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Pokémon Rumble World Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
6.8/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokémon Rumble World on the 3DS!

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Another F2P Pokemon 3DS game, this time with more action and less puzzle! Download it from the eShop now.

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Posted: 04/08/15, 23:57:11  - Edited by 
 on: 04/08/15, 23:59:45
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This came out today? Weird. I might have to check it out.
Posted: 04/09/15, 02:16:32
Gave this a shot earlier. Had more fun with it than the previous Pokémon Rumble that had a WiiWare demo, and so far I think this is more up my alley than Pokémon Shuffle, but the whole free-to-play thing is still annoying. There's a pretty great drum n bass track playing during the results screen that almost makes up for that though!
Posted: 04/09/15, 23:26:14
I downloaded this when I downloaded Xenoblade Chronicles 3D the other night. (why not, it's free!) I've never played any of these Rumble games before, but I figured I may as well give this one a shot. I'll post some impressions later when I have them.

@Mop it up

Yeah, 3DS has gotten a lot of really good releases in relatively quick succession here in 2015.

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D
Monster Hunter 4 ULTIMATE
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
Story of Seasons
Etrian Mystery Dungeon

Plus a few surprisingly fun eShop games like BOXBOY! and the Mario vs Donkey Kong game, Ironfall: Invasion, Pokémon Shuffle and OlliOlli. And then this new Pokémon Rumble World that just came out. Been a pretty good year so far for the handheld, and it's only the beginning of April!
Posted: 04/10/15, 23:20:40  - Edited by 
 on: 04/10/15, 23:21:21
@GameDadGrant It's weird because it was a Wednesday and not a Thursday as usual for eShop titles.
Posted: 04/10/15, 23:49:45
@Mop it up

Wasn't it announced for release on Wednesday? From last week? Maybe I'm confusing it with something else.

Either way, my point stands.
Posted: 04/11/15, 02:04:09
I've easily thrown a couple of hours into this game over the past few days, here's a bunch of random observations that could probably be considered a "first impressions", of sorts-

The game is surprisingly generous with premium currency. Every single "challenge" mission accessed from the castle yields a maximum of 11 diamonds, 13 in the hard mode variation of the stage (which is clearly intended as a sort of a new game+ for the challenges). There's also a limit to the number of diamonds, total, you can buy - 3000. By my incredibly shoddy calculations, that's about $30, total, or less than Super Pokémon Rumble goes for on the 3DS eShop. The most expensive premium items you can buy are Hot Air Balloons, and the most expensive is 300 diamonds.

Speaking of balloons - after you reach rank 5, all balloon cooldown times are tiered - the first three you can select are 30 minutes, Ruby and Sapphire, 1 hour, Gold and Silver, 2 hours... and I'm yet to unlock any of the others. The average mission takes about 5 minutes, including the time spent in the area roulette before you even begin playing.

The gameplay feels considerably more fluid than any of the other Pokémon Rumble games, thanks in part to the auto-attack function (which you can disable, if you'd prefer). If you've never played these games before- adorable toy Pokémon bash into each other, and numbers pop out of their heads... in other words, it's a pretty simple ActionRPG. You "catch" Pokémon by picking up the fainted toys when they remain on the battlefield, and the general intent is that you're constantly switching to the stronger Pokémon you've picked up - Toy Pokémon cannot level up or be upgraded in any manner in this game... which is kind of a shame, you could upgrade them in previous games in the series.

Oh, and the music's surprisingly good. Nothing I'd rush out to buy a soundtrack for, but it's not elevator-music level trash like Pokémon Shuffle.

All in all, I'm very seriously considering paying for a few diamonds, because I've easily gleaned a few dollars worth of fun out of this game.
Posted: 04/11/15, 03:45:03
I don't wanna be Debbie Downer but I'm not sure I get this game very well. It seems a bit shallow? Is it kind of just a button masher where you generally want to use super effect moves against opponents and dump weak Pokemon as you obtain more?

