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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
7.64/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright on the 3DS!

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Posted: 06/17/15, 18:26:53  - Edited by 
 on: 06/17/15, 18:30:19
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I think its pretty goofy that people are getting all up in arms about relationship ranks in a videogame. Hell, most real-life marriages aren't even S-Rank. 50%+ divorce rate, what is that, a C-Rank average or worse?

(And since Zero gave the high sign for voicing complaints, HELL YEAH, we can retroactively make a big stink about Neph and Heather. BOOOOO!!)
Posted: 07/07/15, 11:02:23

Yeah, I just think people are concerned that the only reason they weren't getting a S rank is because it was a homosexual relationship. And I would share the same concern if that was the case. But as we now know that doesn't seem to be the case. Which is why I reserve my complaints until I have all the facts.
Posted: 07/07/15, 18:21:28

Thats the problem with today's society though: jumping the gun and pointing fingers immediately. Wait for the whole story? Pish posh, you're being silly.. Like I mentioned with the Tom Brady -- who I'm not even a fan of -- not attending the White House; maybe he doesn't like Obama simply because he doesn't like him. Doesn't have to be racist. Would it be a story at all if he didn't go with Clinton in office? And it doesn't have to be a republican-democrat thing either. He could have been legitimately busy. He's already been there for like 3 Super Bowls, and now its old hat. I dunno. The truth is buried under a pile of accusations. Sure, YOU know the facts now about this game, but do you think EVERYONE does? A lot of those people will continue thinking it's because they're arbitrarily blocking the relationship.

--When I was reading stuff on Brom last night (and his extremely limited Support possibilities), I got a huge hankerin' for Fire Emblem. I wish I had a new console one to play. VC titles don't scratch the itch, and the 3DS demo for Awakening didn't help either. Blahhhh.
Posted: 07/08/15, 01:43:32
Too bad that Shin Megami X Fire Emblem game doesn't really look too much like a FE game. The trailers have been terrible, but watching actual gameplay, it seems interesting. But again, nothing like a traditional FE game.
Posted: 07/08/15, 02:51:59

I was operating off of the information that I had. I also mentioned the possibility that the article may have left out homosexual relationships.

Instead of painting the frustration as hairtrigger outrage for outrage's sake, try viewing media from the perspective of someone who has lived as real and as emotionally impactful a life as you have, but is also different in some way. It's easy to say that people are quick to point the finger or are looking to be outraged, but all that does is invalidate their feelings and make their frustration less important or real than those you deem to be more patient (presumably including yourself).

Imagine what it would be like for large parts of the population of your country to tell you that you have no right to marry the woman you want to marry just because she is a woman. That they tell you that you are going to burn in hell because you love her. People protest similar weddings frequently and it takes years of legal battles for the government to acknowledge your marriage at all. The name of your relationship is used as an insult, your masculinity is questioned for loving women, and people refer to you with hateful slurs. There is resistance to even mention the idea that a man can love a woman in school and you are ostracized from your religion because you love a woman, regardless of how pious or faithful to your religion that you may be.

So you seek solace and escape from this unwelcoming world by playing video games, but they offer no escape. Every time you see a man become romantically involved with a woman in a game it fails to portray the real relationship or even outright insults and ridicules the very notion that such a relationship would exist. It treats the idea as alien and unnatural- as if a man thinking he loves a woman is some sort of mistake or betrayal of his most basic instincts. On top of that, they use negative stereotypes and are unfaithful to real people who seek those relationships, and even though you know they aren't true plenty of people in the real world are still using those unreliable portrayals as the basis for their evaluation of your sexuality. There is no escape from the hatred and toxicity.

But when you try to speak out against this and try to change the situation, you're told by people who have never experienced the same hatred that you have that you're being ridiculous- that things are fine. They pick apart your suggestions and tell you that you're just making things up or are looking for a reason to be upset. But those people have no idea what it's like to face the hostility that you have- they have never been told that they are wrong for loving who they do or that they're defying their god's natural order. They have a wide selection of representations in media to choose from and their sexuality has been considered the default for thousands of years. But here they are telling you how to respond to and handle your marginalization. They have no idea what it is like to experience that kind of hate but they are telling you that you are wrong for being upset about it.

Can you imagine how frustrating and painful that must be?
Posted: 07/08/15, 18:48:33  - Edited by 
 on: 07/08/15, 18:59:27
*slow clap*

Incidentally a lot of what you just said is why I can't support the "love the sinner hate the sin" mentality some have adopted towards homosexuals. Yeah, it's better than hatred and if you're a religious person and it is really the best you can do... ok, whatever. But let's not pretend it's not still a problematic viewpoint when applied towards a marginalized demographic who is constantly being made to feel inferior.
Posted: 07/08/15, 18:54:49  - Edited by 
 on: 07/08/15, 20:08:40

Damn man I agree with you and that post made me feel like an ignorant asshole.

