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--E3 2015 Predict-a-ton RESULTS!--

"Christmas is cancelled." - Muppet Iwata

Nintendo's E3 had some amazing highlights; the return of the Nintendo World Championships, the always compelling Treehouse Live, the vicarious joy of people making and playing Super Mario Maker levels!, the tributes to different fighting series in the Smash Bros. Direct, Platinum Games taking on co-development of Star Fox, and let's not forget a fine line-up of Wii U and 3DS games still to be released.

Unfortunately for those looking further ahead, the big surprise of the show was how few surprises there were. It yielded just ONE new retail console game, Mario Tennis, which looked like a quick HD port of its Gamecube predecessor, and a slew of low budget spin-offs for handhelds. This weird assortment of mutant franchises meant we have some big scoring predictions. Metroid is technically back, just as many guessed, but no-one could have guessed it'd arrive as a garish co-op game with no Samus. (Note to self: specify mainline games in the future.)

So how did your predictions shake out and who's on top?


A) Expected : 2pts

01) Mario Maker dated for this year

02) Star Fox trailer

03) Robot Chicken and Mega64 contribute to the Digital Event

04) New DLC announced

05) New amiibo revealed

06) No Zelda trailer

07) Devil's Third 2015 release date

08) Western name for Fire Emblem If

09) At least 2 new Wii U retail games from Nintendo

10) At least 2 new 3DS retail games from Nintendo

B) Rumored : 4pts

01) StarFox playable

02) Project Giant Robot and Project Guard are part of StarFox

03) A new NEW 3DS exclusive

04) Pokken Fighters coming to Wii U

05) New Smash Bros. character/s announced

06) Xenoblade Chronicles X dated for this year

07) A screen or concept art for Zelda's new direction

08) More DLC for Mario Kart 8

09) Other Nintendo IP crossing into Splatoon

10) Amiibo-centric retail game

C) High risk: 6 pts

01) HD Remaster of Zelda/Mario/Metroid

02) 3D Remaster of Zelda/Mario/Metroid

03) Retro Studios new game

04) A new project from the Nintendo Garage

05) New console RPG

06) Pokemon Z

07) Major new 3rd party game for Wii U

08) A new Wii brand game (Sports/Party etc.)

09) Ryu or Bayonetta for Smash Bros.

10) Animal Crossing / Paper Mario / Pikmin 4 Wii U

D) MEGATON : 10 pts

01) Brand new Metroid

02) Zelda trailer - psyche!

03) Tokyo EAD trailer

04) Mother 3

05) Next Level Games working on a different Nintendo IP

06) Pokemon amiibo series

07) E3 demos on the eShop

08) A new type of amiibo

09) New Hardware (accessory/add-on/...)

10) NX info slips out


And now the results....


We have a new winner of the Predict-A-Ton.

FIRST PLACE: Super_Conzo 88

CLOSE SECOND: Shadowlink 82

JOINT THIRD: Triforce Bun & Stephen 76

TheBigG753 68
ludist210 66
Jargon 64
Sormon 60
Mr_Mustache 58
legendofalex 58
Pokefreak911 56
Hero_Of_Hyrule 52
DeputyVanHalen 50
mrbiggsly 50
DrFinkelstein 30
jacksrb 24
nate38 12
deathly_hallows 10
canonj 6
V_s 6
Mop it up 6
Abdooooo 4
Secret_Tunnel 4
Brick 4
Smerd 2
Octorockin -2
infinitywave -10
Dark Weres -14
anon_mastermind -34
gojira -42
Zero -46
sirmastersephiroth -56

Lots of positive scores this year, mainly thanks to 'Metroid' and more correct 'MEGATONS'. Ahhhh air quotes. Mortal enemy of happiness.

E3 2016 will certainly be an interesting one by comparison as the news on Zelda, NX and other secret projects will come to light. That truly will be a challenge to predict. Until then, thanks everyone for playing!


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Posted: 06/19/15, 11:51:02  - Edited by 
 on: 06/19/15, 16:05:50
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This was a bad year to play it safe, though I also messed up my ballet and hadn't chosen a few things I thought I had, such as Ryu in Smash. Not that it matters much since I'd still be in the middle, just higher middle. I think I'm gonna be much riskier next year though, the middle is kinda boring. I'd rather win big or lose big! Though next year should be pretty crazy, with the likely reveal of Nintendo's next system, and who knows what it'll be and what games it'll have...?

Hm, though, I have a couple of questions about these results. Are the greyed out ones that supposedly didn't happen? I thought Devil's Third release date was revealed, and the Wii U did have two new retail games announced (Mario Tennis Ultra Smash and Animal Crossing amiibo Festival). The latter is also an "amiibo-centric retail game."
Posted: 06/19/15, 21:33:28
I'm pretty sure Animal Crossing Amiibo Party and Mario Tennis Ultra Smash are two new retail games.
Posted: 06/19/15, 21:37:54  - Edited by 
 on: 06/19/15, 21:38:35
Animal Crossing Amiibo Party is a free download.
Posted: 06/19/15, 21:51:58
@Infinitywave It still has a retail bundle though, making it count as a retail game.
Posted: 06/19/15, 22:00:27
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