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Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.1/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tokyo Mirage Session #FE on the Wii U!

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I've never played a Persona or SMT game, and I've only ever played one Fire Emblem game (too scarce or expensive too soon after release!). So, when I saw the initial trailers for this game, I was perhaps even more confused than most people. However, I was a little intrigued. I loved that it had a bright, colorful world and a generally happy vibe. I liked that the "dark" elements seemed "dark" in the way that Kingdom Hearts handles evil. Still, it was very difficult to get a sense for what the game was about and how it played.

Yesterday I watched the Treehouse Live coverage of the game and I was blown away!! It looks so fun! I love the creativity. I love how different it is but also familiar if you have been a fan of anime or just Japanese pop culture in general. I love that there is a central theme surrounding "performa," the life energy that fuels artistic performances like singing, playing music, dancing and acting. So cool!

I love how the world looks complex but simple to navigate and understand. I love how the art style is outlandishly cute and colorful but doesn't feel the need to lean on chibi/SD styles to do it.

For a little while, Kingdom Hearts was my favorite game; this is giving me a similar vibe in all the best ways. After yesterday's treehouse demo, this game rose to my top game of E3. Other games will likely be better made and .... make more sense. =P But, in terms of something that is new (at least to me) and still looks like a deep, legitimate effort? I'm very excited! The pessimist in me feels like now that I'm so interested they are going to cancel the localization. Because frankly, I can't believe a game whose central theme is something so fun and non-threatening like becoming a JPOP idol or an actor is coming to the west. Add in the stylish battle segments and cool mystical transformations and the ability to increase affinity between characters (that's in FE too, right?) and I find it super, super enticing!

... how alone am I in my excitement for this simultaneously wacky yet grounded game?

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Posted: 06/18/15, 20:14:07  - Edited by 
 on: 06/18/15, 20:30:23
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I went into Gamestop. They said I could only get the standard version on regular pre-order. The Special Edition had to be pre-ordered and shipped to either my address or the store. They said I would have to pay for shipping. However, when I politely implied that was unfortunate, the nice employee called over a manager to see if they had any "promotion codes" left for shipping. They said they had one or two left and they used one. So, I got the shipping for free and I guess it's all fine.

Still pretty lame that Nintendo stuff always seems to be difficult just to plain purchase. Don't even get me started on my "pre-order" struggles with Best Buy and 3DS games.
Posted: 06/12/16, 00:43:47

When are we RECEIVING it though?

Worth the wait? And did you pay everything up front?

EDIT- Advice for me? Just do the same? Be Like Joe?
Posted: 06/12/16, 00:51:31  - Edited by 
 on: 06/12/16, 00:54:19

Oh yea, forgot about those details. I had to pay the entire price and it won't arrive until July 4th at the earliest. The shipping date is because I opted for the cheapest/slowest shipping method. They probably would not have tried to give me any other method for free. But, paying up front and doing that slow shipping method were both fine because this is going to end up being a birthday present from .... someone in my family. So they will just cut me a check and write me a nice, thoughtful card. Also since my bday isn't 'til the 4th, that part is irrelevant.

I honestly won't get around to play the game until who knows when. Still sitting on Xenoblade and Rodea for Wii U alone =P
Posted: 06/12/16, 05:35:54

You've inspired me, I guess I'll go the same route. Boo.

EDIT- Talked to someone at a different GameStop on Monday (today), and they verified what I was told. No changes. Asked about luck on eBay, and they warned me that eBay has been hunting auctions like that and squashing them, because you're supposed to have the item in hand before you sell it. Also, the prices they have there are very scary. SO, I guess I'm going to bite the bullet, and that blows goats. I'll look for another one on Day 1 and see how that goes. Maybe I can cancel / return my order..?
Posted: 06/12/16, 15:33:59  - Edited by 
 on: 06/14/16, 02:13:17
Very positive review from NWR!
Posted: 06/22/16, 16:23:43
That was Daan Koopman's review of the European version. There's now also a review of the North American version.
Posted: 06/22/16, 18:07:08
Comparing TMS to XCX:

Hot damn. I'm excited. Fun, pretty RPG with next to no filler.
Posted: 06/22/16, 18:23:39
@Guillaume Yeah the Destructoid review mentioned it was a pretty tight, filler-free experience, which is what I prefer anymore. I'm not sure what the point of comparing TMS to Xenoblade Chronicles X is, though. They seem like very different experiences, other than they are JRPGs for Wii U.

