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Super Mario Maker Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.09/10 from 21 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Maker on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Super Mario Maker is a new title from Nintendo where, for the first time ever, you will be able to create your own levels on your own console. The game released on September 11th, 2015.

Through Nintendo Directs, Nintendo Treehouse videos, and the Super Mario Maker website, there's quite a bit of information out now which is really showcasing how deep the creation tools are.

Four Main Themes To Choose From!
Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U

What's really incredible is the slew of classic objects found inside. When an item wasn't part of a previous or later game theme, Nintendo has taken the time to make new sprites to allow you to always be able to switch on the fly from theme to theme. Some classic objects include, Goombas, Monty Moles, Invisible Blocks, Flagpoles, and so much more!

The man who was alongside Miyamoto all these years with the Super Mario series, Takashi Tezuka, is the producer of this game. Koji Kondo, acclaimed Nintendo-music composer, is again the lead composer of this game. I can't imagine we'll see much, if any, new music but it's great that any new renditions of classic themes will be handled by the father of it all.

I am looking to collect data on Negative World's levels we create so if you post a level in the thread, I would sincerely and greatly appreciate if you filled out this brief survey about it so the submissions will be collected and we can ensure that your levels are played for a long time to come as part of the Negative World collection. To view the levels, simply click on the link above the survey.

Negative World's Super Mario Maker Levels List
(Be sure to add your own levels via the form below!)

Thank you for participating and have fun playing Super Mario Maker!

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Posted: 05/20/15, 01:41:20  - Edited by 
 on: 09/12/15, 05:06:14
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@Mop it up

Thank you for beating and starring those courses! That should keep them from being removed.

For my next course, I'm going to take the feedback that you and Fabien gave me into consideration. I've made some courses that aren't too difficult, but just not as many. It's actually kinda refreshing to tone it down a bit after making a tough level.
Posted: 12/31/15, 22:13:27

With all due respect, I had decided to not keep up with your levels because of how insanely challenging they were. For all their brilliance, it ended up being a turn off for me.

With the news you plan to make some more moderate stages, I'm excited to play more of your levels.
Posted: 12/31/15, 22:18:42
I'm a fan of the Octorockin challenges! I might suggest naming your levels with something to sort of give someone the idea that it's a really tough one (that's what I did with my "Extra Spicy" names for stages).
Posted: 12/31/15, 23:04:35
@ploot Not me, I've completed every level I've tried. Someone up above mentioned not giving out stars since they didn't complete the levels, so I was curious to see if it were possible to star without beating. It also works to star a level that someone previously completed, but didn't hand out a star for whatever reason.

@Octorockin Ah, bummer, sounds like fun! I hope you can remake it.

I knew that stars are what increases the upload count, but I didn't know that levels would be deleted so quickly if they didn't get enough stars fast enough. Therefore, I don't think it's petty for someone to ask for a few stars just to keep their levels on the server, because unlike things such as Yeahs on Miiverse, they actually serve a purpose, unfortunately.
Posted: 01/01/16, 02:16:08
OH MAN! There are a couple event courses and costumes for Earthbound fans. YESSSSSS! I shan't give anything away.

@Mop it up
I'm just joking around! But yeah, I generally complete what I start too. Unless it's something absolutely garbagey.
Posted: 01/01/16, 07:54:51
Here are the latest few from me:

3-3 Smudged Shoes / SMB / D961-0000-015D-B9C3
Yeah, I've never been good with titles. It wasn't until after I made this one that I realised how different the Piranha Plants work in this game, I had heard they behaved differently but I didn't know how different. It takes them a long time to pop out of pipes the first time, and as such they don't appear fast enough to be obstacles if Mario is moving at or close to full speed. As such, this one was pretty easy and kinda boring, so I tried to redesign several areas so they couldn't be sped through, but that isn't a very elegant solution. Since I put the time into it then I decided to upload it anyway, but I'm not very happy with how it turned out.