Also I don't mean shallow in a bad way. Just not my cup of tea at the moment I guess.
Posted: 04/11/15, 19:25:27  - Edited by 
 on: 04/11/15, 20:25:40
I tried this out for a bit, it seems about the same as what I remember from the WiiWare demo. It can be fun in short bursts, but it seems better suited for multiplayer, which I don't think this version has. I'll probably still pop in every now and then, or however much I can without buying anything.
Posted: 04/11/15, 21:45:42
@Mop it up
Honestly, the Pokemon Rumble series seems to be built around being the kind of game you play for 10 or so minutes in between more "substantial" games. In those regards, it makes sense as a free-to-play game. It is, as a result of being in a genre not really suited to this kind of quick-play, a damn sight more shallow than your average actionRPG. Previous Pokemon Rumble games at least gave you the facility to upgrade Pokemon you liked so you weren't forced to constantly switch them out, but that's gone this time around for... no real reason. Similarly, no more co-op play for... no real reason.

Also - to answer the question about how far you can get without paying - I've made enough gems to afford all but one of the balloons currently available to me, and it's looking like I'll have enough before I've unlocked the next set of balloons.
Posted: 04/12/15, 18:42:30
That's basically what I've been doing. Play a level while I'm waiting for something in the oven maybe. Still, it'll probably get deleted soon.

What is exactly the goal here? To catch em all? Is there an endgame I'm shooting for?
Posted: 04/13/15, 01:18:23
Yeah, catching them all seems like the order of the day.

I've been playing this off and on. It's stupid, but marginally enjoyable. Honestly, I think Shuffle is a better-designed game. But I've actually put money into Rumble (two whole dollars!). So what does that say about me?

What does it say about any of us?!
Posted: 04/16/15, 16:39:53
Pokemon Rumble is way more enjoyable than shuffle. Hell, didn't mind spending $1.79 on 200 dismonds. Much better value than wasting money on shuffle, plus you can play for a very long time, whereas shuffle, you get maybe 5 minutes or so playtime, then have to wait 2.5 hours to play again.

Here is how I see it, if you are truly digging the game, then its not a waste to spend money to keep playing, but the price is way too high on Shuffle. If you spend say $5 for 6 jewels, you burn thru those so fast its not even funny. I did that once, never again. I feel a game like Shuffle is worth, $10, tops, and thats being a little generous. At least with Rumble, I spent $1.79 and I still have close to 150 diamonds.

I know I sound like I'm hating on Shuffle, but I really do enjoy the game, but I feel the way its set up, well its set up to suck alot of money out of people who want to keep playing it. I downloaded Shuffle on March 7 & have spent close to 30 hours playing it. At first I wasn't even playing it every couple hours, only once or twice a day, because I would forget about the game. Whereas I just downloaded Rumble on Apr 30, has only been about 20 days and I've already sunk 20 hours into the game. I've played it on 33 separate occasions with an avg playtime of 37 mins. Shuffle, I've played 124 times, avg playtime is 14 minutes.

One last thing I enjoy more about Rumble is, its mostly skill based, whereas Shuffle is mostly luck based, esp. when it comes to actually catching the pokemon. Its bs that I can catch a pokemon with only a 10% chance on the first try, but other pokemon, its taken me many tries and the percentage is over 50%, sometimes 75% or higher. I really don't care about the letter rankings by just beating the board, I feel I haven't really won until I catch the pokemon.
Posted: 05/20/15, 18:40:53
Anybody still playing this? (Well, I know that a couple of you are.) I've put a sad amount of time into it. It's decent, but the endgame, like the endgame of Shuffle, is mostly tedious. (The Lucky Balloon helps, though.)

I think that I ultimately like Rumble better than Shuffle, as well. But I think Rumble actually requires you to spend money to unlock everything within a reasonable amount of time, whereas Shuffle doesn't. Shuffle just makes you feel like you're missing out when you can't get your score high enough to get an evolution stone.
Posted: 09/03/15, 23:54:26  - Edited by 
 on: 09/03/15, 23:54:44
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