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Yoshi's Woolly World Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.95/10 from 13 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Yoshi's Woolly World on the Wii U!

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This game is coming out very soon, and it looks gorgeous. Nintendo UK released a new trailer that sold me on it.

Plus cute amiibo functionality. Can't forget that.

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Posted: 06/12/15, 18:04:49  - Edited by 
 on: 06/12/15, 18:05:50
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Yeah I've been eagerly awaiting this game. Can't wait for it.
Posted: 09/21/15, 17:35:06
Allow me to make the first post-NA release Negative World post! I just got done playing the first two stages in the game and I am floored with joy. I can't wait to talk about this on the podcast today. What a beautifully done game. I am itching to find everything (a first for me in a Yoshi game).

Just beautiful and pleasant. Nintendo at it's best so far.

Posted: 10/17/15, 19:00:49

The game will just keep getting better as you go, too!
Posted: 10/17/15, 19:14:05
I knew Good Feel would make another winner. Thank goodness Yoshi's finally gotten a worthy sequel to SMW2.

Christmas is looking further and further away...maybe I should just bite the fuzzy bullet on this one?
Posted: 10/17/15, 19:36:42
Best Buy still hasn't shipped my copy, but maybe that's a good thing, as I have a lot of work this weekend. Hopefully it arrives soon, because I can't wait to go on this adventure (co-op of course!).
Posted: 10/17/15, 20:34:23

I have a 2013 preorder with Future Shop that hasn't shipped either. Which is weird because normally BB/FS ships games the day before release...but not this time.
Posted: 10/17/15, 21:41:26
Oh lordy this game is everything I wanted it to be and then some.
Posted: 10/17/15, 21:47:46
I'm in the same boat with my 2013 FS order. BOOOOOO!
Posted: 10/17/15, 23:39:16

I bet you're looking forward to "Yoshi's Land" as much as I am!
Posted: 10/18/15, 00:31:21
Right now I find myself going through 100%ING each level before moving on. How is everyone else handling progression?
Posted: 10/18/15, 15:48:27
Generally, I tried to get as much as possible on each level, but wouldn't focus too much on it since I like having an excuse to revisit all these awesome levels later.

EDIT: Not that I need an excuse to revisit them since they're just plain fun to play, but it's nice to feel like I accomplish something when I go back.

EDIT: What are your favourite Yoshis right now?

My current top three looks something like this:

1. Flower Yoshi (World 1)
2. Spooky Yoshi (World 6)
3. Lakitu Yoshi (World 4)
Posted: 10/18/15, 15:51:05  - Edited by 
 on: 10/18/15, 18:48:43

Top Three for me would be…

1.) Duck Hunt Yoshi - amiibo
2.) King Dedede Yoshi - amiibo
3.) Hot Cocoa Yoshi - World 1-3
Posted: 10/19/15, 00:33:13
I'm only at World 2, but this game really does prove that Yoshi is back. Finally. I was worried about how this game would feel/play, as I was bored beyond measure by Epic Yarn, but Woolly World is everything a Yoshi game should be and maybe more.

The music is better than I expected, but still not as good as I'd hoped. I would have loved it if more of the songs were like that of the acoustic intro one. It's not that the music is bad, just that Good-Feel seems to have a hard time making the music feel like a Yoshi game, or a Kirby game. It worked, for the most part, with Wario, but not with the others. Someone please tell me how, for example, the music from the Blargg level in World 2 even remotely sounds like a Yoshi song. It just doesn't fit. Many of the songs work, but it seems many more just barely, or not at all. It's a shame, really, as the game is, overall, an amazing one.

The visuals, however, are certainly impressive. While not as crisp as I would have liked, everything pops, and the crafty look is most lovely to be sure. I'd just have preferred the backgrounds to be a little more detailed or less blurry looking (though, any sharper/more detailed and it'd clash, perhaps, with the foreground). But the use of color is quite something. I love how the color of the yarn ball fired dictates the color of the platform created, or whatever it hits really. Nice touch. And yarn koopas with button shells? The Cutest enemies ever? Yes, I think so.

What stood out the most at the start of the game was the lack of a health guage or timer or yarn ball count or anything of the sort. Just a clean screen in which to view and play the game. Is this a first for Nintendo? I like it. A lot.

I'd also like to say how much I appreciate the controller options. Since the GamePad screen isn't used, there's no sense holding that heavy thing. So I tried the Pro Controller, and then realized how much I hate that confused mess. Then I tried Hori's GameCube controller. Perfect! And next I tried Hori's SNES pad. Even better!! It's now like playing the SNES classic.

Thank goodness, after all these years, 2D gaming is still going strong.
Posted: 10/19/15, 02:39:11  - Edited by 
 on: 10/19/15, 02:47:30
I'm digging this game so far. The music and visuals are phenomenal, and I love the upbeat tone.


I'm at world 3. Collecting the stuff feels good and alternate color schemes are a nice reward, but the over reliance on invisible clouds can stress me out at times. I try not to worry about it on my first playthrough of a level.


I think Wind Waker HD had a HUD free TV screen, putting all that stuff on the bottom. I could be remembering incorrectly, though.
Posted: 10/19/15, 05:15:58
I finally started this one...and I love it. It oozes style graphically, musically...this feels like what Yoshi's New Island should have been.
Posted: 10/19/15, 16:12:44
Ok, now I'm starting to get upset. It would be a great time to start playing, but Best Buy hasn't shipped it of course. I'm honestly tempted to just go digital and whenever the game does arrive by mail just sell it on Kijiji.
Posted: 10/19/15, 20:25:13

Mine hasn't moved at all either. If you're eager to play the game now, just buy a copy at your local Best Buy at regular price. Then when your online order copy arrives, returned that unopened game at Best Buy with the store receipt. It'll work because the SKU will be the same (assuming you buy the exact same version and not the Amiibo bundle).

I did this with Splatoon because BB didn't ship it in time for the weekend, so I know it works. Luckily I have too much on the go right now to care much about Woolly World, so I'm okay with waiting this time around.
Posted: 10/19/15, 20:33:52
Oh yeah, I forgot about that trick. Thanks for the heads up.

Edit: What I'm thinking is BB got a lot more of the amiibo bundle in stock, and can't fulfill the preorders for the standalone game just yet.
Posted: 10/19/15, 20:36:37  - Edited by 
 on: 10/19/15, 20:37:35

I don't think that's it, because it's in stock on the website and in all the local stores around me. One of the reasons to preorder a game is to guarantee a copy. BB should have known how many copies they needed to order from Nintendo to fulfill those orders (I placed my order more than 2 years ago for crying out loud), so I blame BB 100% this time.
Posted: 10/19/15, 21:03:55
They haven't shipped my copy either, but like Canon, I'm too busy to care.

I still wrote them today to complain, though. I preordered the game 2 years ago! There's no excuse!

The "get the game from the store" trick definitely works, I did the same with Splatoon.
Posted: 10/19/15, 21:22:53
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