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Which RPG do you prefer, Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI (III in NA)? [poll]
Chrono Trigger (18/32 votes)
Final Fantasy VI (III in NA) (14/32 votes)
I was talking with a co-worker today about Chrono Trigger and he said something like "that is considered to be the best RPG ever right?" I thought well... probably? But I think Final Fantasy VI could give it a run for its money? Both are in our top 10 Nintendo games of all-time list. I then said to him that it would be a pretty interesting battle on my site.

So then I thought... why not find out? I suspect Chrono Trigger will still win by a decent amount, but it could be close.

Which do YOU prefer?

PS. I know a lot of people probably have other RPGs that they would consider the best ever, but for the most part when it comes to Nintendo fans, these two seem to be the top dogs.

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Posted: 03/19/15, 03:26:51
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Interesting. I felt FF III had a pretty brisk pace through most of it. In fact, one reason why I had trouble getting into it on my first play was that I felt it was moving too quickly!

@Jargon Jeez, too bad the prices for US SNES games can't be that low!
Posted: 04/03/15, 23:14:55
Yeah the pacing in Chrono Trigger is far superior. Few games have better pacing, even today.

Final Fantasy VI really dragged at several parts.
Posted: 04/04/15, 08:03:52
@Mop it up It's weird... Pacing at certain points does feel brisk, while at others I recall kinda rolling my eyes at times lol. The Phantom Train comes to mind for me, as does the beginning of the "other half" of the game.
Posted: 04/10/15, 11:10:15
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