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Super Mario Maker Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.09/10 from 21 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Maker on the Wii U!

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Super Mario Maker is a new title from Nintendo where, for the first time ever, you will be able to create your own levels on your own console. The game released on September 11th, 2015.

Through Nintendo Directs, Nintendo Treehouse videos, and the Super Mario Maker website, there's quite a bit of information out now which is really showcasing how deep the creation tools are.

Four Main Themes To Choose From!
Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U

What's really incredible is the slew of classic objects found inside. When an item wasn't part of a previous or later game theme, Nintendo has taken the time to make new sprites to allow you to always be able to switch on the fly from theme to theme. Some classic objects include, Goombas, Monty Moles, Invisible Blocks, Flagpoles, and so much more!

The man who was alongside Miyamoto all these years with the Super Mario series, Takashi Tezuka, is the producer of this game. Koji Kondo, acclaimed Nintendo-music composer, is again the lead composer of this game. I can't imagine we'll see much, if any, new music but it's great that any new renditions of classic themes will be handled by the father of it all.

I am looking to collect data on Negative World's levels we create so if you post a level in the thread, I would sincerely and greatly appreciate if you filled out this brief survey about it so the submissions will be collected and we can ensure that your levels are played for a long time to come as part of the Negative World collection. To view the levels, simply click on the link above the survey.

Negative World's Super Mario Maker Levels List
(Be sure to add your own levels via the form below!)

Thank you for participating and have fun playing Super Mario Maker!

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Posted: 05/20/15, 01:41:20  - Edited by 
 on: 09/12/15, 05:06:14
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Yea, they've announced the details of the online sharing, and it's legit! This was the one are that I was worried they would mess up on still.

- Follow your favorite makers
- see how many people have played each of your courses.
- pictures showing an overview of the course.
- name your course whatever you want
- Star Ranking - courses ranked by popularity, give stars to what you've played depending on how much you liked it
- Featured - levels picked by Nintendo to be featured
- Up & Coming - things that haven't been ranked, or just came out
- filter by difficulty (easy, normal, expert), by time period or by location
- difficulty determined dynamically by how many people completed the course
- see clear rate (both percentage & # of attempts and # of completions)
- leave comments on level at any time (while playing or after completing it)
- shows you where other people have died once you die
- search option

(seen on GoNintendo)

PogueSquadron said:
A Mario 2 pack in the future would be pretty amazing.

Yes, please! It would probably have to be pretty stand-alone from the rest of the styles since that game was such a different beast, but that would make me so happy. So much could still be done with level design in that original game, and it's a shame we've never seen anything since. I'd gladly buy it as a separate DLC pack down the line.

I don't expect it to happen though. It would probably be a lot of work and Nintendo doesn't seem to care enough about that game... most fans don't seem to care all that much either.
Posted: 06/20/15, 00:41:20
I think making it the standard $60 is fair, in the sense that the game contains a lot of value, being a creation tool and offering sharing. Not to mention that the online features are free, rather than requiring an online sub like other systems. The dev cost of the game may be relatively low, but, the price of games isn't determined by dev cost alone, or else we wouldn't have $60 as a "standard" price to begin with.

As far as there being more surprises, it's possible there's still some stuff they didn't show yet. However, with the game launching in September, the development should already be finished, and it'll be in the testing/debug phase now, with preparations for manufacture happening soon.

From including four different distinct themes, to having some new elements, to the very existence of this game, it has been perpetually surprising to me. I'd always figured Nintendo would never make a game like this, because it kind of locks them out of creating another NSMB game, and it may hurt the sales of VC Mario games or NSMB DLC if those levels can be made here. I have no idea how true that may actually be, but it sounds like the kind of thing Nintendo might have worried about enough to not make this. I'm certainly glad they have.
Posted: 06/20/15, 00:55:45
Considering that I'm likely to get hundreds of hours of fun out of this game, I have absolutely no problem with a $60 price.

@Mop it up
I have to believe that they were planning to shelve the NSMB series after the criticism U and especially 2 received of being too much of the same, so they created this instead. I don't see it hurting the VC games because the people who want the classics will always want the classics. Then at some point later, they can bring NSMB back with an expanded level creator from what this offers and everyone will be thrilled for it to be back.
Posted: 06/20/15, 01:13:44
@Mop it up

Of all you said too, and really I guess I'm about to reiterate the new elements, but all the work they've done to allow you to do things that were never seen before in a Mario game, that's power and that's worth $60 to me. Of course the online sharing, the robust tool, the vast variety, it's all well worth it all. I fully agree.

As for hurting VC sales... I can't imagine it would much anymore. I do wonder though who will be first to recreate levels... which seems silly at first glance but then again, making your favorite level and then changing it up in key ways would be kind of fun!
Posted: 06/20/15, 01:19:04
According to John Numbers, there wasn't any input lag with the game... that's good to hear, because it's definitely a problem with NES Remix and I guess some of the virtual console releases on Wii U? Input lag kills Mario.
Posted: 06/20/15, 01:46:49
Hinph said:
According to John Numbers, there wasn't any input lag with the game... that's good to hear, because it's definitely a problem with NES Remix and I guess some of the virtual console releases on Wii U? Input lag kills Mario.

