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If you are getting the New 3DS, what are you doing with your old 3DS? [poll]
Keeping it (14/20 votes)
Gifting it (1/20 vote)
Trading it in (2/20 votes)
Selling it (1/20 vote)
Unsure (2/20 votes)
Whatever happens, I'm keeping my old 3DS. It'll help me with some of the Streetpass games plus I'd like to stop selling my old systems.

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Posted: 01/19/15, 21:45:43
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pokepal148 said:
Probably use it as a backup or as a second unit for transferring stuff between pokemon games.

Transferring between Pokémon games...or do you mean transferring between Pokémon DIMENSIONS?!?

Posted: 01/23/15, 18:27:45
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