100% fire.
Posted: 07/08/15, 19:17:22
So, um, yeah, Fire Emblem Fates. Anyone else disappointed by the huge lead time Japan has? I'm seeing so many spoilers.
Posted: 07/08/15, 21:20:33
@gojira I was actually just thinking how relatively lucky we are, knowing that this game is definitely coming next year, when the also recently released Great Ace Attorney game still hasn't even been confirmed for localization...
Posted: 07/08/15, 21:24:20
Mr_Mustache said:
I got a huge hankerin' for Fire Emblem. I wish I had a new console one to play. VC titles don't scratch the itch, and the 3DS demo for Awakening didn't help either. Blahhhh.

You should totally play Fire Emblem Awakening! It's the best reviewed Fire Emblem game of all time!


I've thankfully steered clear of any spoilers. I'm trying to be on media blackout until the game ships here on our shores.


Stupid Capcom better stop being stupid and release that game here.
Posted: 07/08/15, 21:45:16

I know, it's sad as heck.


The people that say you're going to burn in Hell are like "all religions;" I've never personally told anyone they're going to burn in hell. My porn intake probably has my ticket punched already, so thats sad, but yeah. I try to be the best guy I can outside of that, including (but not limited to) holding the door and being nice to everyone I can in public. (Not like "Rip Taylor throwing confetti" nice, but yeah.)

Anyway, religion: does anyone remember The Crusades? Pretty sure that was a far worse situation than what we're dealing with here. YES, I read everything you wrote, and that sucks, sure; nearly everything you're describing is how I'm treated here day after day. NO, not nearly to the extent that the folks in your example are, but here a) my ideas are always wrong, b) I'm told how horrible my viewpoints are, c) when I try to assimilate, I'm often the topic of a "let's change the subject" instead of being allowed to have a full, complete conversation like everyone else is, d) I gotta make a separate thread to talk about sports with other like-minded people, and when it leaks into other threads people make fun of it, e) I'm dumped on because I don't want a handheld. Just think how easy things would be for the gay community if they would simply be straight? See how dumb that sounds??

Again, let's be clear; they obviously have it worse. Not sure how that Fire Emblem Support System ranks though.


Why do you feel like an ignorant asshole?


I'm disappointed by the huge lead time Japan has with TONS of stuff. Their Club Nintendo prizes are (were) recycled for us a year later. Haha, what the heck?


No thanks. See above.
Posted: 07/09/15, 01:26:05
@Hero_Of_Hyrule Well-spoken mate, very well said.
Posted: 07/09/15, 01:49:27
I actually would've preferred if Fates was a console game. Don't get me wrong, I loved Awakening and thought it was brilliant--almost too good, in fact, because I feel like I'm set as far as FE 3DS games go. If Fates was a console title, it'd feel "different" enough for me to warrant picking it up. Anyone else feel like we're getting too much of a good thing in this case?
Posted: 07/09/15, 01:54:04

I've been complaining about the 3DS and its WEALTH of RPGs for a long time now. Of course, I feel that way, T-Bun! (Furthermore, I saw Mop it up in another thread say she wanted to get FEXSMT because the Wii U is starving for RPGs. How come we know this and The Big Wigs don't?)
Posted: 07/09/15, 01:59:06
The big wigs do know it, it's just the Wii U isn't selling much and the 3DS is. Much bigger market there.
Posted: 07/09/15, 02:07:20
Mr_Mustache said:
No thanks. See above.

Skipping it based on the demo? Yeah, I feel ya buddy. I remember when I played the demo for Monster Hunter Tri and was completely turned off by it. Glad I skipped the full game. Didn't wanna deal with that turd of a game. Totally dodged a bullet there.


Oh man, yeah! I'm totally upset I'm getting so many great games from Nintendo! What a terrible thing that is happening to us.

It's like when they keep releasing amazing DLC tracks for Mario Kart 8. Enough of them to justify making another, all-new Mario Kart 3DS entry (and probably getting more sales in the process) - but nope! All we get is just more AWESOMENESS for the console. What a horrible predicament that we're in...!
Posted: 07/09/15, 02:17:40
In that case, I'll ask what I thought when I first saw the game--why isn't Intelligent Systems working on a new 3DS Advance Wars, already??
Posted: 07/09/15, 02:17:59

Too busy with new stuff like Stretchmo and Codename S.T.E.A.M., maybe?
Posted: 07/09/15, 02:31:46

Because its like you know that it is a problem but its one where you don't always appreciate the systemic and neverending repetition of it. It's easy to be like 'Yeah this should change' but then as you dive deeper and deeper you get to be like 'Man, this HAS to change'.
Posted: 07/09/15, 03:00:30

Posted: 07/09/15, 03:02:22
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