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General amiibo Discussion Thread
amiibo is certainly turning out to be a big thing in Nintendo's eyes. Whether or not the rewards for utilizing each amiibo is worthy to you, Nintendo plans to implement all sorts of bonuses. It appears right now that every amiibo is meant to do 'something' in each game though games not featuring certain characters may have more limited uses or lesser-valued ones. We've had plenty of threads on here for amiibo and I'm sure that will continue. Still, I wanted to establish a general discussion thread that doesn't have a specific focus or thought. We'll also use this thread for informing the forums about upcoming news regarding new waves of amiibo or new compatibility. Enjoy! Tell us which amiibo you're planning to get! To get the party started, here are the various waves of amiibo on their way, compatibility information from Nintendo's website, and various links to other threads regarding amiibo.

Known amiibo

Super Smash Bros.

Yarn Yoshi

Super Mario


Animal Crossing (multiple waves)

Animal Crossing amiibo Cards

30th Anniversary Mario

Chibi-Robo, Shovel Knight, and Mega Man

Skylanders Superchargers - Bowser and DK

The Legend of Zelda

Compatible Games

Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Party 10, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Yoshi's Woolly World, Splatoon, CodeName: S.T.E.A.M., ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON LEGACY, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and more…

Nintendo's amiibo Website

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Posted: 11/18/14, 01:30:29  - Edited by 
 on: 02/05/16, 15:49:52
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I plan on it. What time does she go up for pre-order?
Posted: 07/15/15, 22:11:13

Not sure if that was announced yet.
Posted: 07/15/15, 23:35:13

The only thing I can think of after reading that was this:

Posted: 07/15/15, 23:42:04

Haha, I love that bit. Reminds me of several real-life scenarios that were every bit as annoying.
Posted: 07/15/15, 23:50:14

UGH, I heard this at GameStop earlier and though they were mistaken (related: King Dedede is in my possession now). The only words that come to mind are "worst case scenario."

Not at all excited about this. Quite worried. Is somebody willing to CALL ME on a PHONE if they see her going live?
Posted: 07/16/15, 00:19:19
An online exclusive? That's where I check out. No thank you.
Posted: 07/16/15, 05:53:11

One per customer. Amazon.com. I can't imagine it'll be botched. It's very likely amazon will announce when they put her up. I'm hoping for the best. But this is why I'm fine paying a hit more for mine from the uk. She's sitting pretty in my collection now

Wave 5b is from Germany later this month. Luckily the euro isn't too much more than usd.
Posted: 07/16/15, 06:00:14

I really dislike Amazon. A lot. If I end up with a Palutena, it sure as heck won't be from Amazon. Though I also hate the thought of an online exclusive generally.
Posted: 07/16/15, 06:25:36
Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr., and Olimar are shipped! Incoming! Though I wish I wasn't paying two separate shipping costs… ugh.
Posted: 07/16/15, 13:47:54
I kind of bowed out other than a couple dumb luck finds after the first couple waves, like the Splatoon set, but I decided that I'm willing to pay a few dollars extra for one I really want to avoid hassle and just made an order that will give me all the Smash figures up to now including Dark Pit and Palutena, except for King Dedede. That one is still a bit too high for me.
Posted: 07/16/15, 15:35:11
Finally got Charizard today! Last one at GameStop.
Posted: 07/19/15, 07:25:00

I saw King Dedede at Gamestop yesterday if you want me to grab one for you. Shipping it from Guam wouldn't be that cheap though.
Posted: 07/19/15, 07:59:18
I've seen Pac-Man and Charizard pop up at the local Wal-Mart every now and then. I even snagged myself a Diddy from Toys R Us last week :)
Posted: 07/20/15, 23:52:37
Right now the only one I think I want to add to the collection is Kirby. Toon Link could be nice but I'm running out of room on my new shelves. I'll have to post a pic later.
Posted: 07/21/15, 00:06:35
@AmiiboNews: Mark your calendars! Palutena will be available from Amazon this Friday at 2:00 PM PST. http://t.co/VMZyPnbvV6/s/kh-A http://t.co/HQAgpWBHSU/s/WiZH
Posted: 07/22/15, 22:39:24

Thanks. I'll be at my desk right at 4:00 CST then.
Posted: 07/22/15, 23:13:25
Finally got my second, new-in-box Ness! Our local GameStop somehow had five of them.

I'd like to have Palutena, but not enough to plunk down money for her. This might be the end of my amiibo adventure (at least until Lucas comes out).
Posted: 07/22/15, 23:23:41
Thanks again for bein' a pal and nabbin' me one!

...oh wait.

Posted: 07/23/15, 03:25:47
Pick up your phone next time, fly boy!
Posted: 07/23/15, 03:48:49

"So I ran into Sakurai the other day--he was selling autographed copies of "KI: Uprising"! Buuuuttt since you didn't answer your phone, I wasn't sure you wanted it..."


Posted: 07/23/15, 08:53:50  - Edited by 
 on: 07/23/15, 08:56:54
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