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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.19/10 from 33 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Every new generation a great dawn emerges where a new game in the acclaimed Super Smash Bros. series graces Nintendo's newest consoles… for the Wii U, that time is almost upon us. Nintendo is truly pulling out all the stops with this one. Here's the breakdown on what we can expect… (Learn more at the Super Smash Bros. website.)

1.) 45+ playable characters (new characters, returning fighters, or accessible via alt costumes)
2.) Releasing November 21st, November 28th, or December 5th depending on your region
3.) Tons of content; from trophies to levels to music tracks to items to pokemon to modes… it seemingly never ends!
4.) Customizable Move-sets
5.) Many control setups; Wii U Gamepad, standard Wii U options, Gamecube controllers, even your 3DS!
6.) Online capable (and encouraged)
7.) Check out Nintendo's 50 Things You Should Know about Smash Bros!
8.) Stages exclusive to the Wii U version. Some epic stages!
9.) Amiibo Support for all existing Amiibos
10.) Gameplay lands somewhere between Melee and Brawl

As you can see, there really is something for everyone, perhaps more than ever before. As I wrote this whole post up, I was listening to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl soundtrack and remembering the hours and days and weeks and months of fun I've had with that game. This will be no different and really will shake the Wii U community up in the best ways. Nintendo is on the eve of quite possible the most acclaimed game the console will have. This is a very exciting moment for Nintendo gamers. Speaking back on the music, you can listen to a bunch of neat samples from the upcoming game at the SmashBros.com Music Page. Be sure to check out Kapp'n's Song! It's a personal favorite of mine. The 3DS version is to have two-songs per stage but the Wii U version is meant to have that and more, even some songs from past games as well.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite images found on the official Super Smash Bros. website.

The release date in North America is November 21st and it was just moved up to November 28th in Europe. For all other regions you can expect December 5th. In the mean time, there's always the 3DS version which looks incredible in it's own right! You can discuss it in Jargon's thread here; Super Smash Bros. 3DS. We should aim to keep this thread focused on the Wii U version so that the 3DS discussion ends up in it's right place. Keep in mind that the Daily Updates are still being provided by Sakurai (for a few more weeks at least) and the best place to find and discuss those is Stephen's Super Smash Bros. News Discussion (Roster Spoilers) Now With Daily Images thread. I do my best to update that daily with the Sakurai posts.

Who is your main? What are you most excited for? Finally, be sure to have your friends added on your Wii U! I'll do my best to keep this thread updated with the various users who are playing this online.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: The Negative World Roster
NW User Name - Nintendo Network ID - Nickname

DrFinkelstein - a00link - Stephen
ploot - realploot - Pauloot
deathly_hallows - ch_rls - ????
Jargon - Hendrik - Hendrik
chrisguy - chrisguy - ????
Ludist210 - Ludist210 - Lewis
GameDadGrant - GameDadGrant - ????
anon_mastermind - Mastermind85 - ????
VofEscaflowne - VofEscaflowne - ????
kriswright - kriswright - ????
Cryojin - Cryojin - ????
TheOldManFromZelda - OldManFromZelda - ????
Smerd - Smerd20 - ????
achhibbar - achhibbar - ????
Mop it up - Mop_it_up - ????
TheBigG753 - TheBigG753 - Greggy
Cubed777 - C77777 - ????
nate38 - VictorVonPlugman - nate
kgtennispro - kgtennispro - Kenny
chrisbg99 - chrisbg99 - Chris
Brick - Brick20 - Brick
pokepal148 - pokepal148 - ????
PogueSquadron - PogueSquadron - Jamie
Super_Conzo - Super_Conzo - ????
Beardednerd - beardednerd - Dave

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Posted: 09/15/14, 00:22:22  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/15, 13:34:13
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@DrFinkelstein Yep. Had the standard 5 minute 2-stock For Glory match in the giant empty box, then Sudden Death started and we played in the bomb field for at least half an hour. I was trying to find a way to die and get out of there, but no dice: I had to either quit the match (which would result in a penalty for me I think) or unplug the modem.

