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Etrian Mystery Dungeon Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Etrian Mystery Dungeon on the 3DS!

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Check out this marriage of the two classic dungeon-crawling series, Atlus' Etrian Odyssey and Spike Chunsoft's Mystery Dungeon. With the gorgeous artwork and class and leveling system of the Etrian Odyssey series combined with the random generating dungeons and loot-grind of the Mystery Dungeon series, do you have what it takes to challenge this rogue-like adventure?

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Posted: 04/10/15, 18:54:26  - Edited by 
 on: 04/10/15, 19:06:01
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Well, I can't resist anything Etrian, so I picked this up. I'm very early on, but so far so good. It very Etrian in the town and menus, and very Mystery Dungeon in the dungeons. That's a bit simplified, but I've yet to see much more than that. Now the question will be how long do I play this game?
Posted: 04/10/15, 19:11:11
Is there any new music by Koshiro, or is it all rearrangements?
Posted: 04/10/15, 20:32:22

I believe there is new music, in addition to older stuff. I did get the CD with the game, but haven't spun it yet.
Posted: 04/10/15, 20:44:32
Cool, cool. Was that a preorder bonus or a limited edition thing?

I hope we'll get this game here in Europe at some point. I still haven't bought the first Untold, and eagerly await the second, but this could probably be the best way of getting me into Rogue-likes.
Posted: 04/10/15, 22:43:35  - Edited by 
 on: 04/10/15, 22:47:16

The CD and a small art book came with the game. I think it may have been a preorder bonus, but I did not preorder the game. Thankfully my GameStop had extra copies. These type of games can be hard to find if not preordered, and GameStop is typically the only place that stocks these games around here. I just realized this past weekend that the game was coming out this week and got lucky. Like you, I plan on using this game to really dig into a rogue-like. I've tried a few before, but never for long.
Posted: 04/11/15, 03:07:58  - Edited by 
 on: 04/11/15, 03:08:36
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