6-4 Thwomp Throwdown / SMB / F7BF-0000-0162-6E08
In the regular games, Thwomps were usually not very difficult obstacles, as they weren't often found in places you couldn't just run under quickly. This is my attempt at a level to make Thwomps as menacing as their expressions. However, I put in a lot of powerups so that the completion percentage wouldn't be too low, so the real challenge would be in beating it without getting hit once. I've done it to make sure it's possible, which means it still shouldn't be too tough.

8-1 Tank! Tank! Tank! / SMB3 / 8A28-0000-016A-E697
This is another level inspired by SMB3. You can probably figure out what's going on in this level... the title says it all, really.
Posted: 01/04/16, 21:46:32
@Mop it up

Those Piranha Plants ate my shoe and shrunk me down. You said that you designed certain areas so that you can't just run past every Piranha Plant, and it shows. Knowing when to run and when to slow down made this a pretty fun stage. I got a skinny mushroom by chance, but then failed to beat the level with it...

Thwomp Throwdown is my favorite course of the three. There are a lot of intense moments where the Thwomps are too close for comfort. The level is creatively designed in their favor, so avoiding all of them is really satisfying. Also, I like that they look extra angry in 8-bit.

Tank! Tank! Tank! is just plain fun. It isn't difficult, but it still manages to keep you on your toes and feel engaged. The design is great from tank to tank.
Posted: 01/05/16, 21:16:00  - Edited by 
 on: 01/05/16, 21:16:34
I posted a new level if anyone wants to give it a go:

Bouncy Donut Plains
Posted: 01/07/16, 15:19:08
I've made my first "gimmick" level:

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracked! / SMB / 677F-0000-0176-791D
I liked the idea of the Captain Toad event stage where it asks if you can complete it without jumping, but there isn't anything actually preventing you from jumping. Therefore, I started thinking about if I could make a stage where you really can't jump without consequence, and this was the result. It was fun to think up challenges that didn't require jumping, and I attempted to make it tricky without being too difficult... but I'm not sure I succeeded.

@Octorockin Thanks for trying them out! I've actually been enjoying the SMB1 theme more than I thought I would, which I think is the result of two main reasons. One is of course because it controls better than the actual SMB1, but the other is because I find it interesting to see how they transformed all of the newer elements and themes into the SMB1 style, such as the Thwomps like you mentioned. I didn't think the tank one was that difficult, but it has a pretty low clear percentage... Though, looking at the map overlay, most of the Xs are at the final two tanks. I guess that part is pretty tricky...

@canonj Nice, I'll check it out later.
Posted: 01/07/16, 22:46:49
@Mop it up

There technically is a way to prevent jumping. I've seen it done before. It was by using invisible blocks like crazy. Creating pathways in that manner is interesting. Consider it maybe for a sequel to your stage.
Posted: 01/08/16, 02:20:18
Amanda and I are often streaming Mario Maker on our Twitch channel if anyone's interested. People bring the trollyness!!!! It's infuriatingly fun.

Posted: 01/08/16, 06:13:34
Make sure you put a set of boo buddies in each invisible block.
Posted: 01/08/16, 06:23:02
It was a pleasant surprise that the mushroom unlocked by the Southwest Airlines course was actually a Mario related and pretty cool sprite.
Posted: 01/08/16, 17:07:57
@DrFinkelstein A few things about that: it still gives the illusion that you can jump, meaning people will try it; invisible blocks are one of the most common troll elements, so I didn't want anyone confusing it with a troll level; and I've already made a stage that centered around the mechanics of the invisible blocks. I prefer my more direct/obvious way of making jumping a painful experience. :)

@Jargon Yeah, it's better than if it were some sort of advertisement for Southwest like the Mercedes one. Its placement on the costume select screen makes me wonder if this one has been in the game a while, but they didn't have a level in mind for it when they put it in.
Posted: 01/08/16, 23:48:15
@Mop it up

Yea I'd been wondering if I'd somehow missed one so I was happy to see it pop up there.
Posted: 01/09/16, 06:42:35
Here's my latest course!