A friend of mine told me that he's had something similar happen, where he starts the match and there's no stage at all, and both players just die immediately. And, more importantly, that if something like this happens, do not save the replay because it can apparently mess up your Wii U. So be aware if you're playing online With Anyone.
Posted: 09/01/16, 15:21:50  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/16, 15:47:18
So the high school I teach at now has a video game club after school once a week. I went to check it out, mostly just watched the kids play but near the end they got me playing Smash.

First match I won, of course. And the kids were like woah, Mr. N can play!

Second match this other kid joins in though and supposed he is the "undefeated" one at the school and I believe it, HOLY COW he dominated. It came down to just us two at the end but he destroyed me. No offense to my friends here, but he was significantly better than anyone I've ever played against. Against you guys I at least feel like I have some chance. Against him I could barely move, he just strung together massive combos, edge guarded like a pro (when he wasn't jumping OFF the edge to hit me and jump back on.) Didn't stand a chance.

Posted: 09/02/16, 01:58:20  - Edited by 
 on: 09/02/16, 01:59:46
@Zero Oh I believe it. Kids are legit! I've been to a couple local tournaments, and there are some seriously hardcore players there, and a handful of them look like they just got their drivers' licenses. One of them is maybe 14-15, and he's sponsored (not lucratively so, but still!). Another kid there was maybe 10 -- his parents were there recording his matches on their phones, it was amazing -- and he was really good too.

Kids! Actually, a lot of the top competitive Smash players were world famous within the scene well before drinking age. It's weird to think about.
Posted: 09/02/16, 02:18:37  - Edited by 
 on: 09/02/16, 02:22:34
Sakurai talks combos, complainers, and "cheap" tactics, mostly in regard to Marvel vs. Capcom but colored with his experience with Smash.

I'm a little surprised by his stances. He actually doesn't seem to mind Marvel vs. Capcom's "get one hit and then you combo them to death" style, which is surprising coming from the guy who decreased the effectiveness of combos after Smash 64 and Melee (particularly in Brawl where actual combos are quite rare). Always interesting to get a view into his design philosophies, though.
Posted: 09/09/16, 18:58:55
Interesting. Will read.

Oh yeah I've been meaning to ask just what the hell is that sound when Samus gets KOed? The closest thing I can think of is her death sound in Super Metroid, but it sounds pretty damn different from that. They should have used the same sound, it'd have been awesome. Love that sound. But I really can't tell what it's supposed to be in Smash 4.
Posted: 09/10/16, 01:58:12  - Edited by 
 on: 09/10/16, 02:10:48
@carlosrox I think Samus's robot/computer noises are one of those things that are Smash traditions, and Smash traditions alone. Like, Donkey Kong in DK/Mario games has this weird mix of whooping primate sounds for his voice. In Smash he kinda makes these angry, deep-throaty beast grunts and always has. Luigi's personality is seemingly rewritten a little bit in every game he appears, but in Smash he's always been like a Looney Tunes version of Mario, which isn't really the case in any other game.

Creative team combo exhibitions? Just another thing I love about Smash that I never would have thought up.

Posted: 09/10/16, 02:48:07  - Edited by 
 on: 09/10/16, 02:48:23
My first thought is "Why?", but that was pretty neat! Nice production, too. Actualy, how did they even get some of those camera angles? In Pause?
Posted: 09/10/16, 15:44:23

Hmm... The worst thing to happen to the series is the creation of cheap combos in SSB WiiU, so I guess it makes since that he's okay with players playing the game in such a fashion. That's disappointing to read. Also explains why Bayonetta made it in. I refuse to use chain combos, more than three, as I don't believe it to be a respectable way to play. Seems I'm in the minority.
Posted: 09/10/16, 17:07:35
@Anand They're using a hacked game and mods.
Posted: 09/10/16, 17:57:30
Well, that explains that! How far has Smash 4 hacking come? Is there going to be a Project N, or something?
Posted: 09/10/16, 22:24:57
@Anand Mostly it's just people replacing models/textures so far. Like this guy!

