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General amiibo Discussion Thread
amiibo is certainly turning out to be a big thing in Nintendo's eyes. Whether or not the rewards for utilizing each amiibo is worthy to you, Nintendo plans to implement all sorts of bonuses. It appears right now that every amiibo is meant to do 'something' in each game though games not featuring certain characters may have more limited uses or lesser-valued ones. We've had plenty of threads on here for amiibo and I'm sure that will continue. Still, I wanted to establish a general discussion thread that doesn't have a specific focus or thought. We'll also use this thread for informing the forums about upcoming news regarding new waves of amiibo or new compatibility. Enjoy! Tell us which amiibo you're planning to get! To get the party started, here are the various waves of amiibo on their way, compatibility information from Nintendo's website, and various links to other threads regarding amiibo.

Known amiibo

Super Smash Bros.

Yarn Yoshi

Super Mario


Animal Crossing (multiple waves)

Animal Crossing amiibo Cards

30th Anniversary Mario

Chibi-Robo, Shovel Knight, and Mega Man

Skylanders Superchargers - Bowser and DK

The Legend of Zelda

Compatible Games

Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Party 10, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Yoshi's Woolly World, Splatoon, CodeName: S.T.E.A.M., ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON LEGACY, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and more…

Nintendo's amiibo Website

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Posted: 11/18/14, 01:30:29  - Edited by 
 on: 02/05/16, 15:49:52
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It's Amiibo, Mario!

One of the hottest Nintendo items this holiday season have been its Amiibos, small collectible toys in the shape of Nintendo's classic characters, which that can interact with games via built-in NFC chips. Some Amiibos, such as Marth from Fire Emblem and the Villager from Animal Crossing, have already been discontinued, but future Nintendo games might still support connectivity with them — at the individual game developer's discretion.

"We're not making promises for certain figures, but the way Amiibo is designed is that certain games can have 'amiibo' specifically for that game," Miyamoto said. "Other games can take advantage of past Amiibo that developers want to make their games compatible with."

If you've missed out on a discontinued Amiibo, Nintendo may re-release that character "in card form with the same functionality," Miyamoto said

That was from a Yahoo article I came across. Ridiculous. I really hope something changes.


Getting them from overseas is a good idea. I'm considering it. At least I'll have all the Infinity figures I want. And those rare figures took a while to get that way. They at least were there to buy at the start if you wanted them.
Posted: 12/21/14, 17:58:49  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/14, 18:07:39
Are the overseas amiibo the same? Like, in the same boxes and everything?
I assume the language on the back would be different, of course.
Posted: 12/21/14, 18:21:31

It's my understanding that yes, they are the same.
Posted: 12/21/14, 18:24:14  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/14, 18:25:54

Boxes are different, but they are same figures.
Posted: 12/21/14, 18:52:56
Yeah this whole thing is kind of depressing me, I don't want to spend of a ton of money trying to acquire all the Amiibos right now, but I want the option to buy them in the future if a game comes a long that makes good use of them.

And what is this "card" nonsense? Doesn't that defeat the point of having these thing? It makes them not feel special. They just don't get what Skylanders are, they are a cross of physical toys and in-game content, *significant* in game content, not a stupid skin for your Mii, and not something that everyone else who didn't buy the figure has access to via a dumb code or card. It's both the physical toy and the game content that gives Skylanders value, and how they interact so seamlessly, so far for Amiibo there is no clear answer to what their value is, what their use is, and if they're worth buying if you're not only interested in having cool figurines.

More and more I think Nintendo made a mistake by not making a specific game that Amiibos work with, like really work with, like you buy character to populate the game, maybe another pillar in the Smash/Kart mash-up genre. We have a fighting game and a driving game, what about a good-ole 3rd person action game?
Posted: 12/21/14, 19:20:17  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/14, 21:43:40

They might make a game tied specifically to amiibo at some point down the road, we don't know...I wish they would, because their functionality in the three games on the market right now (not counting Captain Toad since we don't know what they do in there yet) isn't their selling point.

I'm thinking we'll know more about something like that at E3 this year. Just a hunch.

EDIT: And yes, the card thing is stupid.
Posted: 12/21/14, 19:58:45  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/14, 19:59:03

I've just been treating these things as I would games; I pre-order EVERYTHING. A simple 5 dollars a few months out makes sure I have a new and sealed game on Day 1. Annnnnd, its like a BONUS when I go to pick it up and its 5 dollars less than whats expected.


Hey brother, not sure how it is online, but if you reserve anything at GameStop, and then change your mind (after you have another one in hand), ITS FINE. You can simply say "I'm going to pass on _______, can I move my credit to another figure?," and away you go. I've already done it (Luigi to Shiek), no problem whatsoever.

