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Star Fox Zero Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
7.54/10 from 9 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Star Fox Zero on the Wii U!

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Star Fox Zero is out! And apparently we had a thread about it for like a year now!

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Posted: 06/18/15, 13:08:25  - Edited by 
 on: 04/23/16, 05:58:56
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It's a great review, by a seemingly great guy. It's from the Eggbuster's guy GoNintendo has been featuring. He needs to do more reviews!
Posted: 05/27/16, 14:07:59
Rented this from Gamefly and played it for an hour or two. And, hey, it's more Star Fox but with different controls! I'm not a huge Star Fox fan, so I won't stick with it for much longer, I think it's a shame that people who like the other games in the series didn't enjoy this.

Well, okay, the drone piloting stuff is a little out of place. But the traditional space combat is fun as always!
Posted: 06/25/16, 02:12:00  - Edited by 
 on: 06/25/16, 02:12:21
Yeah the space combat is pretty good stuff! I'm not sure why they keep trying to do things *other* than that, but at least the primary focus for this game is the Arwing. And the Landmaster too, sometimes.

I kind of wish they would have made a Starfox game for the original Wii. Aiming with the IR controls would have been awesome, IMO.
Posted: 06/26/16, 16:27:25

The robot / helicopter "sneak around" stage isn't Star Fox at all. Its how you break into Hyrule Castle.
Posted: 06/29/16, 01:17:45
Well, its official, Starshitfox Zero, is a piece of crap and it's title should have been a tipoff as to how craptastic this game would end up being.

As of now, which basically means, even a year from now, Starcraptasticpieceofshitfox Zero, is a huge red mess in Nintendo's ledger. Globally, the game has barely sold over 300,000. In Japan, the game is the worst selling Starfox game out of the gate with barely 60,000 units. Not one retailer has had to reorder a new shipment. This game was in development for a little over two years with around 130 developers working on the game.

Guess what, Nintendo can give a BIG thank you to good ole Shiggy, for once again screwing gamers out of the Starfox game we wanted and screwing Nintendo out of profits it so badly needs, due to his outdated thinking and stubbornness to truly innovate, with online play, new story, new characters, ect,ect.

All we got was a N64 rehash, which was a rehash of the SNES Starfox, but this time we get shoddy controls, which are not intuitive, boring levels that force you to guide a stupid little robot around corners, just to justify the Wii U's gamepads existence.

Seriously, Shiggy needs to be taken out to the nearest pasture, so he, along with all of us gamers, can be put out of his misery. Is Nintendo so blind, that the guy is way past his prime, he peaked long ago, and now he is at the bottom. Just give the guy a nice big retirement package and cut him loose before he does anymore damage.
Posted: 07/24/16, 15:33:43

I wouldn't say this means Shigeru needs to leave the company over this but I do think that Nintendo should treat this franchise with a bit more care. Develop the story and universe further. Make it Nintendo's Star Wars. Don't leave it to be remake city.
Posted: 07/24/16, 17:46:57
gamewizard65 said:
Starcraptasticpieceofshitfox Zero

Man, and I thought the nicknames I had for him were bad..
Posted: 07/24/16, 20:35:10

Eh, I thought it was pretty good.
Posted: 07/24/16, 21:00:40
Played through the main game and then went back to unlock all the levels. I enjoyed my albeit short time with the game, yeah I know I can hit up arcade mode for replay value but I think I'm done with it. The controls were good, I enjoy gyro aiming and it felt natural, plus I enjoyed getting the cockpit view on the gamepad although I didn't really use it much outside a few missions. The missions where you have to switch between looking at the TV and the gamepad were some of the toughest. I didn't particularly enjoy the slower paced gyrowing sections. On the whole the game gives off a really strong Star Fox 64 HD vibe, I almost feel like it started off as that but they came up with just enough new ideas to make it a whole new game. I tried co-op mode with the wife once and she got nauseous while aiming with the gamepad.

On the whole an interesting experiment, they succeeded in going outside the box with the controls, which do work and add to the fun, but they played it too safe by emulating Star Fox 64 in a lot of ways.
Posted: 01/23/17, 19:08:53
Did anyone ever get into Star Fox Guard that came with this? I could use some squads to play for some of the acheesements, plus some plays on my own squads...
Posted: 01/23/17, 19:19:02
@Mop it up

Never even put it in. Maybe I can fire it up this weekend somewhere. I need more couch time, less computer time.
Posted: 01/24/17, 02:05:39
I picked it up for $9 yesterday and blew through the first level. It's been a fun time.
Posted: 09/28/18, 20:54:35
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