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Pokemon Shuffle Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
7.79/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokemon Shuffle on the 3DS!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

So, how are you liking this game? I think it's fun. I'm playing it in small doses. I'm on battle 42 of about 159 (for now). I already got the Mew from a special event, too. I haven't captured all the pokemon I have battled. I'm focusing on moving forward and then coming back to catch them all. I AM making exceptions for those pokemon I can actually Mega Evolve.

By the way, how does this game compare to Pokemon Trozei? I haven't played that one.

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Posted: 02/24/15, 06:04:08  - Edited by 
 on: 02/24/15, 06:07:13
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sirmastersephiroth said:
Jargon said:

Yea probably not, but it is weird they're giving 50,000 to Japan and only 20,000 to the US.

I see that you redownloaded the game haha.

This game is like crack.

I have a problem.
Posted: 03/23/15, 13:46:29
Well, at least only the wealthy can overdose. It's like the opposite of a draft.

Eliminate the 1%!
Posted: 03/23/15, 14:58:40
So I guess the new main stages unlock after beating level 150? I've still got to get around to doing that. I also wonder if more new Main stages means the Mewtwo stage will still unlock with 150 S rankings, or if you have to S rank all of the new stages too.

As for the new Special stages, Keldeo is really tough...
Posted: 03/23/15, 20:09:50
V_s said:
So I guess the new main stages unlock after beating level 150? I've still got to get around to doing that. I also wonder if more new Main stages means the Mewtwo stage will still unlock with 150 S rankings, or if you have to S rank all of the new stages too.

As for the new Special stages, Keldeo is really tough...

I already beat Keldeo but I haven't caught him yet.
Posted: 03/23/15, 21:13:25
After I woke up, I was kind of dreading checking the Tournament Standings, since I had been hovering around 17,000 last night.

Ended at 20,500. Goddammit!

I'm kind of glad, though. Now, I can finally stop caring.

That's how I'm rationalizing this.
Posted: 03/23/15, 22:15:21

We're barely missed the cut brothers!
Posted: 03/24/15, 00:37:43
And to think that I once looked down upon your lowly status...

*shakes head sadly*

It's just like John Lennon said: Pride truly comes before a fall.
Posted: 03/24/15, 00:51:09
Okay, I've truly deleted the game, this time, along with its save data. There's no going back.

It was just getting obnoxious. Some Pokémon (especially the expert ones) I couldn't quite beat no matter what my team was, and leveling up is too slow and makes very little difference. You really have to rely on luck.

I've got plenty of other short burst time wasters I can play instead.
Posted: 03/25/15, 15:54:49
This is still fun for me. I'm only on level 20 so no real obsticles yet. Managed to land a 47 hit bonus combo! It just kept going and going... I half expected the 3DS to start pumping out quarters!
Posted: 03/25/15, 17:06:57
Yeah, at this point it seems you need to spend muchos coins on helping items, or grind up your Pokemon like mad.
I'm thinking of deleting it as well.
Posted: 03/25/15, 17:47:34
I've had this as my go-to game when I've wanted to waste a minute or two at a time, but I think I'll be going back to Streets of Rage's eminent asskickery now. I'm at level 75 in Shuffle, and the game's really starting to turn itself into a chore to make me spend money on it. Fuck this industry, maaaannnnn.
Posted: 03/25/15, 19:11:18
I'm somewhere in the 160 range level-wise and besides occasionally wanting to spend coins on bonuses, most levels don't make me feel like I NEED to pay for anything. A few feel like there is a requirement to use an item if you want an actual chance at catching it and the expert levels seem like hellish with their time limits but I'm happily still enjoying this game.

For those who are quitting, I hope you got your money's worth anyway. (In other words, had any amount of fun since it is free to start.) Other games will appreciate your attention.
Posted: 03/25/15, 20:08:15
You guys delete games that you don't play? Why? Just to free up space? Or so that you won't be tempted by them again?

Is it wrong to have a post that is nothing but questions?
Posted: 03/25/15, 23:55:04
The post-Level 152 levels are pretty tough (or at least I've had a rough time with 153 and 154 anyway). Haven't caught 154, but I beat the level. I've also caught all of the Daily specials so far. No progress on the Experts.

I'm starting to think that I'm going to have to grind in order to proceed much further...
Posted: 03/26/15, 03:13:49

Looking more specifically at my game I can report that...

I've beaten up to 160. Haven't caught 152, 153, 154, 156, or 159. Haven't tried hard but they certainly aren't insta-catches except the random one.

Working hard on the 15-second Suicine. I even beat it in 7 seconds one time, and the % was still 42% only... and I didn't get it. I've played it a ton of times now and most of the time I have a 21% chance. Never caught.
Posted: 03/26/15, 03:39:54
Normally I don't, but the game has tempted me to purchase jewels and I know I really shouldn't be shelling out cash toward something that will forever beg me for more.
Basically, I know I can be weak sometimes so I might delete it. Maybe.
Posted: 03/26/15, 06:27:32

I just want the temptation to waste even more time on it gone. It's designed to make you feel like if you're not using up those 5 hearts every 2.5 hours, you're wasting your opportunity to catch Pokémon, grind, etc. I just think that I'm fairly vulnerable to that kind of thing. I have to remind myself that I'm not "sticking it" to the company who made the F2P game by playing that way, they've got me right where they want me.
Posted: 03/26/15, 15:40:59

I still haven't caught 154, 155, or 160. And I've now gotten up to 165, so I've also yet to catch 161, 163, or 164 (or 165).

I've caught a few other Experts. I've now caught all of the first 9 except for Moltres and all three of the Legendary Beasts. Haven't been able to catch the other 7 yet (or unlock the last one), and I still haven't managed to beat Blaziken or Heatran.
Posted: 03/28/15, 20:06:17

I can beat Heatran pretty swiftly but catching him still eludes me. Blaziken is one of the hardest ones there are, easy. Haven't been able to beat him yet I don't think.
Posted: 03/28/15, 21:09:27
I can confirm that you get a jewel for your 100th Streetpass. And if it hasn't been said yet, I can confirm that you can unlock Mew Two on expert using S ranks from the update.
Posted: 04/03/15, 04:31:19
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