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Stealth Inc 2 Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.55/10 from 6 user ratings

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Having played the first game from Curve Studios (creators of Fluidity!), also known as Stealth Bastard when it launched on Steam, I've really been looking forward to this. It was kind of a surprise to see it launch exclusively as a Wii U title since it the first game that also made its way to Sony platforms. I've put in a few hours in it so far and it's a pretty excellent eShop title! Those unfamiliar with the game, it's sort of a fast paced stealth based game (yeah you wouldn't expect that) but also reminds me of Portal with its various puzzles and being trash talked throughout challenges. The sequel also adopts a Metroid-like overworld and power ups that will help you access new areas or unlock new levels. Also included is a level editor complete with being able to share them online and filters to seek out the ones you want to play. It's definitely more robust than I expected it to be.

Has anyone played the game yet? I can definitely see it as being one of the eShop's best titles so don't ignore it! It's been getting some pretty great reviews as well.

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Posted: 10/31/14, 18:20:10  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/14, 18:21:34
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I agree, it should be a high priority. I don't think it's mean to ask them on Twitter either, 'cause they should really respond to emails when fans take their time to contact them. Especially when it concerns stuff like that.
Posted: 03/02/15, 17:41:25
A game-breaking glitch is definitely something that shouldn't take months to address. At the very least they should have made a statement saying they knew about it and were working on it. Silence just implies that they don't care.
Posted: 03/02/15, 17:47:02
Yeah, they really should fix the bug. I have this game added to my wishlist on the eShop, but if it's never patched then I'm going to skip it.
Posted: 03/02/15, 18:33:01
Just started this. What are your guys thoughts on disabling Miiverse or not? Also, there was a patch. Did that fix the game breaking glitch?
Posted: 06/03/15, 13:24:19
I had Miiverse enabled all the way through. Don't think it's possible to have anything spoiled for you since you need to open the messages manually, but maybe that's not what you're concerned about?

The only patch I'm aware of fixed some minor stuff, like giving you the ability to unequip outfits and hats. Don't think the game breaking glitch has been fixed, but don't quote me on that. I didn't know about the glitch at all until Zero mentioned it, so you might not have to suffer from it anyway.

Maybe I should get back to this game and try to get all the best ranks and stuff. Brilliant stuff, it really is.
Posted: 06/03/15, 13:30:43
Well, if there are spoilers then I'll be afraid to open any of them and if I'm not opening them, what's the point? I guess I can check them out after I solved the area in some situations, so maybe I'll do that. There has been some funny stuff.

Zero, any advice on avoiding the game breaking glitch?
Posted: 06/03/15, 14:11:40
I honestly have no he what triggers it nor could I find out much information on the Internet about what triggers it other than people saying it exists so I know I'm not crazy. I ran into it both times I played the game despite specifically trying to make sure it didn't happen the second time so it "feels" common and unavoidable to me, then again no one else here has hit it. Then again then again I have no idea how far anyone else here has gotten on the game. I'd be interested in hearing if anyone finished the game.
Posted: 06/03/15, 16:22:44
I finished it, for the record, but I think I mentioned that before in some other thread.
Posted: 06/03/15, 16:26:01
Well, I guess it is possible to finish then! The glitch is an elevator which closes off while you still need it, somewhere in the 4th or 5th? main area. I honestly have no idea what happened my first time playing, but my second time it was closed right when I got there. Unless it somehow saved something from the first run (unlikely because you have to delete your file and start from scratch to start a new run) I must have been unlucky enough to hit it twice.

Which makes me wonder if it is just luck? Perhaps something did carry over? Or maybe some hardware glitch causes a software glitch or something? I dunno.

Frustrating for a lot of reasons, one of them being that you can't do multiple saves in this game for some reason and it auto-saves and such so there is no way to like save 20 minutes before this part and then try again if it glitches or whatever.

So yeah good luck to whoever is playing this game. I hope you fare better than I did. I really do love the game and I'm tempted to pick it up on another platform and try there. Not sure if the glitch is Wii U only though.
Posted: 06/03/15, 19:39:47  - Edited by 
 on: 06/03/15, 19:41:52
Just finished Area 2 and got the Inflate Mate as a permanent addition. I like how there's lots of little places where you can use it to make backtracking quicker. Went through and collected all the costume stuff I now had access to.

I'm enjoying this but I have absolutely no idea what's going on in the plot. The cutscenes don't make any sense to me. Many Miiverse posts share my sentiments so I guess it's not just me.

