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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.19/10 from 33 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the Wii U!

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Every new generation a great dawn emerges where a new game in the acclaimed Super Smash Bros. series graces Nintendo's newest consoles… for the Wii U, that time is almost upon us. Nintendo is truly pulling out all the stops with this one. Here's the breakdown on what we can expect… (Learn more at the Super Smash Bros. website.)

1.) 45+ playable characters (new characters, returning fighters, or accessible via alt costumes)
2.) Releasing November 21st, November 28th, or December 5th depending on your region
3.) Tons of content; from trophies to levels to music tracks to items to pokemon to modes… it seemingly never ends!
4.) Customizable Move-sets
5.) Many control setups; Wii U Gamepad, standard Wii U options, Gamecube controllers, even your 3DS!
6.) Online capable (and encouraged)
7.) Check out Nintendo's 50 Things You Should Know about Smash Bros!
8.) Stages exclusive to the Wii U version. Some epic stages!
9.) Amiibo Support for all existing Amiibos
10.) Gameplay lands somewhere between Melee and Brawl

As you can see, there really is something for everyone, perhaps more than ever before. As I wrote this whole post up, I was listening to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl soundtrack and remembering the hours and days and weeks and months of fun I've had with that game. This will be no different and really will shake the Wii U community up in the best ways. Nintendo is on the eve of quite possible the most acclaimed game the console will have. This is a very exciting moment for Nintendo gamers. Speaking back on the music, you can listen to a bunch of neat samples from the upcoming game at the SmashBros.com Music Page. Be sure to check out Kapp'n's Song! It's a personal favorite of mine. The 3DS version is to have two-songs per stage but the Wii U version is meant to have that and more, even some songs from past games as well.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite images found on the official Super Smash Bros. website.

The release date in North America is November 21st and it was just moved up to November 28th in Europe. For all other regions you can expect December 5th. In the mean time, there's always the 3DS version which looks incredible in it's own right! You can discuss it in Jargon's thread here; Super Smash Bros. 3DS. We should aim to keep this thread focused on the Wii U version so that the 3DS discussion ends up in it's right place. Keep in mind that the Daily Updates are still being provided by Sakurai (for a few more weeks at least) and the best place to find and discuss those is Stephen's Super Smash Bros. News Discussion (Roster Spoilers) Now With Daily Images thread. I do my best to update that daily with the Sakurai posts.

Who is your main? What are you most excited for? Finally, be sure to have your friends added on your Wii U! I'll do my best to keep this thread updated with the various users who are playing this online.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: The Negative World Roster
NW User Name - Nintendo Network ID - Nickname

DrFinkelstein - a00link - Stephen
ploot - realploot - Pauloot
deathly_hallows - ch_rls - ????
Jargon - Hendrik - Hendrik
chrisguy - chrisguy - ????
Ludist210 - Ludist210 - Lewis
GameDadGrant - GameDadGrant - ????
anon_mastermind - Mastermind85 - ????
VofEscaflowne - VofEscaflowne - ????
kriswright - kriswright - ????
Cryojin - Cryojin - ????
TheOldManFromZelda - OldManFromZelda - ????
Smerd - Smerd20 - ????
achhibbar - achhibbar - ????
Mop it up - Mop_it_up - ????
TheBigG753 - TheBigG753 - Greggy
Cubed777 - C77777 - ????
nate38 - VictorVonPlugman - nate
kgtennispro - kgtennispro - Kenny
chrisbg99 - chrisbg99 - Chris
Brick - Brick20 - Brick
pokepal148 - pokepal148 - ????
PogueSquadron - PogueSquadron - Jamie
Super_Conzo - Super_Conzo - ????
Beardednerd - beardednerd - Dave

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Posted: 09/15/14, 00:22:22  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/15, 13:34:13
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I preordered Smash Wii U through Toys R Us to get the free Amiibo. I patiently wait for Toys R Us to drop the ball and have me wait an extra week for the game.
Posted: 11/20/14, 18:11:07
So GameStop is kinda butt, as usual. I went ahead and preordered Smash there (which I pretty much never do) because they were the only ones doing midnight launches here and I got nervous. Lo and behold, they have zero copies of the bundle, and like 3 controllers, all of which were already preordered.

