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Yoshi's Woolly World Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.95/10 from 13 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Yoshi's Woolly World on the Wii U!

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This game is coming out very soon, and it looks gorgeous. Nintendo UK released a new trailer that sold me on it.

Plus cute amiibo functionality. Can't forget that.

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Posted: 06/12/15, 18:04:49  - Edited by 
 on: 06/12/15, 18:05:50
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6? Pathetic and predictable. They should hire people who don't have awful taste in games. Anyone who looks at Yoshi and thinks 6 should be punched in the face.

I think they also gave Zombi U a 6 as well. GameSpot's dead to me.
Posted: 10/22/15, 23:37:49
6 is the new 10 confirmed. Time to go and update my collection's scores...
Posted: 10/22/15, 23:58:36
Haven't gotten to play the game yet, but I'm loving what I've heard of the soundtrack so far.

Posted: 10/23/15, 08:45:22
Just finished 1-7 this morning. DAT MUSIC!

Posted: 10/23/15, 17:15:01
Finally received my copy, and played through half of the first world. Yeah, the music is amazing. The game is super fun, and my wife and I are really enjoying the co-op. We love scouring every nook and cranny of every stage for all the collectibles. The challenge ramped up nicely, even over the first 4 stages. The style is great, as expected, though I preferred the look of Kirby's Epic Yarn; maybe this will grow on me a bit more. I enjoyed scanning in my amiibos for the bonus skins, but having to go back to the hub world to choose them is a real drag. You should be able to quick-select any skin right before you jump into a stage.
Posted: 10/23/15, 18:35:21
I think you can change to an Amiibo skin by simply touching the figurine to the NFC spot at any time during gameplay, or am I wrong about that? Haven't tried it myself, just think I saw it during E3.

EDIT: Yeah, you can do that. It's not the most practical way of doing things, and you can't change to any of the friggin' awesome non-Amiibo skins, but hey.
Posted: 10/23/15, 18:48:56  - Edited by 
 on: 10/23/15, 18:57:15
Wait til you get to the Lava stage. That track is worthy of a major Mario entry in my book. Hyped me to high hell wondering how Mario NX is gonna outdo that.

Totally forgot about that. Haven't even scanned my Amiibo into the game yet. Yeah some of the in game unlockable costumes are very very nice.
Posted: 10/23/15, 22:58:41
Got the game today! Pretty fun so far and looks great. Apparently I ran into a glitch though where if you use the classic controller and manually turn off the GamePad, it causes in-game stutter every few seconds. I thought maybe it was a Wii U issue (everything else ran fine though) but found that other people are having this problem as well. Guess I'll have to keep the GamePad running for now.
Posted: 10/27/15, 18:54:55

I read about that issue as well. Apparently it was also present in the European version that released months ago, so I'm not sure why Nintendo hasn't issued a patch to fix it yet.
Posted: 10/27/15, 19:36:37
Game plays better with a Wii remote, anyway.
Posted: 10/27/15, 21:00:34

But that uses actual batteries so screw that.
Posted: 10/27/15, 21:17:49
The music in the game is incredible. I didn't expect this.

The quality of the soundtrack has got to be one of Nintendo's best, and that's quite clearly saying a lot.
Posted: 10/29/15, 01:02:25

Haha, this is a fun one. I laughed when I heard it because it's definitely an homage to Edgar Winters' "Frankenstein." It's almost a Simpsons-esque "inverted parody" of it. Pretty awesome and unexpected.

As far as more traditional music goes, I'm a fan of this one. It's got a good Epic Yarn feel.

Posted: 10/30/15, 05:14:55  - Edited by 
 on: 10/30/15, 05:16:13
I'm kinda tempted to try it, though I don't really mind the shortcomings of the slow style aim without the motion. I mean, sometimes I totally think I can shoot faster but I don't mind playing at this pace either. Feels old school to me. Like I'm playing a SNES game! Would be fun to try both though.
Posted: 10/30/15, 07:26:52
Just beat the game. Super fun.
Posted: 10/30/15, 12:29:14
Pretty cute game

Posted: 10/30/15, 19:33:36
Those tracks rule! The windmill song reminds me of this :

Posted: 10/30/15, 20:00:41
Maybe that's why I like it so much! Jody Summer's theme was always one of my big F-Zero GX favourites. Would stay on her screen for ages, just listening to the music.
Posted: 10/30/15, 20:32:09
Karen and I are really loving the game, but it seems that the further we get into it, the more camera issues we're experiencing in co-op.

Like that stage in World 4 where you hang on to a curtain sliding down a pole? There have been instances where one of us would fall, and then the camera would focus on the flying egg when we got back, instead of the person still playing. So they'd quickly die.

How does this kind of thing happen in a Nintendo game?
Posted: 10/30/15, 21:00:23  - Edited by 
 on: 10/30/15, 21:10:15

Hm, I've been playing the whole game (so far) in co-op but we haven't really had issues with the camera yet. Then again, we're only halfway through world 3, so I'll keep my eye out for some issues later on.

That potential issue aside, this game feels really polished to me outside of that strangely bland "BONUS STAGE" text that shows up before you start the end-of-level bonus stage.
Posted: 10/30/15, 21:08:39
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