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What are your predictions for 2015? [roundtable]

New 3DS comes out in the US this April, day and date with Majoraís Mask.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U is pushed to Spring 2016.

The next 3D Mario game is announced; coming next year.

Star Fox will have no on-foot missions but will have different vehicles.

Special Club Nintendo Only Amiibo(s) announced

New Metroid game announced

Third iteration of Pokemon X and Y announced. Could be Z, X2, or Y2 (or X2 and Y2 if they are feeling playful). It will have features from the previous games, including features from AROS.

More DLC for Mario Kart

New Amiibo game in the vein of Disney Infinity.

More Amiibos.

Scarce Amiibos will come out again.

Club Nintendo only plates for the New 3DS.

Scarcity for anything Nintendo continues.

Other Systems

Titanfall 2 with Single Player

Rise of the Tomb Raider sells well but not extravagantly. It doesnít move as many consoles as Microsoft expects, probably because most PS4 owners donít want to jump ship over a game they suspect it will come out on the PS4 with all the DLC included.

No Half-Life 3 announcement.

No Beyond Good and Evil 2 announcement.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will feature a surprise voiceover by David Hayter hinting at a Metal Gear remake.

A new Assassinís Creed (or three) will be announced.

Batman Arkham Knight includes a last minute copy of the Nemesis system cause they donít want to fall behind to Shadow of Mordor.

More PS3 HD ports for the PS4.

Capcom is bought by another company, either Nintendo or Sony.Hopefully Nintendo. WIshful thinking, I know.

New Bioshock game announced.

Microsoft announces service similar to Playstation Now.

Silent Hills get an official release date for this year.

New God of War game announced.

So what are your gaming predictions for this year?

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Posted: 01/11/15, 06:07:31  - Edited by 
 on: 01/11/15, 06:07:21
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Zero said:
@sirmastersephiroth Why is that not great news for non-single gamers?!

Jargon said:

Because now single gamers will have something to do on Valentine's Day.

We'll be too busy having fun with our New 3DS to realize that the rest of the country is busy loving each other and stuff.
Posted: 01/14/15, 08:04:55
I'd like to see some more "NEW" First and Second party games for the 3DS (Xenoblade and Zelda MM don't count) 2014 seemed pretty devoid of First party 3DS games with the exclusion of Kirby TD and Smash 3DS.
Posted: 01/14/15, 09:48:00
Robots. Robots everywhere.
Posted: 01/16/15, 02:44:57
Jargon said:

Haha, I must admit I'm more nervous about it now than I was when we made it. But I'm still pretty confident. If E3 comes and goes without a Metroid game being announced though I might have to delete my profile and disappear.

Don't delete it, just have Zero change your profile name to Jar-gone.
Posted: 01/23/15, 19:21:41
I predict that Jargon will indeed delete his profile and disappear, but then will return with a new name and pretend to be someone else. The name of Nograj.

I predict that Club Nintendo will close down and be replaced by a new program, one where everyone will hype themselves into oblivion before it's revealed and then complain it into the ground when it doesn't meet those expectations.

I wonder how plausible this would have sounded if someone made this prediction last week.
Posted: 01/23/15, 22:28:47
I think Nintendo is going to play more with the idea of cross-buy. I think they might realize that few people will double dip on NES games and just give you a code for one version as long as you own the other. Or at least slash the price on the other version. Have Super Mario Bros. On 3DS? Pay a dollar and have it on Wii U. Something like that.
Posted: 01/24/15, 05:23:09
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