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Yoshi's Woolly World Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.97/10 from 13 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Yoshi's Woolly World on the Wii U!

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This game is coming out very soon, and it looks gorgeous. Nintendo UK released a new trailer that sold me on it.

Plus cute amiibo functionality. Can't forget that.

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Posted: 06/12/15, 18:04:49  - Edited by 
 on: 06/12/15, 18:05:50
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Do stores actually state that pre-ordering a game is a way to guarantee a copy on launch, or is that just what people assume? It seems like places like GameStop just do it to get their money sooner, and pose no guarantee that it can be gotten on launch day.
Posted: 10/19/15, 21:34:03
Anyone notice that bonus stage music that sounds a ton like one of Zelda 3's shop/game themes?
Posted: 10/20/15, 18:35:59
I cannot stress how much I love this game.
Posted: 10/21/15, 08:05:01
I got my copy today (Amazon), not sure what the hold up was.

But yeah too busy to play it anyway! Maybe I can pop it in this weekend.
Posted: 10/21/15, 08:29:51
carlosrox said:
I cannot stress how much I love this game.
Me too, and I'm only four levels in. It's just...it feels like the sequel to the original Yoshi's Island. Yoshi's New Island was bland and bad...I think this game already has more music tracks to it, and I'm only four levels in.

Seriously, I could listen to this song all day long...

Posted: 10/21/15, 16:06:38
Yinz guys are really making me tempted to open my heart again to a potentially great Yoshi game.

But I've been hurt so many times!
Posted: 10/21/15, 17:05:06
@J.K. Riki

You shouldn't be disappointed. It's one of my all time favorite games I think.
Posted: 10/21/15, 17:46:35
I'm so happy you guys love the game too!
Posted: 10/21/15, 18:00:07

I'll tell you what then. Come back and tell me that's the case in a year or two, and I will buy in. :) I'm just too well aware of my own tendencies to overrate games when they first release! Not that I'm saying you've got any of that particular sparkle dust in your eyes, but it sure happens to me a lot. I'm more cautious now until a game's dust has the chance to settle a bit...
Posted: 10/21/15, 18:03:22
Did Best Buy send you guys a $5 coupon code for the delay? I suppose that helps ease the pain a bit.
I ended up picking it up from the store because Trish and I wanted to play it co-op and we had absolutely nothing on the go that night. Just have to bring the shipped one back with this one's receipt when the time comes.

I seem to be having lots of shipping problems, because Chibi Robo STILL hasn't been sent to me from Amazon. It's been out forever!
Posted: 10/21/15, 18:03:42
Once I got to that first real lava level I was fuckin FLOORED. The music is on some OTHER level. My brain could barely comprehend the Blaarg when it popped up.

It is seriously some put the controller down kinda shizz.
It's like 3D World quality in 2D. Kinda had an idea it would be this good but that ain't stopping me from being shocked when it happens.

Every level is a treat, jam packed with content. Every level feels like 3 in 1, with different gameplay and visual variety everywhere you go. And the levels are pretty long! Some are truly epic!

And I don't find it easy either. It's a very nice challenge. Stuff is well hidden and I hardly ever complete the level 100% on the first go.
Posted: 10/21/15, 18:16:47
I think the game is relatively easy in terms of making it to the end of the levels, but like you say, to actually complete them requires skill and/or effort much of the time. The later worlds up the difficulty quite nicely though, and the hidden levels especially.
Posted: 10/21/15, 18:20:59

Nope, I haven't heard anything from Best Buy. No shipping notice, no apology, no $5 off coupon.
Posted: 10/21/15, 18:43:18
Played 4-5, Sunset at Curtain Falls, again for the first time in a little while just now, and it blew me away! Again! The visual design is top notch! The way they use those doilies or yarn patchwork or whatever to mimic leaves filtering the warm, lazy beams of sunlight is pure genius!
Posted: 10/21/15, 23:23:13  - Edited by 
 on: 10/21/15, 23:23:36
carlosrox said:
Anyone notice that bonus stage music that sounds a ton like one of Zelda 3's shop/game themes?

Posted: 10/22/15, 23:00:57
Can someone--anyone--explain to me why so many reviews are so off-base for this charming, creative, exquisitely-detailed adventure? What's GameSpot's problem? Does nobody know how to play platformers anymore?


Hm, yeah it does. It's that guitar riff.
Posted: 10/22/15, 23:07:16

I'm kinda wondering that too. Reviews are all over the place, strangely. The story is...the story. It's at least better than the whole "wrong parents" of Yoshi's "New" (read: completely not new) Island. There are more tracks in the first world of Woolly World than there were in New Island period. The graphics and art direction ooze charm. Transformations are still...odd...compared to the original, but they feel more natural than they did in New Island.

In case you couldn't tell, I really, really didn't like Yoshi's New Island.
Posted: 10/22/15, 23:12:05
GameSpot sucks is their problem. Their reviews this generation for Nintendo stuff have been a fucking JOKE. Didn't they give Tropical Freeze a 6 or something outrageous like that?

Yeah I haven't even bothered looking at reviews for this game. It doesn't surprise me when you tell me they're way off. Doesn't surprise me at all. You can bet your ass COD32 won't be getting many 6's.

Seriously, I had a feeling this game wouldn't get great reviews for some stupid reason, thanks for confirming it for me.

Yeah this is already on my list of classic, amazing Wii U games.
Posted: 10/22/15, 23:15:05
Screw the haters; Yoshi's Woolly World is a great little platformer. Can't wait for the next Good-Feel/Nintendo collab.

EDIT: I know I say the game is comparatively easy at times, but those boss tent challenges (late, late unockable spoilery stuff) are really quite challenging! Worked long and hard at beating one of them earlier this evening.
Posted: 10/22/15, 23:18:01  - Edited by 
 on: 10/22/15, 23:22:40

Yup, they gave Yoshi a 6 as well. Maybe I should buy everything GameSpot gives a 6; apparently it's the mark of a killer platformer.
Posted: 10/22/15, 23:33:46
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