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Metroid Discussion (Nintendo NES) [game]
Metroid on the NES
8.21/10 from 43 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid on the NES!

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Just restarted this from my Club Nintendo purchase. What a freaking difficult game. I'm trying to go through without a guide just based on what I remember from before, but man it's tough.

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Posted: 03/13/15, 16:04:25  - Edited by 
 on: 03/13/15, 17:15:53
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If you need a map there are always ones online or get some graph paper and a #2 pencil, pretend it's a "feature" like in Etrian Odyssey.
Posted: 03/14/15, 22:38:53  - Edited by 
 on: 03/15/15, 04:03:10

As I said, in the Famicom version, you could reload if you died, with all your health. So just make a save state before each area and it will be as the designers intended.
Posted: 03/15/15, 01:54:35
I really love the game's atmosphere--none of the other Metroid games have ever really gone for the same thing. Part of what makes the NES game so cold is its lack of backgrounds and really limited art, sure, but it makes for a world that feels totally alien.

The health thing has always been a deal-breaker for me. I never knew the Famicom version didn't have that! Thanks Jargon.
Posted: 03/15/15, 02:26:57

That haunting Hip Tanaka soundtrack too... oh how I wish that man would go back to full time composition.
Posted: 03/15/15, 02:50:53
I only played Metroid a few times as a kid, mostly in one long play session at a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend's house. (You know the old rule, a friend of a friend is my friend, but a friend of a friend of a friend is only my friend so long as he has a Nintendo.)

I have some affection for the game because it had rare atmosphere for an early NES game. It was genuinely mysterious and strange and felt like a big adventure. That said, I didn't play it enough back then to ever complete it and I do consider it a bit flawed. I've never really felt like going back and completing it, except in an "eat your vegetables" sort of way.

So... damning with faint praise, I guess. But I do genuinely like and appreciate the game.
Posted: 03/15/15, 07:08:38

I did just that with the ambassador version of the game! It was awesome! I used to graph the dungeons in the original Phantasy Star as well. Put me firmly in the 'Metroid is Awesome!' camp. It controls brilliantly and is so fun to explore. And naturally, I also love all things Etrian Odyssey as well. Making maps rulez!!!
Posted: 03/15/15, 17:43:45
That's AWESOME!!!! I was half joking but all joking aside when I played this as a kid I drew a map too, but I also had the Nintendo Power map, although I didn't use the Nintendo Power because I considered that cheating, haha, now I use FAQs all the time! Of course I only got like 3 or 4 games per year, so I spent way more time playing and replaying them, drawing maps, even making up maps that I thought should be in the game, drawing the enemies, stuff like that, good times.
Posted: 03/15/15, 18:52:53  - Edited by 
 on: 03/15/15, 18:53:10
Beat it last night after abusing save states. I like the game for certain reasons but ultimately it feels like an iffy execution of a great idea. Even given the technology, I'm wondering if they could've improved on some aspects.
Posted: 03/16/15, 15:21:45
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