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Now that Guitar Hero and Rock Band are back, are you ready to get back into it? [poll]
Yes (1/24 vote)
No (17/24 votes)
Unsure (3/24 votes)
I'll give it a try and see how it goes (3/24 votes)
I'd have to see more from Rock Band but I'm ready to give at least Guitar Hero Live a try and go from there.

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Posted: 04/16/15, 07:11:41
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I think the new Guitar Hero could be cool, but at this point they're trying to bring it so close to reality that I think I'd just prefer practicing my real guitar. I loved the games back in the day though so I might have to try it out either way.

More Rock Band is more Rock Band. Probably not gonna go out of my way to dump a ton of money into re-buying all the instruments, but if a friend of mine picks it up I'll gladly spend some more time with that game.
Posted: 04/16/15, 08:48:21
I voted no, but I was never into GH or RB the last time around, I tried to play GH when it was first out on PS2 with my friend who was obsessed with it but it never clicked with me.
Posted: 04/16/15, 09:47:55  - Edited by 
 on: 04/16/15, 09:48:13
Not interested. My fandom has come and gone on this. Plus the price-point isn't right for me to bite now that you need all new equipment.
Posted: 04/16/15, 13:25:09
Yeah the price is something that I'm kind of balking at right now. If there was a way to play the new game with the old instruments (all of which I still own) then it'd almost be a no-brainer.
Posted: 04/16/15, 15:33:38
Still haven't opened my cheapo set for Band Hero.
Posted: 04/16/15, 15:39:20
I've been tripping over my old Rock Band drum kit for the past infinity years, wondering why I haven't gotten rid of it yet.

I just can't muster any interest in this type of game anymore.
Posted: 04/16/15, 15:45:42
Never got into it in the first place, and this won't change anything.
Posted: 04/16/15, 15:47:12
Loved it in college when I had roommates to play with. Not really interested in playing solo now, though. I don't think I'll be getting either.
Posted: 04/16/15, 16:25:33

I'm with you on this. I wouldn't buy it personally, but I wouldn't mind trying it out if I had the chance at a friend's house.
Posted: 04/16/15, 16:30:16
As much as I liked them before, I'm not sure if I want to invest that kind of time and money into them again...
Posted: 04/16/15, 17:02:35
Get back in? I never left!
Posted: 04/17/15, 06:08:21
r_hjort said:
Never got into it in the first place, and this won't change anything.
Oh so very much this.

I could say so much more but I'll just leave it at this.
Posted: 04/17/15, 06:36:23  - Edited by 
 on: 04/17/15, 06:36:58
I said it in the other thread, but I always viewed these games as a passing fad. To me, it was fun to experience at the time because, for once, I could "play in a rock band" with friends of mine that don't know how to play instruments. And, frankly, introduce a lot of my square friends to some cool rock music.

But I never had any illusions that it would last or that I would commit to it long term. Really, the mistake they're making here is requiring new instruments. What they should have done is made a game you could play with the old gear. Because no one, except possibly a new market of teens who feel nostalgic for the series, is going to spend money on more plastic instruments at this point. That's the fatal flaw in the product.

Here's the quote for when you want to prove me wrong in 2 years: These games are going to flop, Tony Hawk's Ride style.
Posted: 04/17/15, 07:04:00  - Edited by 
 on: 04/17/15, 07:05:26
I was into Guitar Hero for about a year or so. The games got me back into listening to music again and I appreciate them for that but I'm not all that interested in the new iterations.
Posted: 04/17/15, 09:02:19
Not sure really. On one hand I'd really love to get Rock Band for PS4 for friends to come over and play and have a good time, but on the other hand I was never into it the genre all that big back in the heyday as I'm more of a story/exploration driven gamer, and I have so many other games I'd want to play. I might just leave it for my friends to buy, and then I go over to their place to get drunk and play at a party.
Posted: 04/17/15, 10:17:32
My friend is going to buy it for sure, so I'll partake in drunken karaoke at his place and throw down some cash to help download some songs... but I won't be buying either game myself.
Posted: 04/17/15, 11:54:05
I'm in that middle ground between "Yes" and "I'll see how it goes" where I'd love to jump back in by trying it at a friend's place, but not so much that I'm willing to spend any of my own money on it any time within the next year, minimum.
Posted: 04/17/15, 19:23:31
I never got into it in the first place, so probably not.
Posted: 04/18/15, 00:14:16
I think it's really interesting how both of these franchises "died' and then they suddenly come back, years later, at almost the exact same time.
Posted: 04/18/15, 20:11:47
I have all of my DLC on the Wii..........so probably not.
Posted: 04/18/15, 22:04:01
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