Any particular reason to save all the clones in the Test Chambers else than the additional challenge and being a completionist? I didn't even realize that was a thing until just recently (even though I somehow managed to save them all in the first area anyway). I only saved them in one chamber in Area 2 though so I'd have to go back and replay quite a bit.

Not yet at the game breaking glitch zone. It's going to be pretty crappy if I run into it. Probably will just call it a day on the game if that happens. Curve is a studio I really like what with Fluidity and how they've ported indie games to the Wii U, but pretty bad form on their part with this one.
Posted: 07/03/15, 12:44:14
The clones are just collectibles or whatever, as far as I know, so you don't have to worry about them unless you like the added challenge.
Posted: 07/03/15, 12:51:26  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/15, 12:52:40
@Jargon Yeah I love what they have done for the Wii U, by far the best publisher on the eShop, but the way they handled this game-killing glitch is disappointing. Absolutely no acknowledgement of it anywhere, completely ignored my emails to them, etc. They have to know it exists by this point, and they did nothing. Bah.

The frustrating thing is because they haven't acknowledged it, it's difficult to find out if it has been fixed in other versions too. I guess I could just try it out and see but eh... not worth more money and a few more hours of my time just to maybe run into it again.
Posted: 07/03/15, 16:25:57  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/15, 16:26:52
Started this up for Backlaugust. The gadgets are really cool, especially the Inflate-A-Mate and its handy super-jump (infinite super jump!). I was a little worried that this game would feel a bit like a retread of Stealth Bastard in the same way the 3DS Fluidity felt like a retread of the Wii original, but that's definitely not the case, mostly thanks to the gadgets.

I think I've actually just passed the part where @Zero's game got borked, that elevator looks familiar and I'm pretty sure I'm in that part of the map. Went into the first Test Room in that area and got the "Me Too" gadget, whatever that is.

There's still a few little things I'm not crazy about, namely the die-and-learn nature of the puzzles and the hug-the-walls nature of the extra credit Clones. But neither of those are an especially big deal, and the game is quite good otherwise.
Posted: 08/09/15, 19:53:53
And I'm finished! 13 hours and change to completely fill out the map (I think).

It may have been one of the game's biggest selling points, but I don't love the Metroidvania layout. It has its moments, but even after you've acquired all the abilities it's still a huge hassle to get from one part of the ant-farm to another (warp rooms would have been very welcome), and the map is inadequate for how intricate the paths can be. It's frustrating enough that I rescued all the clones in the Test Chambers stage select in the main menu instead of having to trek through the actual game to get to back to each stage. Plus, those tantalizing cosmetic items don't show up on the map, either. And while I'd like to solve the necessary puzzles to get them, I don't want to have to comb through the entire map to find them.

Overall though, it's a really good puzzle platformer, just like its predecessor and the Fluidity games. Compared to the original Stealth Inc., I'd say it's two steps forward, one step back. The gadgets in particular are excellent and add a lot of variety.

Curve Digital developed games, ranked*

#4 Fluidity: Spin Cycle
#3 Stealth Bastard (aka Stealth Inc.)
#2 Stealth Inc. 2
#1 Fluidity

*haven't played Explodemon, maybe someday
Posted: 08/13/15, 02:45:37
Uhhh, so I think this game is FREE right now on the Humble Store. Until August 31.

So...go get it? Yeah, go get it.
Posted: 08/29/15, 08:05:17
I just got it on Steam. Maybe it's some weird combination of my Wii U and game that is making it impossible for me to finish.

I swear to god though, if I play this on Steam and it dies at the same point... I'M DONE FOREVER.
Posted: 08/29/15, 08:08:20  - Edited by 
 on: 08/29/15, 08:11:55
I'm still making my way through this. This is quite a meaty game for an indie title. I've put in something like 12 hours already and it doesn't seem like I'm particularly close to the ending. I do think I've made it past the feared game breaking bug part though? (I'm in the Scrapyard)
Posted: 11/09/15, 01:22:21
Finally beat this! I think I missed one, maybe two chambers, but by the end, the world is kind of annoying to get around, so I didn't feel like finding it. That's basically my only complaint though. Good game.
Posted: 11/16/15, 03:42:39
@Jargon Yeah, other than the cumbersome map I really liked the game. I'm curious to see what Curve develops next. I seem to remember them saying they were tired of the 2D platformer type game.
Posted: 11/16/15, 03:52:24
Started this for a THIRD time, this time on Steam.

Hopefully I don't run into the same glitch yet again.
Posted: 02/29/16, 23:08:55
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