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Woah Dave! Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
7.36/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Woah Dave! on the 3DS!

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Anyone been playing this? I got the Steam version and have been liking it a lot. It's very much a pick-up-and-play game, so it would be perfect on 3DS.

Don't go in expecting a ton of modes--there's only one mode and then a harder version of it. Might not sound like much, but what's there is really, really fun. It's kind of like a crazy-fast version of Mario Bros.. Think of it like you're paying five bucks upfront to play the best arcade game ever for as long as you want as opposed to putting in a quarter each time. I was trying to think of a way to describe the hard mode in the game and the word "bonkers" kept coming to mind, which is appropriate since that mode is called "Bonkers Mode."

But yeah, check it out if you like Super Crate Box (which it doesn't play anything like at all, despite having a similar level layout) or the original Mario Bros..

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Posted: 11/01/14, 06:05:37  - Edited by 
 on: 11/01/14, 06:10:42
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I played it at PAX East, it seemed fun but it wasn't clear how long the fun would last. Curious, but don't have my own 3DS right now.
Posted: 11/01/14, 06:21:22
I have a 50% off coupon for this on Steam. Hmmmmmmmm. That'll make it $2.47 CDN.
Worth it?
Posted: 11/05/14, 18:26:31  - Edited by 
 on: 11/05/14, 18:28:13

Posted: 11/05/14, 18:30:17

You still haven't gotten that fixed?
Posted: 11/05/14, 18:38:49
On sale for 99 cents on 3DS eShop.

How in the world was I unaware that this is from the Gaijin Games dudes? Wonder why they changed their name to Choice Provisions.
Posted: 12/16/14, 07:36:14
@anon_mastermind Yeah, I remember hearing about their name change and thought it was odd. "Choice Provisions" sounds like a brand of bargain food that tries to sound more fancy than it is.
Posted: 12/16/14, 07:38:50
@Mop it up
Lol, exactly. We have President's Choice brand over here.
Posted: 12/16/14, 07:56:58
@anon_mastermind Well they are only publishing it they didn't develop it.

And they changed their name because "Gaijin" is kind of a slur in Japan. They made some big post about not feeling comfortable with that name anymore. Can't say I particularly like their new name but ah well.
Posted: 12/16/14, 08:47:10
The game was made by Jason Cirillo, who works in-house (I believe) with the rest of the team, he just makes all his own projects under the "Minivisions" label which is a part of Choice Provisions.
Posted: 12/16/14, 09:29:27

They should have changed it to Gay Djinn Games. And license this guy as their mascot:

Posted: 12/16/14, 09:52:48
Clicked on this thread expecting to talk about the game and the great price the current sale is giving it away for. Instead, got a pic of a gay djinn/genie.

I leave surprised but satisfied.
Posted: 12/16/14, 15:43:07
For some reason it never occurred to me that I can still buy games on sales even though my 3DS isn't working properly. Maybe I should pick this up.

@Secret_Tunnel Oh, I was not aware. Interesting!

@kriswright That's definitely a less problematic name.
Posted: 12/16/14, 16:16:38  - Edited by 
 on: 12/16/14, 16:17:12
I grabbed this on Steam and didn't quite feel it.
For some stupid reason the 99 cent sale on 3DS enticed me to download it on the handheld.

Man, the controls feel so much better on the 3DS! I suppose using a 360 controller for a digital-input game isn't the best idea.

I'm hooked!

Side note: I hate when "whoa" is spelled like "woah." It irks me.
Posted: 12/16/14, 21:15:15  - Edited by 
 on: 12/16/14, 21:16:13

Haha, I've always spelled it "woah."
Posted: 12/16/14, 21:20:19
Put some time into this last night. What a blast!
Posted: 12/18/14, 15:46:16  - Edited by 
 on: 12/19/14, 01:08:04
So, from the Game Over screen, I assume the guy is actually insane and he's on some mass murdering binge??

Yup, I spoiler tagged a screen that everyone has seen if they've played the game.
Posted: 12/18/14, 20:26:43
A buck, eh? Arcadey?

I'm in.
Posted: 12/18/14, 20:34:03

Yeah, I couldn't quite figure out what it means when...that screen comes up. Though, I assume something's just not quite right with "Dave." Even on the main menu when you select your difficulty, if you click on 'Normal' it has in parenthesis "if you can call it that."

Not sure if that's in reference to the game, or to the character. (both?)


Curious to hear your impressions.
Posted: 12/19/14, 01:11:30

Yup, that's what I got out of it.
Posted: 12/19/14, 02:50:36
I like the Mario Bros. vibe. Always a winner for arcadey gameplay.
Posted: 12/19/14, 06:03:44
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