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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
9.4/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth on the 3DS!

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Hey, is anyone else excited about the first Persona game on the 3DS? Mind you it isn't a "normal" Persona game, and in fact sounds more like an Etrian Odyssey type game in the Persona world, but that could be neat. It releases next week in North America and has been getting great review scores so far (around 87% on GR at the moment.)

I might try to knock Persona 3 out first though since it uses characters from 3 and 4.

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Posted: 11/21/14, 21:15:12  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/14, 04:01:24
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It seems I was wrong about using the navigator skills outside of battle. Pressing R just shows you a list of their abilities. Booooo!
Regardless, most of my post is correct.
Posted: 12/18/14, 06:19:21
You have failed me for the last time, ploot!
Posted: 12/18/14, 06:31:18
Make sure to have binds or ways to silence enemies on the third labyrinth. Battles have enemies lowering your resistance and immediately cast a spell to take advantage of that. They also attack early in the battle which makes escaping very hard. At least using a bind might work... but holy crap, I got wiped out in 2 turns by them. Not much progress lost but annoying anyway!
Posted: 12/18/14, 06:34:46
Well, hey. At least you know why the navs can have sub personas now! Pretty useful, no?
Please don't destroy me. I'll do better, I promise.
Posted: 12/18/14, 07:03:39
Anyone still playing this? Made it to the 4th labyrinth and it's starting to really be draining from battle to battle. Gotta find some sort of better set up but all the skills that I want are all over the place with no way to get them all on a single Persona
Posted: 12/26/14, 19:49:38
Yup, I'm still playing this, but is indeed draining. The occasional stroll option isn't enough to break the monotony of the dungeons, I'm afraid.
I'm taking a short break with the newer Adventure Time game just to clear my head, but I'll be back to finish this up since I love the characters.
Posted: 12/26/14, 21:25:48

Oh I meant draining as in it's hard to maintain good HP/SP throughout battles. But yeah, it's a lot of dungeon exploring, that's for sure. I've never played the Etrian Odyssey games so I assume that's how these are. At least there's also some hilarious conversations between the characters scattered throughout the actual dungeons though!
Posted: 12/27/14, 04:36:21
Finally made it to the end of the fourth labyrinth That was a long and difficult one at times.
Posted: 01/04/15, 17:08:39
Had to take a break over the holidays. I think I still am not done with the 2nd maze.
Posted: 01/05/15, 17:21:51

Just you wait for the 4th one
Posted: 01/05/15, 17:28:44
Getting on the final stretch of this I believe. Yu is currently level 60 so some interesting Persona fusions just popped up. Though the stuff I have right now is a pretty nice combo to easily wipe out enemies. Chie is an absolute powerhouse. I can have a single of her attacks doing up to 1600 damage... and another attack if done correctly can do an upwards of 4000 to a single target I also decided to focus on her and added Yosuke to my team for the added agility over Kanji and doing stat effects on enemies as quickly as possible. Quite useful!

I'm seriously thinking this might just be my GOTY. It pretty much has everything. Addictive gameplay, excellent soundtrack, interesting story even if a bit slim on it, moments that will make you laugh and feel sad. The interaction between the P3 and P4 teams is absolutely awesome having played both games. I love it.
Posted: 01/09/15, 07:48:36  - Edited by 
 on: 01/09/15, 07:48:54
Did you pretty much stick with the same team throughout (until you switched Kanji for Yosuke)?
I'm tempted to change mine up for variety's sake, but they are so under-leveled!!
Posted: 01/09/15, 14:43:39

Yeah that was the only time that I changed. Switching out for Yosuke wasn't that big of an issue really though it works out since I use him mostly to either debuff or stat effects. Lullaby Song + Impure Reach makes for very easy battles.
Posted: 01/09/15, 15:12:01
Yeah I'm at the final battle now and this is definitely one of the battles I'll have to prepare for the most. I know some skills which are extremely useful for it... but I think I'll need Chie to have it as well to really take it down fast and minimize any problems it may cause to the team. So crazy
Posted: 01/11/15, 06:44:51
Just beat the game! And what a game it is. Definitely stands out as one of the system's best games.
Posted: 01/12/15, 03:58:07
How many hours do you have logged?
I'm still on the third labyrinth!
Posted: 01/12/15, 04:04:12

105 hours on my cleared file. Take away a few for listening to the music. Still a lot!
Posted: 01/12/15, 04:33:04
I've finally gotten back to this game, and it's going well.
I find that changing up my party every couple floors or so keeps things interesting. I'm hoping to use everyone to an extent.

Just about to begin the fourth labyrinth. Hoo-rah!
Posted: 02/04/15, 23:06:14
I'm on the first floor of the third labyrinth. Spooky!
Posted: 02/04/15, 23:39:31
There are some crazy mind puzzles in that labyrinth! Beware.

As for the fourth, what a breath of fresh air. I'm really enjoying it so far.

Also, Impure Reach plus Mamudoon equals overpowered Ken. It's nuts! I'm breezing through right now.
Posted: 02/05/15, 06:40:51
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