Why are they getting so little stuff? Is this GameStop's fault or Nintendo's? Why is the biggest Wii U game of the season (and...well, thus far?) and its peripherals not super-stocked everywhere on release? Who's effin' this up??
Posted: 11/20/14, 20:44:20  - Edited by 
 on: 11/20/14, 20:44:41
I think I'm going to download this one. I can't imagine a situation where I wouldn't want Smash on hand.
Posted: 11/20/14, 20:50:01

Not sure but it may be situational. An employee from my local GS told me they had taken tons of preorders.
Posted: 11/21/14, 00:59:11
Ok. Tell me if this makes sense. You're Nintendo and you want people to download your games because that results in fewer costs for you. So you release a console that maxxes out at 30 Gigabytes. But your game is 15 Gigabytes.

I complained about the HDD situation at the time it was announced, but I'm complaining about it again because I naturally just encountered it now. Are you kidding me? So I have to delete a bunch of stuff on the internal drive just to get Smash on there. This is straight goofy.
Posted: 11/21/14, 01:07:14  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/14, 01:08:45

This is one of the big reasons why I'm still going physical these days (except for Smash 3DS). I actually had to make space on the Wii U for the first time with MK8's DLC, so I'm just using digital stuff for eShop (non-retail) releases on Wii U.
Posted: 11/21/14, 01:25:11
They saw it worked so well last gen for Microsoft and wanted to copy it! :D

I just bought a massive external and went all digital. Need to invest in the same thing for the XB1 and PS4 because those 500GB drives are a joke. Seriously, we (not a shot at anyone really) complain about a 15GB game while most PS4/XB1 games are 40+GB, some even going into the 80GB range! I say this as Halo gets a 1.5GB patch to make it work :(

Game is being streamed on Twitch now, for those interested. Sounds like the Day 1 patch literally goes live Day 1, so no-one can do online right now. Even with Twitch's shitty stream quality, the game looks might impressive. Already saw the 8-player fighting, on a "big stage" and then on the normal version for it. Very chaotic.
Posted: 11/21/14, 01:49:18  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/14, 02:29:15

That's how I use my space too.
Posted: 11/21/14, 01:52:10
@TriforceBun I imagine that Nintendo didn't produce very many GCN controllers and adapters because they didn't expect those accessories to sell very well. Better to under-produce than over-produce.

If you can't even order the game by itself however, that's probably GameStop's doing. They have weird policies about how many games they order and such, sometimes they only order enough copies to fill the pre-orders they took in and don't have any available for normal day one purchases. It's best to avoid GameStop for new games.
Posted: 11/21/14, 01:58:26
Does this game go live at midnight tonight?

EDIT: downloading now, it say it will take 1:45 for ~12GB, that's so much faster than the PS4! It took me that long to download a 1.3GB Advanced Warfare patch the other day!
Posted: 11/21/14, 02:38:50  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/14, 02:55:58
Went to the one Gamestop on the island hoping to buy the bundle and, alas, my lack of preordering has cost me for the first time in my entire life. And they didn't have the adapter for sale separately. Honestly, SSB3DS has gotten me good enough with the diamond layout that I'd be fine with the Gamepad or Pro controller, but I had wanted it for co-op purposes. Guess I'll check KMart after work and then decide if I should just download it or what.

Too bad, I was planning on bragging about getting the game a few hours before anyone in the states on here.
Posted: 11/21/14, 04:07:52
T'was the night before Smash and all through the nation
everything was stirring - except for the 'station

...I'll be booting this game later tomorrow night... . I pick this game up at Toys tomorrow after work but then will be at the store for a bit during their moonlight madness sale....... a niece may score something good for Xmas.

See you all later Friday night...I'm sure it will be a glorious evening.

Posted: 11/21/14, 04:28:56  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/14, 05:35:42
Pre-loaded and ready to go! I've also got rum and energy drink to keep me going ALL night long!
Posted: 11/21/14, 04:59:03  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/14, 04:59:13

I had to finally give in and break out my external drive the other month.

On the plus side I am a go for Smash next week. And I shouldn't have to worry about drive space, ever.
Posted: 11/21/14, 05:03:02
I've added everyone from deathly's thread into here. Please share what your name shows up as since sometimes the Nickname is different than the NNID and Negative World user name.
Posted: 11/21/14, 05:48:05

Hendrik I think.
Posted: 11/21/14, 05:51:49
The soundtrack CD should be available on Club Nintendo for fellow pre-loaders.
Posted: 11/21/14, 05:52:29

Ooooh. Excellent. I can't wait for that CD personally.


Updated! Thanks!


I'll add you shortly buddy!
Posted: 11/21/14, 05:53:51  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/14, 05:56:16
@Shadowlink yeah. USB 2.0 ports. :/
Posted: 11/21/14, 06:35:41
Just purchased on the e-shop and downloading!
Posted: 11/21/14, 06:52:43
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