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New 3DS: How do you feel about the lack of a smaller New 3DS for the U.S.? [poll]
Disappointed (11/38 votes)
Don't Care (22/38 votes)
I'll wait to see if they announce it later on (5/38 votes)
I'm pretty disappointed. I was super hyped for the New 3DS coming out here and already planning on what plates to buy. Now, I have to rethink what I'm going to do. I guess I'll buy the XL version but I was really hoping for the chance to buy the small one just like EVERYONE ELSE GOT.

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Posted: 01/14/15, 21:25:35
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Posted: 01/15/15, 01:19:27
Posted: 01/15/15, 01:54:22
I just wish the XL had faceplates and colored buttons.
Posted: 01/15/15, 01:58:19  - Edited by 
 on: 01/15/15, 01:58:36
I just wish the Majora's Mask one didn't sell out before I even had the chance to pre order it.

Thanks work.
Posted: 01/15/15, 02:00:18  - Edited by 
 on: 01/15/15, 02:00:43
Disappointed. I have 3DS XL now, and decided to go for the smaller new 3DS for a change. Sadly, I'll have to wait it seems (a while, or forever).

I wanted the smaller version for the better system colors (red and "new" black are super ugly/boring), the swappable face plates, and the colorful buttons.

Looks like the new 3DS XL will be the first Nintendo system I (initially) pass on.
Posted: 01/15/15, 02:17:18
I've been enjoying my XL for a year now. I'm more than okay and honestly didn't even notice.


Luckily I left at lunch and pre-ordered it online but in-store. There was more stock available there. Maybe there still is but I don't know...
Posted: 01/15/15, 03:00:15  - Edited by 
 on: 01/15/15, 03:00:55
Am I the only one getting the Monster Hunter 4 version?
Posted: 01/15/15, 03:09:40
Anand said:
So I tried to pre-order the Monster Hunter New 3DS at (ugh) GameStop today, and they said that the pre-orders were online-only. So I'd have to pay shipping AND tax. Meh.

And after I honored a retail store with my benevolence!

I guess I could pay the whole thing off and get it shipped for free, but it would take a week longer? And it's probably going to sell out while I waffle. Ugh.
Posted: 01/15/15, 03:10:58
Anand said:
I just wish the XL had faceplates and colored buttons.
Oh god, for some reason this totally slipped past me, I've been focused on getting the normal New 3DS for so long that I've never even looked closely at the XL, it doesn't have the colored buttons! Waaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

The more I consider this the more bummed I am, dammit, the New 3DS is just... sexier than the XL, just look at!

Posted: 01/15/15, 03:14:27  - Edited by 
 on: 01/15/15, 03:19:33
I don't like the poll options. I probably wouldn't opt for the smaller handheld myself but I think it is lame they don't offer it. Having an option would be nice especially when you think that a lot of consumers will be kids who have smaller hands or whose parents have less money to put towards the system.
Posted: 01/15/15, 03:20:33
Yeah, it sucks. But aside from that cosmetic stuff, I would never, ever choose the smaller version.
Posted: 01/15/15, 03:26:34
To me, the regular 3DS was already pretty bulky. So I don't really favor the portability of the smaller one. XL for me, either way.

Though I hope they improved the speakers.
Posted: 01/15/15, 04:19:04
I'm still rocking the original small black 3DS and I've never really felt the urge to go big. I honestly think Nintendo really just wants to push the "bigger" one on all of us which seems a bit aggressive. I don't mind buying the bigger one. I'm due for an update and I guess it will make the monsters in Monster Hunter bigger. The ones in Xenoblade too I guess? It's time for big ass everything!
Posted: 01/15/15, 11:53:00
XL is where it's at anyway for me, but I sympathize for those who really wanted the smaller one and all the plate design swapping.

I'm probably going to have to wait before betting it now, because I sort of lost my job yesterday. *sigh* I guess I could spend my unemployment check on one recklessly and eat beans and rice in the dark for a week to justify it.
Posted: 01/15/15, 16:46:34  - Edited by 
 on: 01/15/15, 16:46:57
I personally don't care. The face plates are the only perk for me...the XL is what I would buy if I were in the market for another system.
Posted: 01/15/15, 17:25:55
Oh no sorry about your job! Hope you move on to bigger and better things soon.
Posted: 01/15/15, 19:09:48

Thank you very much. It's heartbreaking, because it's a position that took me 4 years of working my ass off in the 110 degree Las Vegas summers to get promoted into... Never late, barely no call outs in all that time, no drama whatsoever. This new young manager took over last year, replacing the best boss I've ever worked for, and I knew he seemed shady. He basically just forced me and four amazing people below me out so that he could promote or hire all of his shitty friends into the position instead. The one who I know was this lazy SOB who didn't even pretend to care about his job last season, was rude to the guests, and came in late or called out as he pleased, apparently without punishment.

It's going to be hard to move on to better things, because I never had a job that was so fun, rewarding, and high paying... We're talking tips anywhere from $200-500 per day. The worst part is that I only got to work this high position for one season, so now even the experience doesn't look like much, and the fact that I wasn't rehired makes me look like it as due to my performance or personality. That isn't the case for me or any of the other great people he just screwed over.

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for letting me rant. I really haven't talked about it much with anybody, and I'm just now starting to feel the grief.
Posted: 01/15/15, 23:07:23
Wow that sucks! What an ass (the new manager).

Something similar happened to me a couple of years ago, my awesome boss of 7 years left and then a new guy came in but he was a horrible manager and a total creep, made off-color comments to all the women and literally every female in the department quit after a few months (small team, about 8 or 9 people). Everyone he hired to replace them was an incompetent sycophant that made life unbearable so eventually all of the "old-guard" male employees quit too, including me. So it's not the same because I wasn't fired, but I felt like I was basically forced to leave, and all of my friends who I had worked with for years were scattered. Most of us landed good jobs so in the end it was fine, it took me over a year but I eventually was able to go freelance and now I work for myself which is awesome, but it was a hard transition.

My best advice is to hang in there, eventually you'll find something, maybe it won't quite as good but you never know, could be better. I thought I'd never find a job that I liked as much, and maybe I never will, but it forced me to grow and do something I never would have had the guts to do before, so sometimes good things can come crappy situations, there's usually some silver lining, even if there are tons of cons there are also pros to every situation.

Good luck!
Posted: 01/16/15, 01:22:35  - Edited by 
 on: 01/16/15, 01:23:35
My dad lost a 20+ year job with a company that loved him when a new company bought them and basically decided to just keep their own employees and dump most of the ones in my dad's company. My dad never made a lot of money, but that was a stable, decent paying job that allowed him and my mom to get by ok and ever since then his employment history / pay has not been good and they have certainly not been getting by the best. Ug.

But you're (relatively) young, you'll find something.
Posted: 01/16/15, 01:41:37
Yeah, I'm sure you guys are right. It's clearly not a unique situation and has probably happened to countless good people. It should come as little surprise that the corporate world isn't a fair place. I'm fortunate enough to be able to at least collect unemployment for a little while as I find something new.

Thanks for listening to my rant, and I'm sorry that I sort of derailed this thread with it.
Posted: 01/16/15, 02:42:00
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