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Currently, the site doesn't bring in much money, and it costs about $85 a year to keep up. Not a whole lot, but the owner of this site isn't particularly rich, so every bit helps. Also, the web designer spent a lot of time and work to implement skins, navigation layout, make the site work quick and neat, and implement the options you asked him, all this instead of doing a paid professional site. The more you support the site, the better it'll run and the more potential its future will have.

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General questions

What is "Negative World"?
What are the round icons at the corners of the site?
What are XP and user levels? Why do some features seem inaccessible to me?
Can I choose the looks and features of the site?
How does the private message system work?
Does the site have social network connections?
What is the Neverending Experience Quest?


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What do the lights on the left of the forum index mean?
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What are the little grey icons on the right of the main forum page? What are "news", "roundtables", etc.?
How can I search for specific posts?
Can you flag threads to spot them more easily?
Can I embed videos, resize an image? What's "Reference"? My links don't work, etc.?
What are the Terms Of Service?
Apart from the T.O.S. is there particular netiquette to observe with post formatting?

Game Database

How do you rate games? The games I want to rate aren't in the base? How do I write reviews?
Do you have a backlog feature? Can I see who is playing what?
How can I browse Negative World's game reviews?

User profiles

What are user profile features? Can I see who's online?
How can I browse user profiles/post history? I'm looking for a specific profile?
How can I check the system codes of other Negative World users (Wii, XBL, PSN, Steam...)?
My Steam system code on my Negative World profile doesn't link to my Steam profile!

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Posted: 02/14/10, 20:10:24  - Edited by 
 on: 06/09/11, 08:07:33
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Playing the odds, I'd say it was one of mine considering it's the only discussion he's been involved in recently.

If I'm not correcting spelling or grammar errors, I have a habit of refining or rewording posts to better reflect the point I'm trying to get across. I generally only do it whilst it's the last post, because doing it after someone has already responded creates all sorts of headaches for following the thread. I've seen other people do that to specifically respond to a post someone has made below them, which is just a pain in the ass. Further refinement at that point should go into a new post. Although this doesn't preclude some crossover where someone posts whilst you're in the middle of editing though.

With regards to this particular request, I'm inclined to believe the motivation here is less than pure. I won't go into it more than that, because the last thing this board needs is to become infused with my family drama.

That being said, I think the function is hardly necessary and certainly not required for the average user. If it's not particularly easy to implement I wouldn't expect Zero to waste his already limited time on it. If it *is* an easy change, it should probably be restricted to the Mods for when the rare need arises for them to investigate something that may have otherwise been edited away. That's about the only legitimate use I can see for such a function.
Posted: 07/28/16, 01:41:26

Just about every other platform has this feature i think it would be very useful,

No particular post has sparked this,

I have read through threads then come back looking to re-read and the entire post has changed (not just simple changes either)

Facebook allows the edited button to be clicked and will show all changes from the original post to the most recent, so you can tell if the user is just fixing typos or rewriting there entire post.
Posted: 07/28/16, 02:48:29
@Shadowlink I agree, being able to see the edits seems to defeat most of the reasons someone would want to edit a post. Only a mod should be able to see that, in case someone tries to break the rules then edit it away.
Posted: 07/28/16, 02:57:17
I like this site precisely because it isn't like every other site. I trust the people on this site enough where if they are changing their entire post, then it is for a good reason.
Posted: 07/28/16, 03:48:14
Yeah I'm fine with the sit system as it is. If you're worried about something being changed after it's been rebutted then you can check the edit date to see if it was changed after the response was posted.

And if someone posts something and decide they shouldn't have said anything more than an hour later, I think they should be able to edit out their post.
Posted: 08/18/16, 22:00:59  - Edited by 
 on: 08/18/16, 22:22:36
I made a mistake when adding Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and listed the game as being for the PS4 when it is actually on PS3. Can someone please fix this? I would corret this myself if I could.
Posted: 08/19/16, 23:47:44

No one has helped out HOH with this yet, whats the deal? C'mon, guys.

EDIT- if YOU click on it and look in the bottom right hand corner, there isn't a "Show Edition Form" thing? Its kind of out of the way, but if it IS there, you can adjust it there yourself, just change the game in the drop down menu. Good luck, hope someone gets to you soon. -3's can't help you either, unfortunately. Sorry.
Posted: 08/25/16, 01:34:59  - Edited by 
 on: 08/25/16, 01:36:53
People who post a game can't edit it? That seems like a problem.

I fixed it though.
Posted: 08/25/16, 01:50:55

I tried one of mine and I could, but it seems (?) like -2's are just like "post-- wait!" and its too late?
Posted: 08/25/16, 02:03:16

Oh wow, I've been posting games for years and never knew about that. I can indeed edit my post. Thanks.
Posted: 09/06/16, 17:00:45  - Edited by 
 on: 09/06/16, 17:01:08
Question: Would a Negative World Discord server be a good idea? I know we have the current chat site, but I've always found it less than ideal. If you aren't familiar with Discord, it's basically a voice chat/chat program similar to something like Teamspeak, and to a lesser extent Skype. I could see it making it easier to organise to play games with people. Dunno if it's the best plan though as it's something that would most likely require some moderation as chat history can be left, but it has systems in place for that.
Posted: 12/12/16, 15:28:08

Yeah, its kinda hidden away.


I'm on Discord seeking help for a Nutaku (18+ game), and its like I'm not even on there as I'm ignored so much.
Unbelievable that that is their secondary support platform; I'm also ignored on their primary option. Weird.
Posted: 12/12/16, 23:53:02
Zero, will you please add Switch as a console to choose from in the Game Database? We'll need to be prepared for Jan and also, there are a few known games now. I was trying to add Yooka-Laylee into it. Thanks.
Posted: 12/14/16, 04:41:32
How the hell did I just break that violent games thread? And why do I keep doing that?
Posted: 01/04/17, 09:55:40

Let me try to remember this… I think I had fixed it before.

Carlos, I 'hacked' into your post and found that you hadn't closed some HTML. I think that's what did it last time too. I'd recommend using Andrew's Video button for Youtube going forward as it's easier not to cause this problem that way. Or just be very very careful to check the HTML before submitting. It's weird that this error causes a page error of this kind but luckily it's fixed now.

Back to posting about violence! lol
Posted: 01/04/17, 13:22:32  - Edited by 
 on: 01/04/17, 13:28:22
There's no way to see how exactly I broke it?

"Andrew's Video Button for Youtube"?

Thanks for the help.
Posted: 01/05/17, 08:12:20  - Edited by 
 on: 01/05/17, 08:12:48
I didn't think Level -2's could use HTML? Maybe that's went wrong?

Unless Zero changed it.
Posted: 01/05/17, 08:59:17

I thought the same!
Posted: 01/05/17, 09:48:01

It's there in the screenshot. You merely missed the last ">" character at the end of your HTML string. This left the iFrame open and since it never closed, it causes the website to stop loading all together. Since Andrew's Edit button is under the body of each post, it was blocked from view and we couldn't normally edit it.

Just so others know too, for that YouTube button, it's the one called Video between Image and Link above the post subject. Just putting in the actual youtube link number tag in the following fashion will work.

So for this link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ktAFA2ueFY
You'd put; ~youtube=0ktAFA2ueFY~

But instead of ~ characters you use the open and closing tags of that Video button.

Posted: 01/05/17, 13:09:11
I had this error message pop up a few times today.

I am Error said:
Unable to start another process

Maximum number of processes reached, refreshing in 10 seconds.
Posted: 01/28/17, 02:58:36
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