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Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.1/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tokyo Mirage Session #FE on the Wii U! To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

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I've never played a Persona or SMT game, and I've only ever played one Fire Emblem game (too scarce or expensive too soon after release!). So, when I saw the initial trailers for this game, I was perhaps even more confused than most people. However, I was a little intrigued. I loved that it had a bright, colorful world and a generally happy vibe. I liked that the "dark" elements seemed "dark" in the way that Kingdom Hearts handles evil. Still, it was very difficult to get a sense for what the game was about and how it played.

Yesterday I watched the Treehouse Live coverage of the game and I was blown away!! It looks so fun! I love the creativity. I love how different it is but also familiar if you have been a fan of anime or just Japanese pop culture in general. I love that there is a central theme surrounding "performa," the life energy that fuels artistic performances like singing, playing music, dancing and acting. So cool!

I love how the world looks complex but simple to navigate and understand. I love how the art style is outlandishly cute and colorful but doesn't feel the need to lean on chibi/SD styles to do it.

For a little while, Kingdom Hearts was my favorite game; this is giving me a similar vibe in all the best ways. After yesterday's treehouse demo, this game rose to my top game of E3. Other games will likely be better made and .... make more sense. =P But, in terms of something that is new (at least to me) and still looks like a deep, legitimate effort? I'm very excited! The pessimist in me feels like now that I'm so interested they are going to cancel the localization. Because frankly, I can't believe a game whose central theme is something so fun and non-threatening like becoming a JPOP idol or an actor is coming to the west. Add in the stylish battle segments and cool mystical transformations and the ability to increase affinity between characters (that's in FE too, right?) and I find it super, super enticing!

... how alone am I in my excitement for this simultaneously wacky yet grounded game?

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Posted: 06/18/15, 20:14:07  - Edited by 
 on: 06/18/15, 20:30:23
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I'll probably end up getting this game just because the Wii U needs RPGs, but it does look pretty strange to me. I've never really played a Fire Emblem or SMT game (or I guess Persona would be the choice here), so I should probably get on that soon. Maybe. Who knows.
Posted: 07/08/15, 00:14:48
Should someone change the name? I guess we don't know for sure what it will be called in the West, but NoA's Youtube channel says Genei Ibun Roku # FE.
Posted: 07/08/15, 00:50:40
nate38 said:
Main story will be "around 30 hours". Side content will be about another 30 hours.

And it sounds like the Fire Emblem characters appearing in this game will all be from FE Shadow Dragon (the Marth game) or FE Awakening. Better luck next time, Ike.

MANNN, F the 3DS. Even on a CONSOLE with a CONSOLE GAME we're haunted by the HANDHELD. EXACTLY, ZERO, WHY NO SOTHE?! OR RAD IKE. This is BULLSH.


Heavy is the crown! Ike is WORN OUT. (yet awesome and resilient!)
Posted: 07/08/15, 01:46:52
Yeah, I also love the crazy J-Pop-based setting. I'm just not sure about the battle system. I guess it's similar to the SMT battle system, which gets quite a bit of praise, but... turn-based!
Posted: 07/08/15, 02:36:08
Mr_Mustache said:
Heavy is the crown! Ike is WORN OUT. (yet awesome and resilient!)
Ike has no time for crowns and titles and all that nonsense, he's too busy conquering unknown lands and fighting for his friends.
Posted: 07/08/15, 04:04:52

He really is awesome. (And "I fight for my friends" is another NinSage LOL-worthy post-fight Smash Bros. comment, right?..)
Posted: 07/09/15, 00:19:05
Mr_Mustache said:

He really is awesome. (And "I fight for my friends" is another NinSage LOL-worthy post-fight Smash Bros. comment, right?..)

It is! =)
Posted: 07/10/15, 03:11:46

I just found out today that there are Fighter-specific pages on Miiverse? I went to the Ike one and was BLASTED IN THE FACE by a BARRAGE OF COCKS. How are those not getting moderated?

