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Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS: Do you think there will be extra characters down the line? [poll]
Yes (11/20 votes)
No (1/20 vote)
Unsure (7/20 votes)
I'm ok with the roster as is (1/20 vote)
I'm wondering whether Nintendo is planning on expanding the roster for both versions of Smash. Given that they they've been on a DLC roll lately with Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors, I wouldn't be surprised at all if there are more characters in the works for Smash. Or maybe there's hidden characters that will unlock if you buy both versions. Or maybe, they'll go the Amiibo route.

What do you guys think?

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Posted: 10/04/14, 05:36:33
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I think even Nintendo are aware of just how much money DLC could make them, so I think it'll happen at some point. Might just be for the Wii U game though.
Posted: 10/04/14, 05:45:09
I went with the cop-out answer. I don't think the 3DS version will be getting any new characters, but given all the leaks that seem to suggest there are certain character models in the game that haven't been seen in any form yet, and the fact that the character select screen looks really poorly designed as is, part of me does expect some of these "leaked" characters to actually be real and to fill out the rest of the select screen better.
Posted: 10/04/14, 05:56:21
I'm optimistic that we'll see some more characters eventually. But I'm cool with the roster as is. So many characters...
Posted: 10/04/14, 06:07:42
I see no reason why they wouldn't add new characters and stages at some point.
Posted: 10/04/14, 06:57:58
I think we'll see DLC, likely new stages and maybe something for a Wii U exclusive mode, but not new characters.
Posted: 10/04/14, 07:50:45
At the very least I could imagine them doing new costumes for current characters. No real new character creation work needed really. They could have things like Dry Bowser or alt costumes for Link like they have in Hyrule Warriors. They could have different looks for Ganondorf or Toon Link (retro NES Link would rock), maybe something like a Protoman skin for Mega Man. I'd eat that stuff up. I don't really expect them to do new characters because it does seem like they probably tried to balance the original crop of characters at the get go.

Speaking of which, if people find out that a character is really overpowered, it'd be nice to see them release a patch to balance things out a bit.
Posted: 10/04/14, 18:38:50
i went with Unsure. If we do get DLC, I'm guessing Sakurai won't be doing it. I get the feeling that when he's done with these games, he's pretty much done. Kind of like he was with Kid Icarus, although we did get a couple patches and a lot of SpotPass Gems...

Mop it up said:
I think even Nintendo are aware of just how much money DLC could make them, so I think it'll happen at some point. Might just be for the Wii U game though.

^^^ Also I agree with all of this.
Posted: 10/04/14, 21:19:51
I wonder what characters could really sell though? Their big names are all covered. Maybe some niche fan favorite like Ridley? But Nintendo isn't the type to do DLC for a niche like that. I don't think.
Posted: 10/04/14, 22:11:22
Ridley plz.
Posted: 10/05/14, 01:31:40
@Zero I think that fans of the more obscure/lessor seen characters actually might be more willing to pay for those kinds of characters. For example, I would definitely buy Toad if he became available, but if Mario were a DLC character I would pass on him.

Plus I'm sure you and many others would buy an Advance Wars character. I know I would.
Posted: 10/05/14, 01:53:10
I'm not too particularly happy with the roster and there are still a few characters I want in the game and some removed, Yes Dark Pit I'm looking at you.

I'm not even a Metroid fan and I want Ridley!
Posted: 10/09/14, 11:34:48  - Edited by 
 on: 10/09/14, 12:01:03
*cough* Might want to spoiler tag that character in there just for those who haven't played the game yet.

I don't think we will see any DLC on the 3DS version sadly. It's already full of stuff, have no idea how much more it can take. Wii U version will definitely see some add on content, positive of it.
Posted: 10/09/14, 11:52:24
Sorry I'm still new to this.
Posted: 10/09/14, 12:01:59
All good. You'll get the hang of it after a while.
Posted: 10/09/14, 12:03:54
Having unlocked every character, there's still five spots available on the character select menu. I'm guessing yes.
Posted: 10/09/14, 16:07:18
ludist210 said:
Having unlocked every character, there's still five spots available on the character select menu. I'm guessing yes.

My thoughts exactly.

I'm not sure why people don't think the 3DS will get new characters via DLC; any DLC will be stored on the SD card as extra data, so it's not like the game cartridge is going to fill up past its breaking point or something like that.

Sakurai was pretty hard-set on making sure the roster is the same across both platforms, so I'm guessing that will remain true for any possible DLC characters.
Posted: 10/09/14, 18:20:26
I think so. Nintendo would be dumb not to include new characters. If they were going to be smart about it, they would just bundle characters and maps together. Buy Ridley and get a Metroid stage for $9.99!
Posted: 10/09/14, 18:30:06
@missypissy Pokemon Past Pack: Squirtle, Ivysaur, Mewtwo, Pichu, Saffron City and Pokemon Stadium. I'd buy that for a dollar.
Posted: 10/09/14, 18:32:59  - Edited by 
 on: 10/09/14, 18:33:28
I ran a poll similar to this a while back. Looks like more people think there will be DLC now, which probably makes sense considering how more games have had it since my poll.

People who have examined the data in Smash 3DS have found arrow icons in the style of the character select and stage select icons, which is also an indicator of DLC as these icons will probably appear on the screen to flip to a different "page" for the DLC stuff. They also found icons for P5 through P8, so I wonder if some sort of 8-player mode will be DLC or something... I've wanted 8-player Smash since 2006 when I saw the Wii could have 8 controllers at once.
Posted: 10/09/14, 22:00:19
Well...the size of one of the Wii U maps seems to be larger than anything we've seen in the past (Hyrule Temple is estimated to be possibly less than 50% the size of this Wii U map) so the 8-player thing might work there. But a lot of the maps would be insane with 8 people. Still, there was a "Yellow Team" thing found so possibly 2v2v2v2 which would be fun.

I wonder if Nintendo will continue with the "Season Pass" thing.
Posted: 10/09/14, 22:22:58
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