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General amiibo Discussion Thread
amiibo is certainly turning out to be a big thing in Nintendo's eyes. Whether or not the rewards for utilizing each amiibo is worthy to you, Nintendo plans to implement all sorts of bonuses. It appears right now that every amiibo is meant to do 'something' in each game though games not featuring certain characters may have more limited uses or lesser-valued ones. We've had plenty of threads on here for amiibo and I'm sure that will continue. Still, I wanted to establish a general discussion thread that doesn't have a specific focus or thought. We'll also use this thread for informing the forums about upcoming news regarding new waves of amiibo or new compatibility. Enjoy! Tell us which amiibo you're planning to get! To get the party started, here are the various waves of amiibo on their way, compatibility information from Nintendo's website, and various links to other threads regarding amiibo.

Known amiibo

Super Smash Bros.

Yarn Yoshi

Super Mario


Animal Crossing (multiple waves)

Animal Crossing amiibo Cards

30th Anniversary Mario

Chibi-Robo, Shovel Knight, and Mega Man

Skylanders Superchargers - Bowser and DK

The Legend of Zelda

Compatible Games

Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Party 10, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Yoshi's Woolly World, Splatoon, CodeName: S.T.E.A.M., ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON LEGACY, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and more…

Nintendo's amiibo Website

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Posted: 11/18/14, 01:30:29  - Edited by 
 on: 02/05/16, 15:49:52
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Ooh yeah! I'll go check for it.

Edit: Hmm.. not here yet... but it was at the location I used to live by... but I gave you my new address, the right address. I wonder why it's there. Still states it's set for delivery today. If I don't get it, I'll call tomorrow with a WTF call.
Posted: 12/12/14, 22:42:39  - Edited by 
 on: 12/12/14, 22:51:46
Well I'm glad I didn't have plans with Ploot this weekend... the package sat in my town all day before being re-delivered back to a primary sorting facility near my work. It better arrive Monday! Marth is lonely!
Posted: 12/13/14, 04:21:20

Strange...I entered the address that you gave me. The Post Office is always slammed this time of year, so maybe that's what's up. Maybe you'll get it tomorrow, but I would expect it by Monday at the latest.
Posted: 12/13/14, 04:47:01

That's true, I forgot they do ship on Saturdays.

I verified that the address I gave you had no mistakes so it must be that they're slammed.
Posted: 12/13/14, 05:25:13
Went back to Toys R Us today to pick up my Wii Fit Trainer for 40% off. Negative. Negative..
After I left today, I thought "could I have put it on layaway??" I BET I COULD HAVE. DAMN IT.

C'MON, ANAND, you were supposed to suggest something like that!

Bought a Fox instead (sigh). Drove around some more, nobody had anything good, until I got to TARGET. Zelda and Little Mac on display. Scooped 'em both up (even though I have 'em reserved at GameStop), got to the register and Zelda wouldn't go through via "Street Date 12/14." But Mac is ok? Eh, whatever. So he's sitting in my living room area right now. Nice gloves, brah!

And then later on I bought a Samus (siiiiiigh). So, 3 new Amiibo today, NONE of which I set out to purchase.

I'm going to own all of these damn things....

EDIT- Have they said anything specific about Kirby or Yoshi games? Amiibo connectivity, YES? ONLY Kirb / Yosh? I imagine those two are next on my "why am I doing this" hitlist.
Posted: 12/13/14, 05:26:40  - Edited by 
 on: 12/13/14, 05:28:53

Zelda was street dated? I bought her today at TRU. Now I'm up to seven in my living room, and she stands proudly next to Link.
Posted: 12/13/14, 05:30:46

I think certain stores were set for certain release dates despite no general/true street date. If Target had put one in themselves, then I could see how that happened to Stache.

I have to keep Mario, Link, Peach, Pikachu, Kirby, and Fox in their packaging until Christmas per a reason I wont dive into here but still, glad that with Marth who sits in the post office right now, I have the base 12. More are on the way.

These things are just great looking figures. I'm buying them for the collection and coolness but I look forward to their in-game uses as well. I hope Nintendo expands them well.


That said, we have no new news about what any of these do outside of Smash, MK8, and Hyrule Warriors. I wish they'd announce the Captain Toad stuff... at least. I hope they don't wait till after release to share how these will interact with Yoshi and Kirby's upcoming games.
Posted: 12/13/14, 05:43:39
With the second Marth waiting at Fink's nearest post office, I will have nearly all the ones released so far.
The only one I'm missing is Mario, because, well, I'm not so worried about him. Asked for him for Christmas from mah wife.
Posted: 12/13/14, 06:15:26

After a sudden wake up, I just checked again, and it's left the Pontiac post office on it's way to 'Destination'... which would be weird if it left for me that early.... the notice was at 12:07am, 4 hours ago. I'll keep you posted.

