posted: 07/03/15, 08:38:07  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/15, 08:39:01
@Stephen I think you had to press a button to move the screen? Or maybe it was the analog stick? I forget.
Posted: 07/03/15, 08:43:33
There's like 5 of us.
Clearly we have taken over.

That is a joke very few people will get.
Posted: 07/03/15, 13:03:28  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/15, 13:04:24
@Pokefreak911 Yeah but you have infinite spiders on your side.
Posted: 07/03/15, 16:32:18
Technically, yeah. The environments generally only took place on one screen. The analogue stick switched through your tools on the fly.

Trauma Team is really good, one of my favorite Atlus games.
Posted: 07/03/15, 16:44:31

Yeah that's cool. It probably played extremely well then. I didn't check it out as I had Trauma Center 1 on DS
Posted: 07/03/15, 16:47:44
I always thought the Trauma Center games on Wii were some of the best applications for motion control. I think it's because the screens were primarily static and the pointer control wasn't used for camera and aiming in a 3D space.

Fantastic games.
Posted: 07/03/15, 17:27:37
@Stephen There were two more unique Trauma games on the Wii after the port, and both were awesome! WHAT WERE YOU DOING MAN?!
Posted: 07/03/15, 18:51:20
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