A Whole New (Super Mario) World / 5DA7-0000-017F-F1ED

Difficulty - Easy to Normal

Description - This is my attempt at making a music course based on Disney's Aladdin. The first area is all about the music, but the second area plays like a regular course. I've enjoyed a lot of music courses, but I wasn't quite sure how they worked until I started making this one. I'm really surprised by the amount sounds that can be produced with note blocks! The sub-area isn't too challenging. Some of my courses require a lot of patience and practice, but my goal with this one was to make it so that people who aren't looking for that kind of challenge can still enjoy it.
Posted: 01/09/16, 10:29:05  - Edited by 
 on: 01/09/16, 20:38:40
Here's the latest batch from me.

Terra's Theme - Final Fantasy VI / SMB / 8CE5-0000-0189-D60D
I made this one for a friend, but since I have to upload it to share it, I might as well leave it up. Besides, everyone's gotta have a music course in their library! That said, Mario Maker doesn't do too well with sustained notes, so it was tough to figure out a good way to make this. I also ran into some trouble when notes got too close together, since they need to have space above them to have something hit them, so I took some liberties here and there. Nor am I musically talented, so there may be one or more off-key notes. In any case, I think it still sounds okay even with its minimalism, and I also put in some visual references to the game, some more obvious than others...

Limited Time Only! / SMB3 / 46BC-0000-018D-A643
I've received some complaints that my levels are too lengthy, so I decided to try my hand at making a speedrun-style stage. In this one, you get 50 seconds to reach the goal, but it's plenty of time if you can maintain your speed, and there's a checkpoint if you run into trouble. This level is kind of basic however, as I don't really know how to design a complex speedy stage.

Birdo's Fashion Fable / SMB / AB03-0000-017E-E55D
I find it interesting how many versions of the Kuribo's Shoe they put in this game; there are even slight functional differences between the green boot and the lady's shoe! In this level, you must take full advantage of the abilities of four different kinds of shoes in order to reach the goal. Fabulous!

@Octorockin Nice job. For some reason I was expecting it to be a sky level. I guess we'd need an SMB2 skin for you to be able to use a magic carpet!
Posted: 01/14/16, 21:16:13  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/16, 21:19:17
I was having maker's block last night. I came up with some ideas, but I couldn't figure out what to do with them! I'll keep at it and hope inspiration strikes at some point.

@Mop it up

Thanks! I made the second area underwater since that's where Aladdin ends up after the famous magic carpet ride. The magic carpet from Super Mario Bros. 2 definitely would have come in handy. Riding a platform made of skulls isn't quite as pleasant! Using the Super Mario World style gave me a perfect name for the course, though.

Birdo's Fashion Fable was really fun. I first beat the course as Mario, but I replayed it and beat it as Birdo for style points. Speaking of Birdo, her sprite is great in this game. It's very expressive.

The part with the conveyor belts had me cautiously rocking the d-pad back and fourth. On top of that, one of the spike tops would occasionally fall off their conveyor belt and I'd have to jump over it! It's an exciting area.

I'm looking forward to playing those other two courses.
Posted: 01/14/16, 22:38:34
@Octorockin They weren't supposed to fall off the conveyor belts...

I couldn't remember the exact order of events in Aladdin, but I knew there was a water scene at one point. However, it's a short scene, and Aladdin is all tied up... Not that Mario has pleasant experiences underwater either, so maybe it does fit better than I first thought!

I get the maker's block sometimes too. I find it helps if I don't play this game too much, so I take breaks for other games like Splatoon and more recently Xenoblade X. You can't force ideas out, just gotta wait until they're ready to flow. You never know where or when inspiration might strike!
Posted: 01/16/16, 21:36:01
This discussion makes me want to make a level with conveyor belts and fire jets to try to recreate that James Bond scene in which he's about to be incinerated.
Posted: 01/16/16, 22:18:58
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