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Pokemon Shuffle Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
7.79/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokemon Shuffle on the 3DS!

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So, how are you liking this game? I think it's fun. I'm playing it in small doses. I'm on battle 42 of about 159 (for now). I already got the Mew from a special event, too. I haven't captured all the pokemon I have battled. I'm focusing on moving forward and then coming back to catch them all. I AM making exceptions for those pokemon I can actually Mega Evolve.

By the way, how does this game compare to Pokemon Trozei? I haven't played that one.

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Posted: 02/24/15, 06:04:08  - Edited by 
 on: 02/24/15, 06:07:13
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10,300 coins in one Meowth run. Doubt I'll ever match that again.
Posted: 12/27/15, 18:25:16

Nice one! I just did my all time high of 8700 yesterday.

This Safari Zone is really weird. Fire, Rock, Ground, and Flying types all mixed together, four Pokemon slots for our team instead of three, random Meowths and Bulbasaurs in the levels... Fletchinder is pretty fun though.
Posted: 12/29/15, 05:45:02  - Edited by 
 on: 12/29/15, 05:45:40
Fletchinder is Flying, not Fire?

Bah. My water team was going to kickass.
Posted: 12/29/15, 06:15:24

Yea this is a pain. The levela are a lot trickier than usual too
Posted: 12/29/15, 06:41:16

Fletchinder is Fire. Fletchling is Flying.
Posted: 12/30/15, 04:53:44

Oh there's three in that family, hah. I was thinking that there was Talonflame, and another one.

I need to bone up on my Pokeymans.
Posted: 12/30/15, 05:02:22
I still need Gigalith and Camerupt. And just now I got Roggenrola like 8 times straight. Uggggh.
Posted: 12/30/15, 05:10:56

I just started the Safari this evening (been wasting time on the new area in Picross instead). Got lucky with Camerupt appearing in the first set of 5 stages. 58% catch rate and missed.

I threw a Great ball.

Still need Gigalith, Numel and Roggenrola. Thelatter two should be easy enough.
Posted: 12/30/15, 14:14:18
Finally ran into Camerupt. Now I just need Gigalith and then I can finally start on the latest Main stages. That is, if I don't decide to keep going in the Keldeo escalation. Apparently you get 2 Mega Speedups at Level 300. But since I'm only Level 150 and there's only 6 days left, I probably will just move on.
Posted: 12/30/15, 19:01:33
My brother's gone out of town and didn't want to take his 3DS with him (no Wifi, so no check-ins), so I've been doing the Safari for both his 3DS and mine. I just recently managed to catch everything in the Safari on my 3DS, but I'm still missing Gigalith on his. Roggenrola is driving me crazy. I can stand the birds appearing all the time because their disruptions are actually interesting, but Roggenrola is such a pain.

I've played Talonflame a few times now since I'm done with the Safari, and I've managed to beat him once (itemless), but I finished with 0 seconds remaining, so that netted me a 5% chance to catch him. So that failed, and I decided to skip on the Great Ball.
Posted: 12/31/15, 05:19:52

I just exit out when I don't get a Pokemon I need in the Safari. Usually it was so fast there was no point but this time it's honestly not worth my time for the XP and 30 coins.
Posted: 12/31/15, 05:54:17
Alright, except for catching the final Expert Pokemon, I am completely caught up on everything!
Posted: 01/01/16, 03:22:52
Beat Keldeo on Level 200, but even with a full load of items it wasn't easy. I can only imagine what getting to Level 300 would be like. Now I can finally turn to the new Main stages (but with only $50,000 coins to use).
Posted: 01/03/16, 22:40:42
No items necessary to beat the latest batch of Main stages. Now to S-rank and catch.
Posted: 01/05/16, 16:33:18

How in hell did you beat Deoxys without items? That thing is just obnoxious.

Exploud too, but I managed to *just* sneak in after many attempts on itemless, thanks to abuse of Machamp's Eject and some lucky combos.

Infernape is up in today's update, ignore the usual item spiel: Mega Swampert (6), Tyranitar (9), Phione (9) and Palkia (8),

Tyranitar has Eject to get rid of any Infernape icons, Palkia can kill ice barriers, Phione for pure power with Crowd Control, and Mega Swampert to create a water combo free-for-all. Beat it with 8 turns left.
Posted: 01/12/16, 08:56:15
That moment when you enter Weekend Meowth and forget to grab the +5 moves...

Posted: 01/31/16, 08:17:05
Massive Pokemon Shuffle update.

Survival Mode, Mission cards, an item that increases Max Level on certain pokemon, and a bunch of UI changes.

Slight downside- The trick where upside down L or T matches gave you double matches is now gone. Ah well.
Posted: 03/23/16, 09:43:50


Well that's unfortunate. But so much new content, and we finally got all the good updates that the mobile users got ages ago (plus some other great ones)!

It's kind of weird that there's so few Pokemon that can use the Raise Max Level item right now though. Kind of makes it feel like they released the update before it was quite finished.

I cleared out the first challenge card without too much difficulty and then decided to start on the third since the Safari regularly nets me combos of 100+ (which is one of card 3's goals), and I have failed to manage such a combo every time... Hmm. I guess I'll just keep at it.
Posted: 03/24/16, 03:38:12

Ha. I just did that not 15 minutes ago.

Safari is the way to go. Took me about a dozen attempts before I pulled off a 140+ combo on Forretress. Got me the 30K+ or whatever it is score objective too.

That 100 coin one is going to be interesting though. People are saying Weekend Meowth. Still going might be tricky though. Lets say:

16 x 3 matches = 48 coins for 1600
10 x 4 matches = 40 coins for 3000
2 x 5 matches = 10 coins for 1000

98 coin icons for a total of 5,600 coins.

Which is about where I end up give or take. Hmm.

Ultimately it will come down to how many 'large' matches. They're actually less efficient as far as matching individual icons go...
Posted: 03/24/16, 04:40:58
I've now cleared cards 1 and 2 entirely, and I'm only missing the 100 Coin and 50-Rocks-on-Throh-stage missions on card 3. I still need to catch 26 more Pokemon and S-rank 33 more stages in order to have everything (not counting S-ranking Expert stages).

I feel like I've gotten so far behind in everything now! Haha.
Posted: 03/26/16, 18:11:47
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