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Welcome to Negative World. If you have any question, please read the following list and click to read an answer. If your question isn't in the list or if you have a suggestion, feel free to post a reply.

To be able to add more questions/answers to the list later, your participations to this thread will eventually be deleted to make room, after they've been answered.


Currently, the site doesn't bring in much money, and it costs about $85 a year to keep up. Not a whole lot, but the owner of this site isn't particularly rich, so every bit helps. Also, the web designer spent a lot of time and work to implement skins, navigation layout, make the site work quick and neat, and implement the options you asked him, all this instead of doing a paid professional site. The more you support the site, the better it'll run and the more potential its future will have.

Now, the FAQ...

General questions

What is "Negative World"?
What are the round icons at the corners of the site?
What are XP and user levels? Why do some features seem inaccessible to me?
Can I choose the looks and features of the site?
How does the private message system work?
Does the site have social network connections?
What is the Neverending Experience Quest?


Are there specific threads I should know about?
What do the lights on the left of the forum index mean?
What are the negative numbers on the right of the forum index? On the private message page? Level 99?
What are the little grey icons on the right of the main forum page? What are "news", "roundtables", etc.?
How can I search for specific posts?
Can you flag threads to spot them more easily?
Can I embed videos, resize an image? What's "Reference"? My links don't work, etc.?
What are the Terms Of Service?
Apart from the T.O.S. is there particular netiquette to observe with post formatting?

Game Database

How do you rate games? The games I want to rate aren't in the base? How do I write reviews?
Do you have a backlog feature? Can I see who is playing what?
How can I browse Negative World's game reviews?

User profiles

What are user profile features? Can I see who's online?
How can I browse user profiles/post history? I'm looking for a specific profile?
How can I check the system codes of other Negative World users (Wii, XBL, PSN, Steam...)?
My Steam system code on my Negative World profile doesn't link to my Steam profile!

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Posted: 02/14/10, 20:10:24  - Edited by 
 on: 06/09/11, 08:07:33
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You can already do this quickly though. Go to reply search and put in your name.
Posted: 02/03/12, 03:17:15

I just found a thread today in which GameDadGrant referenced something I said.

I wrote my initial thing WEEKS ago.
Posted: 02/03/12, 03:22:34
Don't you guys read every thread?
Posted: 02/03/12, 03:38:42

I skip stuff that I have no interest in (usually HD things, Book Club, etc.). And I'm rarely referenced, so theres that, too.
Posted: 02/03/12, 03:40:46
Posted: 02/03/12, 04:52:12
Stupid request on my part:

In the profiles, there are 2 lists: My top games and Some of my collection.

In the second list the platform of the game is included inside of the link's anchor. It would be nicer if it would be the same on both lists.
Posted: 02/07/12, 00:20:43

You freakin' jerk. I was about to read all of those..


Haha, I see what he's saying. I was looking for "Link's Anchor," and thought "hmm, I didn't think we had a Wind Waker scheme on here.." Why does it have the Platform on the games title on the 2nd list?
Posted: 02/07/12, 03:16:36
Hey! I do not know how the database is done, but would it be possible to add friend-codes to a specific game to the profiles? I'd like to add my Pokémon games friend codes in there if it's ever possible.

(I lol'd about the Zelda reference. ;))
Posted: 02/07/12, 06:04:03  - Edited by 
 on: 02/07/12, 06:04:38
@Davoid Oh I see. I'll get on it.

@Davoid We used to have that but with the new systems having a single code it just became easier to manage this way. You can always list them in your profile text.
Posted: 02/07/12, 07:42:12
@Zero nice! Thanks! :D
Posted: 02/07/12, 08:16:42

Abdooooo's looks really nice. You guys should check that out and talk to him about it.
Posted: 02/08/12, 02:04:07
@Mr_Mustache, yes indeed. I'll do something similar. ;) Thanks!
Posted: 02/08/12, 06:14:06
A question: would it be possible to receive optional e-mails when a thread we've flagged gets bumped?
Posted: 02/13/12, 18:08:19
Possible... yes. I'd have to think about how to set that up. Hmm. It's not tough, just work.
Posted: 02/13/12, 21:51:55
Guillaume said:
A question: would it be possible to receive optional e-mails when a thread we've flagged gets bumped?

That would be cool.
Posted: 02/13/12, 23:17:40
Hey Zero, stop breaking the site.
Posted: 02/26/12, 03:04:43

Aww, shucks, thanks! Yeah, I just added a bit of html to my profile to include a table of FC's. The one problem is that you can't include line breaks in the html (html code needs to be on one line). Hmm..maybe there's a BB tag to notify the parser that you're putting in html...
Posted: 02/27/12, 06:44:57
@Mr_Mustache ...what?

@Abdooooo I'm confused. I do not believe that HTML code has to be all on one line.
Posted: 02/27/12, 06:55:00  - Edited by 
 on: 02/27/12, 06:56:45

For example, when I create a html table I make it a bit more readable by putting the rows and columns on separate lines. Those line breaks actually show up in the html table.
Posted: 02/27/12, 07:29:17

The site EXPLODED a few days ago. Everyone in Chat was fa-reakin' out. It said something like...too many somethingsomething selected. I can't remember the exact verbiage. That was my first post back after we thought the site was lost FOREVER.
Posted: 02/29/12, 03:19:42
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