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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
9.05/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS!

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The next in Japan's uber popular monster hunting franchise comes to the west on Nintendo 3DS on February 13, 2015.

NW Hunters:

Anand: 3007-8093-4928 (Ananda), Skype:
NinTemple_Maxi: 3840-8219-3357 (Elipsia), Skype:
VofEscaflowne: 2277-6633-7837 (Duraven), Skype:
GameDadGrant: 2964-8577-8227 (Grant), Skype:
Mop it up: 4038-6104-5683 (Nova)
Marsh: 4554-0031-1413 (Jarsh)

NW Weekly Hunts:
Monday, 7:00 CST (Greenwich Central Time)
Lobby Password: 0110
NW chat!!

Come and join the party*!

Disclaimer: Only four people may attend said party.

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Posted: 01/17/15, 08:26:04  - Edited by 
 on: 04/21/15, 02:50:05
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S&S is great for beginners, but is also very good with veterans. Stache plays exclusively with the S&S (except in Arena quests when that set isn't available) and is awesome with them.

This is just me, but I prefer something with a bigger impact. I like the Switch Axe personally.
Posted: 03/11/15, 20:45:32  - Edited by 
 on: 03/11/15, 20:46:01
Cool. Yeah, I noticed that the sword and shield was pretty quick.

It will be good for me to get used to this set, since I'm keen on getting the Link outfit when that is available!
Posted: 03/11/15, 21:52:35
Hey, speaking of which - how do I even get the Link costume? It's free DLC, right? I didn't see it in the shop...?
Posted: 03/12/15, 00:14:24
Another good weapon choice for begging players is the lance, I started with this back in Monster Hunter Tri. Like the sword 'n shield, it's pretty straightforward: X is stab forward, A is stab upward. That's it! The downside is the low mobility, but it shouldn't matter since you should be blocking and countering everything instead of trying to evade anyway. Since rolls have a very small window of invulnerability, shields are much easier to use for defense, especially when you don't have monster moves memorised. There are a few more nuances to the lance, but you'll pick up on those through play and I don't want to do information overload here or anything.

Just note that with all shields, your defense stat will determine whether or not you take chip damage from a block. Keep your armours upgraded to have high enough defense so you don't have your health chipped away. There are also armour skills to improve blocking and reduce chip damage as well.

Also note that a few attacks are unblockable, which are some of the projectile attacks in the game (Gravios's fire beam for example). Best stay out of the way of these! There's also a skill to block unblockable attacks.
Posted: 03/12/15, 01:18:39

You'll have to do some quests in the gathering hall I believe. I've yet to get it myself.

Anyone up for some online tonight by the way?
Posted: 03/12/15, 03:42:31
I'd jump online, but I have to recharge my 3DS. This game is a huge battery suck! Maybe tomorrow.

Like everyone said, S'n'S is good for beginners, because you retain your mobility. The heavy weapons are super-powerful, but monsters can really punish you if you whiff or don't know use them properly. (Post-hit rolling is pretty essential for heavy weapons.)

I actually think that the bowgun is pretty good for beginners, because you can kind of hang back and snipe. But the armor is weaker, so...

Really, though, pick whatever looks fun for you. On Tri, I went from Bowgun to Great Sword. On Ultimate, I rocked a Gunlance and the occasional long sword. Now I'm back to the Bowgun. I should really diversify!
Posted: 03/12/15, 03:46:22  - Edited by 
 on: 03/12/15, 03:47:05
@Anand We could use a Gunner!
Posted: 03/12/15, 05:53:13
Been playing this with Mop it up lately and I am HR 5 online while being on the 4 star quests offline and I am using the Sword and shield, Switch axe, Lance, Long Sword, Hammer, Charge Blade and a little bit of Light Bowgun.
Posted: 03/12/15, 10:58:03
Do they always give you like, a ton of time to complete each mission? They are giving me like, an hour to gather up mushrooms and kill three monsters. I can bang that out in 15 minutes. Why give me 60, unless that's the standard time limit on all missions?
Posted: 03/12/15, 19:20:05
It's standard time, however you are gonna need that much time when fighting the big guys (yes, multiple) at the same time. Fab and I fought two rathalos last night and we were over the 30 min mark with one of the beasts still alive. He (Fab) later fainted and we failed the mission, but that's a rarity.
Posted: 03/12/15, 19:34:09
Beat the Urgent to open up the Third Star on High Rank (I finished him off in my office bathroom). Some pretty scary shit in there, man. I don't think I've failed a single quest so far, but I'm always on the edge. With my weak-ass Velociprey Gunner armor.

However, I'm gathering like a squirrel!

You have my barrel!

Yeah, that's standard. It gives you enough time to fart around and stock up on supplies if you want to. Or wander around in case you lose the monster. The other day, I beat a quest with FOUR SECONDS left on the clock. After wasting two traps by laying them just before the monster left the area (limp the other way!). I was all set to End Via Subquest in the three seconds that I had left if the last Tranq didn't work.
Posted: 03/13/15, 02:46:58
Those trap quests are so intense sometimes! Heartbreaking when you fail, part of the reason why I quit playing Tri.
Posted: 03/13/15, 03:25:25
So...it's readily apparent I'm a complete noob at this series. I posted this on Miiverse the other day, but I figured it'd get some lulz here, too. During a hunt, I took a peek at the sky, and saw this:

I had no idea what it was, so I just assumed:

But apparently, that's not what that is. Just a hot air balloon, or something. Oh well.
Posted: 03/13/15, 05:01:26

If you wave at it, it'll reveal the location of a monster you're hunting.
Posted: 03/13/15, 05:36:38
So another thing I found: I can't just go out into the field, unless I'm on a mission. What's that all about? I gotta go get some iron ore to upgrade my sword! Why can't I do that on my own time?


Posted: 03/13/15, 16:04:35

Yeah you can. You unlock "missions" that really have no specific goal. You just have the time limit but can still end it at any time after delivering an item that will be sent to the item box 2 minutes after you start.
Posted: 03/13/15, 16:13:23

Yeah, but I'd still be on a mission. I can't just go out there and wander around at my leisure. No time limit or anything. Unless I missed something?
Posted: 03/13/15, 17:08:51

Even if there was no time limit, you'd stay out there for 50 minutes gathering materials?
Posted: 03/13/15, 17:10:46


No, I mean if I wanted to just go grab some iron ore for my sword, I can't just skip out of town real fast, grab the stuff and come back. I have to start up a mission, grab what I want, finish the mission, then come back. It's a whole process. I could just get what I wanted in two minutes, but instead I have to go and *also* grab some mushrooms or kill some Jaggis or something before returning home. (assuming I choose a simple, early mission) Seems like a waste of time, y'know?

Or maybe not. Again, I'm a complete noob so maybe I'm missing something. Can I start a mission, grab some non-mission related stuff, and exit out real fast, without completing the actual mission? And keep the stuff I gathered?
Posted: 03/13/15, 17:51:25

Except I just said that you unlock missions that have no specific goal Plus you can craft items that teleport you back to the starting point for a quick escape. If that's not quick enough, then I don't know.
Posted: 03/13/15, 17:54:00
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