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New 3DS XL: Knowing what we know after the Nintendo Direct, which one are you buying? [poll]
New Black (3/30 votes)
New Red (3/30 votes)
Majora's Mask Edition (7/30 votes)
Monster Hunter 4 Edition (3/30 votes)
Holding off for different colors/themes (0/30 votes)
Crossing fingers for regular sized New 3DS (1/30 vote)
Not buying at all (9/30 votes)
Unsure (4/30 votes)
I'm going to get the New Black 3DS XL, whenever I get the money. It may not be at launch. I would love to have the regular sized New 3DS with the faceplates but, I'm not holding hope for it to come stateside. I'd love to get the Majora's Mask Edition but, it seems like that's an uphill battle.

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Posted: 01/19/15, 21:42:51
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stratos said:
Monster Hunters represent!

Heck yeah, that system looks so cool. I'm happy that's the one I ordered. Looking forward to next month...!
Posted: 01/21/15, 17:24:19
I'm leaning towards not getting it at all. The additions are pretty underwhelming, IMO, and I really like my XL.

That said, my XL does have a fatal flaw--I dropped it on accident a few months ago and the L button sticks. It's not a vital button...except in my favorite 3DS game, Kid Icarus: Uprising. Is there a way to get this repaired via do-it-yourself or by sending it into Nintendo? How much might the latter cost?
Posted: 01/21/15, 20:46:06

That would be so much better if it didn't put the text on it. Ew.
Posted: 01/21/15, 20:52:07

I would agree but it still looks quite nice. Just would prefer it without text.
Posted: 01/21/15, 22:08:41
I pre-ordered a black New XL from Gamestop today, kinda boring and plain jane but didn't love any of the other options.

I also ordered one of the official vertical charging stands from JPN because as of yet there is no word on wether or not they'll be released here (my guess is no considering how NoA seems to just not give a fuck anymore), I'm a big fan of a having a dedicated cradle/home for charging.
Posted: 01/27/15, 01:34:26
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