I'm tempted to re-up with GameFly and play through this game over a month or two, but I've got enough on my plate already that I think I'll at least wait a while...
Posted: 06/22/16, 19:11:57
I think SMT may be the series with the most consistently quality "side" games. This was always on my radar but now it sounds like a must buy.
Posted: 06/22/16, 19:13:04

Yeah, I think the guy's point was more to reiterate just how much he hated XCX.

"I know, I know, forcing a TMS vs XCX conversation is bit like the old hilarious Infamous vs Prototype fights, but WHATEVER, XCX is junk."

"Yeah, it's time-sink Wii U RPG vs time-sink Wii U RPG, is where I'm at. Big difference in tone and approachability."
Posted: 06/22/16, 19:23:53
Wow, that Polygon review.

"Let me be candid for a moment: Sometimes writing about games is not at all fun. Sometimes you want a night off, but you just have to put five hours into your review game or you'll blow your deadline. Sometimes you've had a long day, and lord, you are not in the mood to grind or take on that one tedious boss. Sometimes even an otherwise decent game can feel like an absolute chore. But every time I sat down with Tokyo Mirage Sessions it felt like a treat. It felt like the thing I'd let myself do for an hour before bed only after playing something far less fun all evening. It was always more like a reward, and that feeling never left me. It never even dimmed."

Also, "Spoilers, but the answer is friendship. The answer is always friendship." Ha!
Posted: 06/22/16, 19:43:04
Oh man, you are getting me hyped!!
Posted: 06/22/16, 20:24:31

I'm getting myself hyped!

I had preordered the game through the Best Buy Canada E3 deal, but I wasn't looking forward to the game that much. I honestly expected mediocre review scores, and lots of "ehhh, this isn't for me, and it's probably not for you either, too Japanese" concluding paragraphs.

But apparently what we're getting is this really lean and well-designed adventure, tons of flair visually, a great battle system, and a fun story filled with bubbly characters. And that all sounds fantastic to me right now.

It's also not at all what I was expecting when "SMT x Fire Emblem" was announced.
Posted: 06/22/16, 20:47:51
I'm getting hyped too. I can't wait to try it out Friday afternoon.

Guillaume said:
It's also not at all what I was expecting when "SMT x Fire Emblem" was announced.

I never truly expected it, but what I wanted from the time it was announced could best be described as Persona with Fire Emblem-themed personas. It sounds like they came much closer to what I wanted than I ever realistically expected them to, so I'm very happy about that.
Posted: 06/23/16, 00:01:01

"100x better?" I don't even know what to say next. (read: why so much unattainable hyperbole? Maybe "3x better?")

Anyway, good thing I ordered my Special Edition from GameStop.com and I won't see this game until somewhere in July.

Posted: 06/23/16, 00:05:23
So after paying a buttload for this thing to arrive late and from GameStop.com, I called Best Buy who says there MAY be one available in Buffalo tomorrow, and then I called my store and apparently they MAY have one extra (...). Whats happening?? I asked both Best Buy and GameStop early in the week what was going on. Perplexing!

And then I'd like to cancel my fat order, who knows if that can even be stopped now..

EDIT- A little something to hold us over until tomorrow, boys:

EDIT2- Woo, my store is getting an extra one, now reserved for me! TITTTTS*

(* The only place you'll see "tits" associated with TMS due to heavy censoring. Zing!)
Posted: 06/24/16, 02:03:03  - Edited by 
 on: 06/24/16, 02:44:59
My preordered copy is probably not arriving until next Wednesday, it's terrible.
Posted: 06/24/16, 05:29:11

Buy a copy and return it later? I'm tempted to do that.
Posted: 06/24/16, 05:46:09
Mine says Tuesday. Blahhhh.
I'm tempted to do as @VofEscaflowne suggests, but I SHOULD be patient. I should, I should, I should.
Posted: 06/24/16, 07:24:36

Does this usually go off without a hitch? I'm always worried that when I go to return my other copy, that the bar code on the box will somehow be different and won't be recognized at the store I bought my copy from.
Posted: 06/24/16, 07:28:53
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