Sorry you guys are getting bummed out :/

Koovaps, since you're such a BRO, I'll keep an eye out for another Diddy or Mac.
Posted: 12/21/14, 20:16:36

I do appreciate it, sir. I do often take advantage of preordering, but my main issue here is that I'm not the one buying them. My wife is. I hate her having to work this hard to get these dumb thing for me. She actually did mention preordering wave 3 ones, so there's that, but I still desperately hate the need to do that. They should simply be more available.
Posted: 12/21/14, 21:07:59

Eh, I'm not going to collect the whole set. I buy too much of this crap as is. If I'm going to collect anything complete, it'll be Disney Infinity. My wife and I are huge Disney fans, and my daughter knows the characters better. I'll get the amiibo that I've been planning to get all along, but I'm not going to bust my butt to get them all in the future. It's just not worth it.
Posted: 12/21/14, 22:15:39
@Koovaps Yes, the amiibos are selling for high prices. Looks like the average for Marth is $50-60.
Posted: 12/21/14, 22:45:06

I'm in the same boat with you; I think things would be WAY different if these didn't drop on Christmas' Doorstep. My mom got me a Diddy, and I had to make sure that she got me a Diddy (thus ruining a gift), because if she didn't, I'd be out there looking myself. And why buy something that you're going to buy yourself? I think you'll have a slightly different view for Wave 3, after the New Year.


I wasn't planning on it, but I wanted ones that were going to work with games. I passed on Kirby / Yoshi, but then there is a Yoshi and Kirby game coming out...so you GOTTA figure there'll be interaction there. Thinking about it, in addition to characters that I liked, there weren't really a ton of characters that I didn't enjoy that I'd be skipping over. So, I dunno, it "makes sense" to just get the guys I'd be missing. "I have a complete set, except for Captain Falcon that I skipped on purpose, and Pikachu, too." Know what I mean?

EDIT- I'm over on BestBuy.com, and there is an option for "Pick it up in 3-5 Days," and it works with Diddy, Falcon, and Little Mac. No drama there at all..right? It seems to me that they'll either be getting them/more in then, or that they'll be shipped over from another nearby store. Hows it look on your end(s)?

GameStop.com, there are Pits in Jackson, MI and Baytown, TX. I don't get it, everybody I've talked to (you guys, people who work with these things) haven't seen any. Whats the freakin' scoop?
Posted: 12/22/14, 00:23:27  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/14, 00:30:37
What's stupid about the card thing? It's something I might actually consider getting, assuming you get multiple cards for a reasonable price.
Posted: 12/22/14, 00:53:45

There's nothing inherently wrong with the cards, of course, and I'd likely get the cards as well, but as a replacement for the figures, it's laughable. They're collectible figures first, keys to unlocking neat extras a distant second. I think Nintendo's missing the point of why they're being bought in the first place. Cards will not satiate demand for the figures.
Posted: 12/22/14, 02:30:58  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/14, 02:32:06
In other news, TRU will allow me to recreate my order by the end of this week... so they asked the mess up and are owning up to it.


For people who buy amiibo for their functionality, that's fine. However, for the people who want to display their collection, not so much.
Posted: 12/22/14, 02:33:41  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/14, 02:57:06
I think the cards are stupid because they undermine the whole concept, what is the point of this NFC technology?

If they're really about the collectable figures and the in-game functionality isn't important why have the NFC tech int the at all? Why not just make them a few bucks cheaper and take out all the game stuff? I'd actually prefer that, because the unfulfilled promise of cool in-game features is really frustrating (to me anyway, I'd prefer if they were cool toys and had cool in-game functions).
Posted: 12/22/14, 03:02:16
DrFinkelstein dropped by my place today and we had some great fun playing Smash and Munchkin. Awesome!

He also brought along a Luigi and the fabled Alabama Marth that ludist210 purchased for me. All in all, a good day.
Posted: 12/22/14, 07:31:34
@deathly_hallows But you don't understand,

Imagine you used you're playing Wii U and you use your amiibo card and you're doing all of this on a motorcycle...
Posted: 12/22/14, 07:33:59  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/14, 07:34:52

The point is to appease the retailers that sell their consoles and to generate demand through planned scarcity. It seems to be working so far.

If there are cool in-game functions, do you really want them to be exclusively for people who want to shell out for relatively expensive figurines? People who want to display their collection like ludist can buy the figures and people who just want the content can presumably get it for much cheaper. Yes, I obviously would prefer DLC, but that wouldn't allow Nintendo to accomplish the two goals listed above.

I realize that cards can't replace the figures as far as collector's items, but if Nintendo just made a whole bunch more then they wouldn't be really be collector's items anymore.
Posted: 12/22/14, 08:18:15
ALERT! Captain Falcon is shipping from Gamestop's website. You can also currently buy them from Gamestop.com as of this message!
Posted: 12/23/14, 06:45:56
I'm down for the cards. In general, I think this whole enterprise is batshit, though.

Hasn't stopped me from buying a few, though, because where else is anyone getting a Wii Fit Trainer figure?

Other than doing some yoga. Hey-o!
Posted: 12/23/14, 07:12:11
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