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02/14/10, 20:10    Edited: 04/01/24, 19:27
Is the uncle grippy stuff an automatic change, or is Zero manually activating grippy mode every year?
04/01/22, 22:58   
Edited: 04/01/22, 22:58
It is automatic by date.

The grip never loosens, only tightens.
04/03/22, 01:50   
My plan is to run it this way for like 30 more years and then when some of us are on our deathbeds taking our last breaths, to finally do a new April Fool's joke. No one will be expecting it!

And even giving away the plan, no one will be expecting it because we'll be so old our memories will be going and no one will remember this post!
04/03/22, 20:51   
Edited: 04/03/22, 20:52
Zero, is there a way to do a different number of "Top Ten" entries? Like a Top Twenty-Five? I wanna rank all the Ghibli movies in my biggest NW post yet...!

If not, I might just rank 25-11 in the intro post and pop the top ten in the usual spots.
06/11/22, 00:18   
Dang it, it says my introduction is too long and won't let me post it! It's only 3,400 words!
06/11/22, 06:04   
Zero! How do I make a 6,000 word thread? It says it's 4,000 words too long. Let me break the rules pleeeeease
06/11/22, 06:12   
I don't even fully know why there is such a hard limit, I really can't remember. But you got it done, one way or another! As for a different number of top 10, I thought about it but I never got around to programming it. It'd probably be a bit of a project really, that 10 limit is baked into a lot of code / images / etc. I think.
06/11/22, 21:37   
Edited: 06/11/22, 21:40
Its not urgent but I noticed the sequel to Ace Attorney Investigations isnt registered in the game database.
09/24/22, 02:15   
@Stan McStanly The game database is user created! If you don't see something, add it!
09/25/22, 01:04   
I thought I needed to be higher level and also I didn't see anywhere to register.
09/27/22, 04:20   
There now you are a higher (lower) level. If you go to Games -> Game Database you should see "Add Game to Database" in the top right.
09/28/22, 21:06   
No one added Jack Bros 2 either? I'm practically running this whole site.
12/21/22, 01:17   
This may have already been asked, but are MMO expansions fair to add to the database? I want to include the expansions for FFXIV.
05/18/23, 02:18   
Not sure if this is something that needs to be looked into or not, but I just thought I'd mention that I couldn't access the site for a while earlier tonight.
10/03/23, 22:29   
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