The last potential problem with this game is gone. Bring it on!
Posted: 06/20/15, 01:48:37
@DeputyVanHalen Like I said, I don't think it'll affect VC sales, just that I think it's something Nintendo might worry about. It might affect DLC though; for example, I'm hoping that someone will use this to re-create the NSMB2 DLC, that way I don't have to buy it. Then again, if I haven't bought it by now, I guess I wasn't going.

As for the NSMB series, despite any criticism NSMBU and NSMB2 are still two of Nintendo's best-selling games. Still, the existence of this game gives me hope that the next Mario game will be something different.

@Hinph Since this is made for Wii U instead of an old game made for old TVs, then I'd have been surprised if it had lag issues.
Posted: 06/20/15, 20:43:21
@TriforceBun The NES emulation Nintendo has going on with Wii U is pretty bad. It's blurry, maybe kind of dark, and laggy. In my short time with the game at Best Buy I didn't notice any lag, but I didn't really get to get a feel for it over 3 minutes. It's definitely pixel perfect though. The sprites look awesome in HD.

I'm kind of surprised they can't use any niftier scaling tricks to get th old NES games looking better.
Posted: 06/20/15, 21:12:12
Confirmation from Kensuke Tanabe that Nintendo still remembers that SMB2 exists!

On why Super Mario Bros. 2 isn't a filter option in Super Mario Maker

"Super Mario Bros. 2, as you know, when we created that game in Japan, it didn't have Mario as the main character. Probably because of that, it's been overlooked for Super Mario Maker."

On talking to Mr. Tezuka about including it in the game

"I didn't talk to Mr. Tezuka at all about it, actually. It does seem sort of unfortunate. If I ever have the chance, yes, it would be interesting to work on something like that."

On the game itself and returning to those mechanics

"I do still feel like the game mechanics especially pulling things out of the ground that's something I can still make another game out of. It's just that I've been busy with all the other projects I'm working on. Even back [in the NES era], I was interested in creating another game in the style of Super Mario Bros. 2, but I never had the opportunity. But you never know. If you look at something like Federation Force, for example, it's something I had in mind for 10 years, but it's only now I've been able to realize the game idea!"
Posted: 06/22/15, 23:36:19
Yeah, Super Mario Bros. 2 wouldn't have worked as its own style at all. Waaay too different from the other games.

Hey Dr. Fink, you should change the title of the game to Super Mario Maker in the database!
Posted: 06/23/15, 00:07:31

Yeah, it would take some pretty substantial work to add in all those SMB2 elements, and they might have to keep it locked down as its own thing. I don't ever expect it to actually happen, but it would make me ridiculously happy if it did down the line as DLC or something, and I'd gladly pay whatever they asked! Tanabe talking about how he'd like to someday make an actual SMB2 sequel also makes me happy.

Hopefully something happens with Subcon eventually. There's still so much potential.
Posted: 06/23/15, 00:19:48  - Edited by 
 on: 06/23/15, 00:20:18

Good point! We need to change this in the database too I think.
Posted: 06/23/15, 03:05:59
Didn't they make a point that DKCTF had the SMB2 mechanics?
Posted: 06/23/15, 04:25:44
Man, this game looks incredible. My only issues are the limited verticality (I wanted to make some wall jump-heavy vertical scrolling stages) and the lack of a music editor.
Posted: 06/23/15, 06:21:56
They could at least throw us Super Mario Bros. 2 fans a bone and throw in some of the bosses/enemies. What's the harm in adding in Triclyde or Mouser? They found a way to include Bowser Jr and Kamek as enemy options. Why not some Ninjis or ShyGuys? Or Wart? I'm more interested in these things first than being able to pull vegetables out of the ground.
Posted: 06/23/15, 13:33:09
I'm convinced that I represent the vast majority of people in the world in that my level making skills suck -- especially compared to Nintendo's pro level designers -- but the potential for wonderful Mario insanity in this game is slowly winning me over. I might have to get this just to see what crazy stuff you guys come up with.

Subcon would have been cool, but as already stated, it wouldn't mesh on a gameplay level. Now, what about Sarasaland, though? Am I the only one who whould have loved the peasoup coloured graphical style and some Hip Tanaka tunes?
Posted: 06/23/15, 13:36:26

I'd pay for DLC with tiny exploding koopas.
Posted: 06/23/15, 13:56:24

I'm not asking for the gameplay, like the variety in playable characters, I'm just asking for the enemies. Is that too much to ask?
Posted: 06/23/15, 14:02:10

Not if you ask me, but since Nintendo's approach to the game seems to involve creating stages that replicate the feel of the original games, they might consider the graphical style to harm the overall consistency and individual enemies to be out of place. Especially since the Japanese audience might not recognize them as Mario enemies in the first place.
Posted: 06/23/15, 15:25:25

Yea, I'm not sure how popular Super Mario Bros. USA is in Japan. You'd think that people would be more likely to play that version than Doki Doki Panic these days, but who knows.
Posted: 06/23/15, 15:42:28
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