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Hyrule Warriors Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.25/10 from 11 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U!

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Through all the stories and all the timelines found in the Zelda series... nobody saw this coming. Koei Tecmo and Nintendo team up to take the Dynasty Warriors formula, toss in a lot of Zelda-franchise fan service, and blend that stuff together in a funky mish-mash of Zelda lore that only the Wind Fish could dream up. That game is called Hyrule Warriors.

I was admittedly hesitant on this title upon first announcement. I had no idea what the Dynasty Warriors franchise was all about. I knew I loved Zelda. It wasn't until the excellent Nintendo Direct (embedded below) which sold me on the idea. I'm seeing a lot of reviews, which started coming in today, and they seem to agree that this isn't much of a Zelda game. I have to point out, the name borrows the Warriors from Dynasty Warriors and not Zelda. This alone helps me see what Koei Tecmo and Nintendo were aiming for. This isn't going to be a Zelda main-line game nor is it striving to be. For what it's goals are, and for what Nintendo has contributed to it, I'm pretty excited myself and now there's less than 10 days remaining. The game releases on September 26th, 2014.

Fun Facts
1.) Sends Link and 12 other playable characters from various Zelda universes into other universes. Mixing things up!
2.) Loaded with various locales, enemies, bosses, items, and music from throughout the Legend of Zelda series.
3.) Series offers plenty of DLC options (detailed below).
4.) Tons of combos and special moves for each character.
5.) 2-player Co-Op (though I hear it's pretty hard on the Wii U processing)
6.) Unique 'Adventure Mode' taking players back into the NES' The Legend of Zelda for a mix of challenges and adventure! (at least on the map)

DLC Options
Amazon.com - Buy from here an you'll get codes for Twilight Princess Costumes
Best Buy - Buy from here an you'll get codes for Skyward Sword Costumes
Gamestop - Buy from here an you'll get codes for The Ocarina of Time Costumes
NOTE: While the Retailer-Specific DLC is day one, shortly after release all DLC will be available for purchase from Nintendo for presumably a small fee. Thus it will be possible to obtain all DLC and not be stuck just because you chose one retailer over another.
Upcoming DLC Packs - Various DLC will be available through February (in Japan), see those details here.

Useful Links
Hyrule Warriors on Nintendo.com
Official Hyrule Warriors Website
Ganondorf DLC Information
GoNintendo's Review - very sensible thoughts about this title

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Posted: 09/18/14, 04:45:06  - Edited by 
 on: 09/20/14, 21:41:59
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I received my Amazon email confirming it shipped. It'll be ready when I get home friday I have plans Friday so that'll probably delay the start but still it's cool.
Posted: 09/24/14, 23:05:14
There are some friend list related things in Adventure Mode (the NES style challenge map) so I'm looking forward to you guys getting your games tomorrow. :)
Posted: 09/25/14, 15:13:12
I'm actually excited for this game tomorrow. Should be able to play it for a bit before leaving for the day.

I imagine the game supports the classic controller? Is it worth using the GamePad for anything?
Posted: 09/25/14, 15:35:22  - Edited by 
 on: 09/25/14, 15:39:40

I have no idea what you're talking about, so it appears I stayed enough in the dark about this thing. ~8 hours!
Posted: 09/26/14, 10:17:29
I just used some of my DDP codes to purchase this game digitally. Downloading it now.
Posted: 09/26/14, 20:50:11
VofEscaflowne said:

I imagine the game supports the classic controller? Is it worth using the GamePad for anything?

The game does not support the Wii Classic Controller. According to Nintendo.com the game only supports the following controllers:
Wii U Gamepad
Wii U Pro Controller
Wii Remote+Nunchuck

At the moment I cannot test if the game really doesn't support the Wii Classic Controller, because I don't have my Wii U with me, but it seems like it really doesn't, which is quite strange.

It's using the gamepad for a kind of log. It tells you what happened on the battlefield, who went where and what got captured and who's fighting with you. For example if you are on a mission with Zelda and Impa, there will be icons of both of them showing you, that they fight along side you and that they are alive.
It's kinda neat but you probably wont look too often at it (at least I don't).
Posted: 09/26/14, 23:03:53  - Edited by 
 on: 09/26/14, 23:13:43

Oh well I mean the Wii U classic controller yeah. But I found that out myself earlier when playing. Game's fun so far! I immediately bumped it up to hard after doing the first level. Normal doesn't seem to provide much challenge.
Posted: 09/26/14, 23:17:55

The normal enemies really do seem even more inactive in Hyrule Warriors than other Warriors games, also they only seem to attack you if you are moving. At least that's what they were doing on one stage in adventure mode for me. Got to try that one out on a Campaign stage some time.
Posted: 09/26/14, 23:25:20

This is my first game of this type since the PS2 days which I played on a rental so I don't have much experience.
Posted: 09/26/14, 23:29:45
How am I supposed to redeem my Twilight Princess costume code from Amazon? I didn't receive any slip of paper or anything.

Are they going to e-mail it out on Tuesday when supposedly the DLC releases for everyone (for a cost)? Hmm...

Anyone redeem their costumes?
Posted: 09/27/14, 00:18:52
@DrFinkelstein I looked around and people have been getting it in an email. Apparently it can take up to 48 hours to receive the email, so I guess keep checking your mail.
Posted: 09/27/14, 00:27:49
I was wondering why my Demon King and SS costume set codes weren't working! Tuesday, eh?

Oh, and I received my Skyward Sword bonus from Futureshop through email. It'll probably be the same for you.
Posted: 09/27/14, 00:56:12

Ah so you have your code but it isn't working?

I had heard that Tuesday is the big magical day for the next wave of DLC which I think includes this. So I figured when it's available for purchase for everyone, we'll be able to use our codes to get our part for free.

Edit: I received my code. I'll try it when I can finally pause this kickass game.
Posted: 09/27/14, 01:11:26  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/14, 02:16:36
Please let me know if yours works!
Posted: 09/27/14, 02:35:58
There seems to be a whole bunch of content in this game. Messed with it for about an hour and immensely enjoyed it. Good times ahead!

Now I just need to decide on the dlc. I'll probably do it, but not just yet.
Posted: 09/27/14, 02:48:08  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/14, 02:48:57
Never played a Dynasty Warriors game and never really had much interest but put on a Zelda fan service coat of paint got my interest.

After about 2 and a half hours and playing around with many of the modes, I do think it is enjoyable. Not sure if it is the gameplay or the Zelda-ness.
Posted: 09/27/14, 03:37:28
I am LOVING this game. Reviews seem spot on when they say it's sorta mindless but a ton of fun and constant upgrades are addicting.


Mine did work! No problems!

Posted: 09/27/14, 03:41:46
Yeah mine from EB for the Ocarina of Time costumes worked just fine. I didn't get the code from Nintendo when I registered the game though.
Posted: 09/27/14, 04:49:53
VofEscaflowne said:
Yeah mine from EB for the Ocarina of Time costumes worked just fine. I didn't get the code from Nintendo when I registered the game though.
You have to claim it like a prize on Club Nintendo. It will be in your to do list.
Posted: 09/27/14, 05:04:17
Downloading from eShop...been on a Zelda binge lately and bored...two killer combinations. Probably play it all weekend.
Posted: 09/27/14, 05:18:56
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