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What Mario Party movement style do you prefer more? [poll]
Every player for themselves (1-8) (16/18 votes)
Everyone together in the car (9-10) (2/18 votes)
Just curious. I have some assumptions about what people like more, but figured actually asking might help make my assumptions more accurate.

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Posted: 04/05/15, 00:53:16
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To be fair, Mario Party 10 has both types, but you need amiibo to play the older style (on slightly more boring boards).
I voted "every player for themselves."

Truthfully though, I REALLY like playing as Bowser against a group of friends. Sadly, I've only been able to do that once.
Posted: 04/05/15, 01:02:21
I prefer every player for themselves, but we've had 8 games of that, so I'm okay with group movement for a while. Group movement is best in MP10's Bowser mode.


It's kind of there, but the boards aren't full fledged Mario Party. They're pretty basic and bland strategy wise. It's a fun mode, but not really comparable to classic Mario Party in my eyes.
Posted: 04/05/15, 03:46:20
Basically this new style turns me off a LOT and I assumed it turned most people off too (as this poll seems to suggest so far.) Kind of surprised they stuck with it.
Posted: 04/05/15, 04:27:24
Was it 3 where you could prank call bowser on someone? That was fun.
Posted: 04/05/15, 04:44:03
Played some MP10 last night and I prefer the old style. We also played the Amiibo mode, and you have to tap them like every five seconds to play. It's awful. I suppose I can see little kids getting a kick out of it, but man, it's annoying. And not very consistent: at one point I had a Slow Dice, so I was holding my Amiibo on the gamepad to get the number I wanted, but it went off early even though I didn't move it.

I was pretty indifferent to Amiibo before, but they're absolutely a negative in Mario Party 10.
Posted: 04/05/15, 04:50:21
I prefer the old way as well, but the big turn off in the new games for me is the lack of a mini game every turn. I'd be fine with the new movement style if it wasn't for that change.
Posted: 04/05/15, 04:52:56
I think they should both be options in the same game because they have different pros and cons, so I don't know if I could say which one's better. While the free-for-all style allows for more strategy on the boards, the nice thing about the car is that it gives the game a much more brisk pace, something which I have found people have appreciated. It's nice when a round doesn't need to take several hours to finish, or have to suspend it for later. The first time we finished playing a board in 9, everyone wanted to play another round in the same sitting, which was the first time that's ever happened to me in my history with the series. It was magical.

Though, I don't mind so much if the new ones just use the car, since we still have 8 Mario Party games to choose from that use the old style.
Posted: 04/08/15, 02:03:55
@Mop it up I suspect alot of that has to do with the fact that 9 doesn't force you to set up bots if you have 3 players.

And the aforementioned lack of a minigame each turn.
Posted: 04/08/15, 02:57:52

I also think that there's less deliberation with each turn, since it's almost impossible to know the circumstances you'll find yourself in at the start of your next turn. This shifts the strategy away from long-term plans towards short-term schemes of putting your opponents into hazardous situations. The latter usually requires less planning and less thought, so people are rolling the dice much quicker than they would be in past Mario Party games.

One other change is that there is less variety in a linear path. With the more open boards of the past, navigating the map and creating strategies tended to vary to some degree as the star's location on the board changed in addition to where you were approaching that star from. The loss of this variety isn't necessarily a bad things, as it contributes to making games flow much more quickly. It's a trade-off, in some ways.

With all that in mind it's really cool to be able to play multiple boards in one sitting without getting tired of the game. And like Mop said, if I ever miss the old style of Mario Party I have 8 (Actually 9 or 10 if you count handhelds) other games to choose from, some of which having boards I haven't touched in over a decade.
Posted: 04/08/15, 04:17:34
@Hero_Of_Hyrule that's the thing, when I was playing 9 with friends on the stupid bob-omb course I would always try to set up so my opponent would be hit by the bomb with slow dice or whatever and it always backfired on me due to RNG, in a way that sort of made me feel like the game was actively punishing me for trying to use strategy.
Posted: 04/08/15, 05:18:14  - Edited by 
 on: 04/08/15, 05:18:56
Definitely solo.

MP10 is wayyy too random. Played with my 2 brothers but the game ends up getting frustrating as shit. I got fucked over in the last few moves in the Bowser map and it was ridiculous. Lost half my fucking stars because of the completely random last few blocks that screw you over if you land on them.

I dunno what the fuck they were smoking when they designed that. That's not the Nintendo I know. It's like the game was going out of its way to not make me win, it was pathetic.
Posted: 04/10/15, 12:32:11
I can't honestly assess the new movement style as I haven't played any of the games that use it.

For what it's worth I think it looks worse than the old style but that's purely speculative.
Posted: 04/10/15, 14:29:53
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