Edit: Sweet. New estimate is TODAY! They are last sent about an hour ago at the local post office just a few miles away.
Posted: 12/13/14, 11:26:49  - Edited by 
 on: 12/13/14, 15:02:40

Yeah, I'm up to Link, Villager, Peach, Marth, Fox, Samus. Wii Fit Trainer has eluded me once, it won't happen again (for better or worse).

Any early buzz on which of the new 3 is going to be the toughest to get? I haven't seen a Diddy yet, but that could simply be because he's not out in my area, or something.

EDIT- Just did some Target / Wal-Mart / Best Buy store searches online for the Rare 3, and I'm having no luck. Not within 50 miles. I found a Wii Fit Trainer about an hour away (ironically, the same road I would've been on last night had I gone to Buffalo as originally planned..), but it says "Store Pickup Not Available." If its In Stock, why can't I pick it up?

And what are the "extra" figures that people have that can be traded / sold? I think Kris had extra WFT's but was looking for a Villager? I'm sorry, I can't keep anything straight..
Posted: 12/13/14, 21:22:04  - Edited by 
 on: 12/13/14, 22:17:10
Yeah, I've actually got two Wii Fit Trainers that I'm willing to trade for a Marth or Villager. Or just sell you if you can't find one.

I'll sell it for a high price.
Posted: 12/13/14, 23:12:04  - Edited by 
 on: 12/13/14, 23:12:24
Posted: 12/14/14, 00:31:30
Ludist is the man!
Posted: 12/14/14, 01:27:45
Thanks guys. Enjoy them.

One thing that I've noticed is that my Link and Marth have slightly bent swords. Anyone know how to straighten them out without running them?
Posted: 12/14/14, 05:24:21

I do not know... it might be formed that way and that's that. Trying to bend the opposite direction to correct them probably wont work. I wouldn't try applying any heat or anything either to make it pliable. So yeah,... I dunno. Defects or 'differences' seem to be prevalent in amiibo.

When buying a Kirby the other day I noticed one had a black ink-pen-lookin' line on his foot. For no reason.

With the two Marth's, I made sure to look at them both and see which flaws, if any, existed. I took the one that had a bit of a paint scratch on his hair and the other side is a bit bent outward. Ploot can have the one that seems in ship-shape. Both have straight swords though. As for the flaws in mine, you can't see it from even a few feet away so it's not like it looks bad or anything.
Posted: 12/14/14, 05:42:40
Well, the Rosalina & Luma pre-orders sold out online already. I guess they've only been there for a few hours. People suspect it's not even a full listing. Chances are it'll come back like the Lucario thing did for Toysrus. I guess it's time I click on the following link at least twice a day... ugh.

Rosalina & Luma amiibo at Target.com

Edit: Or apparently no pre-orders have been taken at all. It's just now the listing exists. Hope I catch the listing when it drops!
Posted: 12/14/14, 06:11:50  - Edited by 
 on: 12/14/14, 06:13:49
Anyone in / near:
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Selinsgrove, PA
Easton, PA

You've got Wii Fit Trainers (at Target) near you...

--MAN, Pennsylvania is PACKED with Wii Fit Trainers!!

Two different stores in Allentown (5 hour drive for me..), Wyomissing (that sounds fake) also has some, Pottstown.. Thats a whole bunch!

EDIT- Ludist, are you S. Birmingham? There are still some there apparently, hmm..
And I can't even search for Villager or Marth anymore online. I really hope you guys who REALLY REALLY want them already have them.

EDIT2- Wii Fit Trainers also at GameStops in Madison, AL and Columbus, MS. Way out there..

A billion edits-
Fink, you wanna swing over to the Harper Woods GameStop?

I REALLY freakin' wish I thought of layaway / the girl said "why not use layaway?" GROAGH
Posted: 12/14/14, 06:53:13  - Edited by 
 on: 12/14/14, 07:21:26
Jeepers creepers, this whole thing is stupid. After a bit of soul searching, I realized I have no interest in being part of the ridiculous mad scramble to chase these down, and more importantly, I don't want my lovely wife to be a part of it either. These are dumb, cheap gifts that I really like and want and am happy to receive them as gifts, but my wife shouldn't have to go above and beyond trying to find them. I was out on Friday and saw Diddy, Zelda and Little Mac at TRU, but by yesterday Diddy and Little Mac were gone. The clerk said the next three would be available on the 26th. Hard to know what to believe with this nonsense. Much as I want all of these, I reiterate that I will never pay a cent more than MSRP, so Nintendo better get their shit together and make these available.
Posted: 12/14/14, 16:43:08

Yeah, don't pay a cent over MSRP. I can maybe help you with a Little Mac in a few days if you really can't find one.
Posted: 12/14/14, 20:11:52
I found this chart that might be helpful.

Either helpful or discouraging.

I've been hearing so much about scalpers going to stores and scooping up all the hard to find ones at stores. I wish there was some way to prevent that.

Don't forget to add the '=740' in your image tag to prevent page clipping. ~ DrFinkelstein
Posted: 12/14/14, 20:56:04  - Edited by 
 on: 12/14/14, 21:21:41
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