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Fantasy Life Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
9.14/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Fantasy Life on the 3DS!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Fantasy Life is an RPG with a mix of elements. You first create your own character from a variety of character options, and then you can choose one of twelve "lives" to start off with (think classes or jobs in other RPGs). But don't worry, you have the option to switch between all twelve and can master each one. Different lives excel at different tasks such as crafting, cooking, gathering, fighting, and more. Some people (like Nintendo) compare this game to Animal Crossing but it's really more akin to Rune Factory, as it's more about taking on quests, crafting, gathering, and other such activities than it is about interactions with townsfolk. There are also multiple towns to visit, and the villagers are a lot less in-depth than AC, plus the game does not run in real-time. You can still get a house to fill with furniture though, so AC fans may still like this game.

How Online (and local) Multiplayer Works

-DLC Warning: If you buy the DLC, you will not be able to play multiplayer with anyone who does not have the DLC, and vice versa.

-Multiplayer supports up to three players in one world. The NA, EU, and AU versions of the game are all compatible with each other, but cannot play with the JPN version.

-All players must be on each other's 3DS friend list in order to visit a world. If you try to join someone's world which has two players in it and it won't let you in, it's probably because you are not 3DS friends with the other visitor.

-You cannot advance the story in multiplayer. It would be ideal to first unlock some areas before hosting.

-You do not need to stick together in multiplayer, you are free to travel independently to any part of the world.

-You can fast-travel to the location of another player or the Castele Guild Office, but you cannot fast-travel to any homes. You can still use the airship service to travel from town to town, as well as escorts.

-Items that drop from defeated monsters, felled trees, mined rocks, treasure chests, and fishing spots are not shared, and appear specific to each player. So when you pick up a drop, it will still be visible and available to the other player(s).

-Items that appear on the ground such as flowers, weeds, bugs, etc. are shared. If you pick up a flower, it will disappear for the other player(s) too and won;t be there for them to grab also.

-Bounties are also shared. When turning in a bounty, you will receive as many items are there are players, giving you the option of using the exchange box to share the reward with the other player(s). Only 3 bounties can appear in the world at one time; if a 4th one appears, the oldest one will disappear.

-The Guild Office in Castele has an exchange box which can be used to give/trade items and equipment with the other player(s). There are no limits to what can be given. DO NOT leave any items in the box when you disconnect from multiplayer, or they will disappear for good!

-The game cannot be saved in multiplayer, except when using the exchange box. It may be a good idea to take save breaks if playing for long stretches.

-When a player is going through the loading screen from one area to another, some weird quirks might happen. If you try to pick up a shared item or perform an activity like cutting a tree, you may find that your character freezes in place for a moment, followed by a message that reads "Synchronizing..." before you can move again. If this quirk happens when no player(s) are on a loading screen, and you're unable to perform these actions, then it's lag. Usually, having every player leave the area and come back will fix it.

-You cannot switch your Life in multiplayer, so be sure to choose the one you want before connecting.

-You can still complete active Life challenges and sidequests when playing, but you cannot accept or turn them in until you return to single player.

-You are free to craft/cook/alchemize all you want.

-You cannot use pets or CPU allies in multiplayer.

-You cannot rent a horse in multiplayer. Only the host can use a horse, and only one they own.

-Press Start or Select to snap a photo, saved to the SD card. Photos cannot be viewed in-game.

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Posted: 10/20/14, 22:25:15  - Edited by 
 on: 11/11/14, 21:44:40
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Let's make sure we all have a different Life (I'll probably be a lumberjack). And perhaps being on the NW chat would be wise, because the communication options blow.
Posted: 11/14/14, 19:17:50
Sounds like a plan.
Maybe I can be an angler or a miner.
Trish is pretty excited about this idea. Is it okay if she's the third? At least for a bit.

I know Mop it Up is pretty gung ho though, so I'll leave it up to her.
Posted: 11/14/14, 20:17:06
Sure, Trish is welcome. And I'm sure we can play with Mop it Up soon, too. I plan to try and play online more now that I've realized it makes leveling up Lifes a little less annoying.
Posted: 11/14/14, 20:35:32
I think I'm going to create a new character to play with you guys (and other Internet people) for a couple of reasons, one because I've already done a lot, and two because I've been playing with my friend and she likes us to be similar to each other rather than having one of us being stronger/more skilled.

Anyways, the areas available for multiplayer are only the ones that the host has access to. So if, for example, you're the host and you haven't opened up Port Puerto, I could not visit that town in your world even though I've been there in my game. Whoever is the host, make sure you've unlocked any area(s) that you want to visit for when you play multiplayer. .

As for Life challenges, if it is one that requires turning in a bounty, then only one player can complete that at a time, whoever turns in the bounty. Otherwise, stuff like defeating so-and-so monster will count for all players who are near the monster when it is defeated (not just in the same area but you need to be within a certain radius, enough to earn the EXP for the kill and you'll get it). Gather challenges also work nicely since each player can pick up the same items.

@Guillaume Do you have any space on your friend list to add me? Each player needs to have the other two players added in order to join a world, or they can't connect.

@ploot Would Trish be okay with adding me? I'll need to have her if you'd want me to join you two sometime.
Posted: 11/14/14, 22:44:55
@Mop it up

I thought maybe I already had added you, but maybe not on 3DS? I'll check tonight, and I'll add you if we aren't already friends.
Posted: 11/14/14, 23:01:30
You know, perhaps I underestimated how exhausting today would be at work. After all this… I think I'll bow out. Next time?
Posted: 11/15/14, 02:11:59
@Mop it up
For sure! She'll have you added by the time you read this.

Hahaha! No problem. Just shoot me a PM or use this thread if you want to adventure with me another day!
Posted: 11/15/14, 02:32:51
@ploot Added. Were you saying you wanted to play tonight?
Posted: 11/15/14, 04:59:23
@Mop it up
I'm just going to play a few matches of Smash with Nate. When are you free?
Posted: 11/15/14, 05:01:37
@ploot It's night here, so I'm good whenever. Just relaxing and winding down from the week.
Posted: 11/15/14, 05:06:46
@Mop it up
I'll be in the chat with Nate, and I noticed you're there too, so yay!
Posted: 11/15/14, 05:08:06
Today I got my first Creator Rank for my Magician Life. Woohoo....
Posted: 11/16/14, 00:51:08
@ploot It was fun to meet up with you, and we got some good stuff done too! Sorry I was too weak for that dinosaur you wanted though... Might be able to handle it soon. Did you want to go again tonight?
Posted: 11/16/14, 02:13:25
I finally put some time into the game today, though I fear I'm probably way behind the rest of you, heh.
Posted: 11/16/14, 02:41:36
@kgtennispro I haven't even bought it yet.
Posted: 11/16/14, 02:49:32
@Mop it up
I totally wanted to go again tonight, but I'm in the midst of a family emergency. I'll probably be spending tonight at the hospital, unfortunately.
If things change, I'll let you know.

Regardless, we need to play again soon.
Posted: 11/16/14, 06:03:20
@ploot Ah, I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope things went okay!

Yeah, lemme know when you might want to play again.
Posted: 11/17/14, 22:26:43
@Mop it up
Did you get the DLC yet?
Posted: 11/18/14, 02:35:47
Wait, this game has online? How does it work?
Posted: 11/18/14, 06:41:26
@Mop it up
I've decided I'm going to do a LOT of the story before going online again. I want to have all (or most of) the areas opened up.
Then I will focus on upgrading my Lives and playing fun missions with you. Should be soon!

Mop it Up explains it nicely in the OP. Check it out, maaannnnn.
Posted: 11/18/14, 06:55:47
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