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Welcome to Negative World. If you have any question, please read the following list and click to read an answer. If your question isn't in the list or if you have a suggestion, feel free to post a reply.

To be able to add more questions/answers to the list later, your participations to this thread will eventually be deleted to make room, after they've been answered.


Currently, the site doesn't bring in much money, and it costs about $85 a year to keep up. Not a whole lot, but the owner of this site isn't particularly rich, so every bit helps. Also, the web designer spent a lot of time and work to implement skins, navigation layout, make the site work quick and neat, and implement the options you asked him, all this instead of doing a paid professional site. The more you support the site, the better it'll run and the more potential its future will have.

Now, the FAQ...

General questions

What is "Negative World"?
What are the round icons at the corners of the site?
What are XP and user levels? Why do some features seem inaccessible to me?
Can I choose the looks and features of the site?
How does the private message system work?
Does the site have social network connections?
What is the Neverending Experience Quest?


Are there specific threads I should know about?
What do the lights on the left of the forum index mean?
What are the negative numbers on the right of the forum index? On the private message page? Level 99?
What are the little grey icons on the right of the main forum page? What are "news", "roundtables", etc.?
How can I search for specific posts?
Can you flag threads to spot them more easily?
Can I embed videos, resize an image? What's "Reference"? My links don't work, etc.?
What are the Terms Of Service?
Apart from the T.O.S. is there particular netiquette to observe with post formatting?

Game Database

How do you rate games? The games I want to rate aren't in the base? How do I write reviews?
Do you have a backlog feature? Can I see who is playing what?
How can I browse Negative World's game reviews?

User profiles

What are user profile features? Can I see who's online?
How can I browse user profiles/post history? I'm looking for a specific profile?
How can I check the system codes of other Negative World users (Wii, XBL, PSN, Steam...)?
My Steam system code on my Negative World profile doesn't link to my Steam profile!

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Posted: 02/14/10, 20:10:24  - Edited by 
 on: 06/09/11, 08:07:33
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Posting this here to prove to someone just how anyone could join a forum like this and make some kind of accusatory post.

So lets pretend I am um

Name: Link
Lives: Skyloft
Previous addresses:
2 deep forrest
Deku tree grove
LOZ 678
Occupation: Adventurer
Email: Link@savingtheworld.com

Sorry in advance for the site mods having to delete this
Posted: 10/25/14, 03:20:47  - Edited by 
 on: 10/25/14, 03:22:19
This might relate to the whole SQL thing which we're at risk for and maybe changes have been made but the site is acting different....

On the main page, threads are staying green and 'unread' even after I read them, but I think it relates to the fact I've had those threads open in a separate window. I did that this morning because I meant to read something later but opened a new window when I finally got around to it.

Also, I just posted a lengthy post in the Bayonetta thread Andrew made, and despite actually posting it just a moment ago, after Koovaps (I even reference him in my post), when it saved it put my post before his. The time stamp matches but yet his currently reads 21:53:19 which wouldn't be for another 5 minutes from now...

Weirdness. I thought it was because I had that window open for a long time today too but I guess I see it's posting right but yet his is later.. weird.
Posted: 10/26/14, 03:49:24

It's just that one thread for me, and it doesn't have anything to do with separate tabs or windows or anything in my experience.
Posted: 10/26/14, 03:51:02

My bracket thread was not going yellow either. Now my post shows as the most recent on the main page for the bayonetta thread but Koovaps is after me. I wonder what happens when the clock moves past his 'post date'. It's a minute left.

Now I see Jargon posted (from the main page) but I click on the article and it's missing!)

Err now I see Koovaps is ahead like he should be. Weirdness.
Posted: 10/26/14, 03:52:36  - Edited by 
 on: 10/26/14, 03:54:51
What in the heck has been going on?!

Did it fix itself?

I doubt it would have anything to do with the changes I made, they really only affect individual profile and game pages.
Posted: 10/26/14, 05:21:29  - Edited by 
 on: 10/26/14, 05:21:57
I can't unflag posts on my phone for some reason.
Posted: 11/03/14, 02:53:42
Daylight Savings Time just ended. Could be that.
Posted: 11/03/14, 04:12:42
Seems to be only the sticky threads that I can't unflag on my phone. They're not flagged on a normal browser. Weird.
Posted: 11/05/14, 04:52:06
Can you update the default negative World theme to have the character models from Smash Wii U instead of Brawl?
Posted: 11/06/14, 22:08:28
I can't do anything with graphics I blow at them. If someone else wants to take it on and just make a new top image for the theme, maybe?
Posted: 11/06/14, 22:43:57

Send me the original file and I'll take a look at it.
Posted: 11/07/14, 00:15:21

Wanna send me that file? Or tell me the direct link?
Posted: 11/12/14, 20:42:46

The times are still wrong though..

EDIT- Wait..no its not. I'm confused as buns. I swore something was wrong earlier..
Posted: 11/13/14, 08:01:29  - Edited by 
 on: 11/13/14, 08:01:56
Did you add some terrible Ad thing where we're forced to sit on a page and wait for a video to play (in my case, Oprah's mug talking about something), or did I click on something by accident?? I'm PRETTY SURE I didn't click on something by accident.
Posted: 12/21/14, 20:18:53
Nah it's just some new ads like automatically load if you hover over them. So annoying.
Posted: 03/10/15, 21:32:37

Oh, alright. Thanks for getting back in a timely fashion.
Posted: 03/11/15, 20:34:53

It's well known he rarely looks at this thread but at least he responded finally... (that's something, lol). I look in here every time I see it green. Not sure what Zero's excuse is...
Posted: 03/12/15, 01:29:22

Yeah, I was just joking. 3 months is...something.
Posted: 03/12/15, 05:10:33
So yeah, for the last week or so, posting from work has been ...problematic.

I click post, and instead of posting I get the 'I AM ERROR' screen. I click back, I repost, everything is fine (sometimes.) Other times it can take 3 or 4 attempts. I have no idea why it's so random.

Work browser is IE8 (I know, I know, IE ugh. Not my fault)
Posted: 06/05/15, 01:27:51
@DrFinkelstein My excuse is this is a thread that potentially contains a lot of issues with the site that need to be addressed so I like to play ostrich and pretend they don't exist if I don't see them.

I used to try to stay on top of things more...

@Shadowlink Ask your IT manager why s/he is terrible at their job.
Posted: 06/05/15, 05:22:31
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