But yeah there are a few mods that tweak the game mechanics. I think I've read about a few Project M For Smash For Wii U type deals, but they don't seem to have the drive that they did on Project M for Brawl. I wouldn't expect to see anything significant out of those for a while, if ever.
Posted: 09/10/16, 22:56:17  - Edited by 
 on: 09/10/16, 22:56:32
Up Smash is a bitch way to get KOs, I give a fuck what Sakurai says. I can't roll my eyes any harder at up smash spam.
Posted: 09/11/16, 04:11:41  - Edited by 
 on: 09/11/16, 04:14:05
Love this finish!

Edit: he was camping so I taunted him :)
Posted: 10/01/16, 06:31:04  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/16, 20:49:36
Wow. This hasn't happened since the Brawl days!

I played someone online tonight that must have a modded Wii U or whatever, as the stage for our match was the Trophy Stage. The floor was glowing and it played the Trophy Stage music. Pretty cool.

The guy was ridiculously good, and a little cocky (quelle surprise), so I didn't continue on to see what else could happen, but it was neat all the same to play a different stage online.

It reminded me of the days of Brawl when I would play against people in the Target Practice stages (so much fun!!) or one that was black and all we did was fall. Haha.
Posted: 10/09/16, 07:36:59
@NoName Yeah, those mods are pretty cool. But like I said above, do not save any replays from modded players. They can apparently do serious harm to your Wii U.
Posted: 10/09/16, 18:14:09
Boy, when I lose repeatedly, I get fired up in this.

Smash kinda has the same problem as Splatoon (and all online games?) in that all the newer players or more casual players have moved on, leaving only these super hardcore guys. Normally I appreciate a challenge, but there's really nothing fun about being torn apart repeatedly.

It'd be nice if they had the courtesy to switch characters if I get, like, brutalized too. Two-stocked and they have 60% or whatever. Switch down to a lower character to give us a bit more variety!

I dunno, I guess I should just stay off For Glory for awhile. Wish For Fun had Stock matches though.
Posted: 10/28/16, 05:19:06
@TriforceBun I booted up Smash tonight for the first time in a while, and I saw you were playing online when I checked With Friends! Once again, here's hoping Switch has an instant messaging and/or multiplayer invitation system...it's kind of ridiculous that Wii U has neither.

When I play For Glory I tend to start with one of my three best characters (Ike, Zelda, Palutena) and "notch down" to a different set if I win the first one without much trouble. Even if I do win, I usually cycle through the three of them at least.

I still see casual/newer players every now and then, but yeah the balance has definitely shifted. That's just all online games, really. Honestly, Smash has a lot more lower-level players remaining than most online games I've put any time into, even in For Glory. They're not the majority like they were around launch, but they're out there.

But yeah, had a good time tonight. Played with 5-6 people, and 2-3 of them were saying "GG" and "Nice" and stuff after matches. Nice to see those people are still around. Last time I played a couple months ago, one kid kept flashing "KYS" and "GET GUD" after every match, win or lose.
Posted: 10/28/16, 07:01:03  - Edited by 
 on: 10/28/16, 07:02:28
Anyone feel like playing tonight? I'm off the wagon again...
Posted: 10/29/16, 02:32:52

I should've checked the site sooner.

I still play this all the time, so I'll be sure to check here more often to see when people are looking for some battles.
Posted: 10/30/16, 07:37:17
@HammerLord Yeah usually when I go online I check With Friends and you're playing offline or something, haha......
nate38 said:
Once again, here's hoping Switch has an instant messaging and/or multiplayer invitation system...it's kind of ridiculous that Wii U has neither.
Posted: 10/31/16, 17:56:26
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