I saw one especially veiny penis, clicked on a comment (which was Spoiler-tagged) only to find TWO MORE super-veiny penii as the bread in a squidgirl's face sandwich. WHAT.
Posted: 07/11/15, 05:52:56
I'm like half surprised Nintendo doesn't have live moderation and nothing goes up until AFTER someone oks it.
Posted: 07/11/15, 06:31:46

This is why not having voice chat doesn't make sense to me. It's like Jurassic Park. Cocks find a way.
Posted: 07/11/15, 07:21:50

Have you guys been moderated on Miiverse at all ever?
Posted: 07/12/15, 00:45:38

No but Nathalie had her account temporarily suspended for sharing Animal Crossing Friend Codes. What a strange fucking policy. Here's a way to communicate with other Nintendo fans, but don't you dare try to play Nintendo games with them.
Posted: 07/12/15, 03:38:28

Moderators have deleted three of my posts... two of which I made using my cousins' accounts.

The first one was a picture I made using Mario 3D World's stamps. I had Toad riding on a goomba (in a non-sexual way) in pursuit of (not sexual) adventure and that got banned for sexual content. Moments after that was deleted I saw a post containing nothing but a hastily hand-written "FUCK". I reported it, but that post still exists to this day.

The second post of mine that was deleted was some sarcastic yolo post I made on new year's eve. I think it said fuck somewhere in there too. It was deleted immediately. What the hell.

The last one was a picture of a zombie dance party in majora's mask. I proclaimed "Bitches ain't shit" as we danced our hearts out. Nintendo wasn't too fond of my enthusiasm.
Posted: 07/12/15, 04:14:28  - Edited by 
 on: 07/12/15, 04:16:32

I ask because Mikey put up a hilarious frame from Retro City Rampage(?) that said "the bush was popular in the 60's." He laughed and said something like "lol, you don't say," and then I said...well, its funnier if you go look. I'm just curious what they WILL delete. If theres enough "you have to be an adult to really get this joke," I wonder if it passes censors. Like, Johnny Carson Show; that woman saying "would you like to pet my pussy?," and he's like "sure, if you get that damn cat off your lap." Kids don't get that stuff. Because a pussy is a cat, ya know? Dig it.

I had another post that simply read "BLR" in huge letters that they dumped. I was paying homage to Bad Lip Reading -- with their logo -- so I don't know why that got cut.

That stinks about Nathalie's stuff, and the other posts that shouldn't have got cut, HOH.
Posted: 07/14/15, 00:27:37
So it looks like this game will be releasing in Japan on December 26th. You'll be able to buy a standard copy of the game, the nifty Fortissimo Edition, or a Wii U system bundle that includes the Fortissimo Edition and a few other extras. Pretty cool! Clicking that link will lead you to some pictures of these products, including the game's awesome box art!
Posted: 09/13/15, 21:27:40
@Mr_Mustache I was a bit early on. Found out the hard way that they absolutely do not like self-promotion.

@Mr_Mustache Which kids don't get that? A lot of my older students (12-13 year olds) make a LOT of innuendo jokes. They understand what the jokes are referencing, even if they don't have any personal experience with it (I hope.) And I can't even say certain words without a big "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" from the class.

You have to keep in mind that a lot of these kids hang out with their older siblings and learn a lot there...
Posted: 09/13/15, 21:48:50  - Edited by 
 on: 09/13/15, 21:52:15
So I am shocked this game is coming to Wii U in December in Japan. Atlus still swears Persona 5 is releasing in Japan this year (2015). I highly doubt they are going to release two big RPGs this close to eachother..

Hopefully this gets an early 2016 release in NA.
Posted: 09/14/15, 01:59:19
UGH. Did you guys pre-order this yet?

I was trying to get the SPECIAL EDITION today at GameStop, and its too late to pre-order (or something), but you can still get it off the site. With shipping, it brings it up over 90 bucks AND it won't get here until SOMETIME IN JULY.

Anyone else have much better plans? Help me out here! Thanks..
Posted: 06/11/16, 00:02:36

WHAT!? That's crazy go nuts. I'll have to investigate ... someday.
Posted: 06/11/16, 01:28:19

Is "someday" today?! I see parts on Best Buy and Amazon, but one of them says "currently unavailable," and the other says "coming soon." I don't know if that means they've come and gone, or what.

EDIT- Ugh, anyone ever bought a pre-order off someone on eBay??
Posted: 06/12/16, 00:03:35  - Edited by 
 on: 06/12/16, 00:16:07
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